hokkaido dog

You’ve probably heard of Akita Inus: 

And Shiba Inus:

Which  are really cool and cute Japanese dog breeds. Let me introduce you to these other cool and cute Japanese dogs, which I think deserve equal attention.

The Kishu Inu:

The Hokkaido Ken:

The Kai Ken:

The Shikoku Inu:

I just really love dogs, and look how cool they are! Dogs!!!


Hello guys, it’s been a while. I think I’m a little bit ready to come back here and publish stories here and there. I also take advantage of the opportunity to thank those who keep liking and following my fics and I, after all this … Thank you. It means a lot. :’) I hope you’ll enjoy this.
[it’s a two shot btw]

Summary ::I’m in love with You’. At those words, You’s heart stopped.

Please, do note that, in this fic, the Aqours girls speak English, exceptionally. If not, the plot can’t work c: (sorry, I realized that right before publishing).

Part 2.

You has never pondered things before acting. Everyone knows that she is an impulsive person, no matter what. But … This does not mean that she is not observant.

Because people always see her impulsiveness first, they end up rather shocked when they realize that she is also this type of girl, besides being the energetic and impetuous one. They are even surprised when they learn that she notices things (a lot of things) ; only because she never says anything.

Of course she notices things. Almost everything, to tell the truth.

She often sees Mari longingly gazing at Dia when the latter is not looking at her, for example when they all are in the clubroom before practice ; or she sees how Ruby’s legs start quaking each time she has to face a dance step she struggles with. Hell, she has even noticed how Riko seemed to be miles away recently, totally absent-minded.

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anonymous asked:

Are the seido boys dog or cat people?

Admin Dia: Hello there! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated anything! ^^ I hope everyone’s doing a okay! I might leave some characters out because there’s a lot of Seidou boys. ;A;

Tetsuya: Definitely a dog person. When he practices batting, his oh so faithful and loyal dog is there to support him and remind him to go home and eat. Especially since he’s so focused he forgets about taking care of himself!

Jun: Easily a cat person! He would come home from practice and lay on his bed reading Manga, then his cat would jump on the bed and step on his chest. Sometimes he dubs his cat, “lazy cat.” And rubs its head before leaving for practice.

Ryosuke: Cat! His cat would be mischievous. It bothers Kuramochi when he comes in Ryosukes place to get something from him.

Tanba: I feel like Tanba isn’t really a cat or dog person but a bird person! He often goes to the town square and throws bird seeds and when his bag of seeds are all gone, he has a couple of birds perched upon his head.

Masuko: Both! He would have both cats and dogs! They all love Masuko cause he feeds them well and usually he brings strays back with him. In his middle school years he got scolded by his mother because he brought too many strays home and the strays were disrupting their family store business.

Chris: A dog person! His dog would follow him everywhere, even to practice! Eventually he finds a dog sitter. Every time he leaves his dog and closes the front door, his dog will give him a sad look. And then he would crouch down and pat its head telling it that he will be back soon. His dog usually perks up.

Kuramochi: A dog person. He found his dog because he ran the same course everyday and everyday the same dog would follow him home. Of course Kuramochi shooed the dog away, but the dog eventually grew on Kuramochi. It would start out with him running on a hot day and the dog chasing after him. He felt bad and set out water for the dog. “Thirsty aren’t you…you little-” and the dog would whine and eventually he would give the dog food. And when asked why he took in the dog his response would be, “Heh, it’s kinda like me.” //Because the dog and him were once abandoned.//

Nori: All animals love this kid. Both cats and dogs would follow him home and he usually asks them nicely to leave him alone. They follow him anyways. He prefers cats though. They’re more quiet and he can listen to his music better without wearing headphones.

Nabe: Definitely a cat person. Sometimes he will be concentrating on his studies when he feels his little kitten climb on his shoulders and wrap itself around his neck.

Maezono: He prefers cats, but sadly a lot of them don’t like him. Plenty of dogs love him though. They usually chase him around and torture him with their kindness…if you call that loving.

Miyuki: Animals hate him. It’s odd and weird that they hate him but not that it matters to him. Although later on when he grows up he promises //is forced//to take care of an old lady’s dog and the dog turns out to be pregnant and it just so turns out that he gets one of the puppies…

Haruichi: He’s a cat person just like his older brother! Sometimes when he goes to his Ryosuke’s place he brings his little kitten with him and it plays around with Ryosukes older cat!

Kanemaru: He’s a cat person! Way more quiet unlike a certain pitcher…

Toujo: he’s a dog person! He thinks it’s funny since Kanemaru has a dog, but their animals get along very well!

Furuya//He owns a polar bear// Surprisingly, he has a dog! During his days in Hokkaido it’s his dog that keeps him active in the cold when he’s feeling lazy and unmotivated.

Sawamura: Unsurprisingly, this kiddo is a dog person! He has a super hyper active dog just like him who runs with him while he’s running with tires! His dog and him also sleeps and cuddles with one another! When Sawamura goes and trains with Furuya, both of their dogs go running with them! The dogs are rivals against one another just like their owners!

Rei: Rei is a dog person! Her dog is small and very cute but her dog is very fierce!

Ochai: Ochai has an old dog and the dog usually doesn’t listen to anyone, including Ochai himself… The dog only listens to Ochai’s daughter.

Kataoka: He has a cat! It comes to a surprise to many people that coach has a cat, but his cat is just like him. It even wears sunglasses…