Hoka nr.2163

Il mio rapporto con l'amore è sempre stato difficile, ricordo ancora quella volta a otto anni, il giorno prima di S.Valentino, in cui ho passato tutta la sera a disegnare un cuore gigante da regalare alla mia agognata! Arrivato il momento fatidico mi avvicino, gli dono il disegno, accompagnando il gesto con un timido “ti amo”.
“Grazie” mi risponde “ma io non ti amo”.
“Perché” gli chiedo sommessamente.
“Perché sei brutto” mi dice soltanto e poi va via.

Race Report: Half Moon Bay Sprint Tri

My 2017 triathlon season kicked off with the Half Moon Bay Sprint Triathlon on April 23rd.  

With an official time of 1:33:35 and 8th place out of 20, overall this was a fantastic race for me and a great start to the season. Full recap after the break.

Race Morning: We woke up at 4:30am to make the 1.5 hour drive from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay and this was after my neighbors decided to play some really loud music from 9 to well after 10pm while I was trying to fall asleep. It was so nice of them to decide to be annoyingly loud for the first time ever since we’ve lived here for the past 7 months. Anyway, we made our way up to race course around 6:30 before my 7:30am start time. It was very congested in transition but I was able to squeeze into a spot in the club’s rack and get myself settled before walking down to the water with a good 20 minutes to go before race start.

Swim: .35 mile swim (616 yards) Garmin said I swam 499 yards in 10:38. Official time that accounts for .3 mile run to transition was 15:30.
This was an in-water start swim which was a first for me. I decided to actually warm up in the water to get acclimated to the low 50s water temp. What a difference that makes both physically and mentally. In my past two races I have been way to nervous and anxious that I decided not to do a warmup but it was so good to get in and swim around a bit so I could release a bit that excess nervous adrenaline and get my hands and face used to the cold. We swam out to the start buoys a little early because we didn’t realize the paddlers would be going out before us so I had to float around a bit longer than expected. It was fine though and before we knew it we were off swimming. It was a very choppy start and I got more than a few hands and elbows in my face but I was able to settle in quickly after a few mouthfuls of sea water. I really got into a groove and I am happy to say I swam 99% of this with my head in the water. A massive accomplishment for me over the past two races and many open water swims spent swimming water polo style.

T1: 3:54 - I really need to work on getting my transition times faster. I struggle getting my wetsuit off and then settling down enough to get going on the bike.

Bike: 10 miles - Garmin says 11.1 miles in 38:50 (17.2 Avg. mph) Official time 39:12 (15.31 mph)
This bike was the first race for my new carbon steed “Ghost” aka my used Specialized S-Works Amira. This bike is light and fast and it was fun to race her for the first time. The bike course was nice and flat but we had a nasty headwind for the entire second half. It pretty painful to grind along at 12 mph into the head wind but everyone was dealing with it and it’s just the luck of the draw with race day weather. The last couple miles of the course had a super flat, maybe even slight downhill straightaway where I was able to really turn up power and get up to around 29 mph. I passed several TT bikes on this section and felt extra badass going fast. While I felt great on this short bike leg, I forgot to open up my packages of chews and fig bar in my bento box so I didn’t eat anything which I would later regret when I settled in for the run.

T2: 3:09 - still super slow which I think accounts for me trying to run alway to the other side of transition in my cleats. I need to practice slipping my feet out of my cleats on the bike so I can just hop off and run with barefeet. Ideally I’d like to cut my transition times in half for these short course.

Run: 3.1 Miles - Garmin says 3 miles in 31:54 Official time 31:49
It always takes some time to get your body and mind settled into a run off the bike but I have been doing some short 10 minute runs off the bike after my long rides and I really felt the benefits of those in the start of this run. It took me no more than a ¼ mile before I felt comfortable. I did grab a gu to take with me on the run and took it just before the only water station at about the halfway mark. It was a little too late in the game though to give much of a benefit so I felt really drained and hungry during the run. A good reminder to really focus on my nutrition better for the next race. When I finished the run I felt a little disappointed in myself for not pushing harder, but now as I reflect on it, this was a great pace for me for where I’m at in my training and based on my past race performance. Ideally I am hoping to get down to the 10 minute mile mark but I was not to far off and I’m glad I was able to finish strong.

This was by far my best race (out of 3) and I just had so much fun! I really do love triathlon and I’m so glad I get to represent SCTA and compete alongside so many awesome teammates. I would definitely do Half Moon Bay again and I think it’s a perfect little season opener that was well run and conveniently close to home.