why is sungjong so underrated?

why dont you like him?

did you look at his face? 

he’s the second visual ffs

literally a god


or Satanjong

his smile is

so fucking beautiful

predebut… look at this kid ;;

so inno-




even hoya likes HIS ASS him

and i mean once he almost died because of sungjong… so…


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Who do you think Hoya is close to in infinite

Hello there! I’ve actually attempted to write about Hoya’s relationships with his members before. Click (x) & (x). 

Generally, I think Hoya’s close with all the members, they haven’t trained so hard and gotten so far without the inherent bond and undeniable chemistry with each other. Though I have to agree that he’s definitely closer to some than the others as time goes. 

From my own observations, he was close to Woohyun pre-debut and Ranking King, close to Dongwoo during Sesame Player and INFINITE H promotions, close to Sunggyu from This is Infinite to Bad era. 

But throughout the years, there’s always this one member he’s been spotted together with so often, this individual he seems to be most comfortable with, and it really does show through the amount of time they spend together off-stage.

If you guessed Sungjong, you’re right! I’ve written about Hojong specifically before (x) and I’d like to add more based on their recent interactions here. 

They are whom I affectionately dub the original roommate couple! Hojong’s actually roomed together the longest among all INFINITE members so it’s probably not difficult to gauge how deep-rooted their friendship actually is. 

Personally I really enjoy how well they look out for each other, they have the assurance that they’ve got each other’s back and can always rely on the other. Even though Hoya’s the hyung here he gladly accepts help from the maknae and I think he actually shares his thoughts with Sungjong the most. 

More examples here -> (x)(x)(x)

In return, I cannot reiterate enough that Hoya’s probably the best hyung for Jongie! He stands by Sungjong’s side (x), guides him (x) and helps him out (x) before taking a step back and let the maknae shine on his own (x).

Together, they have this sort of support system in place which is so endearing and so comforting to know. 

(Gif not mine. Credits to hojong)

Sungjong was the only member who openly promoted his hyung’s singing endeavours on Twitter:

and he described Hoya as indispensable to the team. (x)

Likewise, Hoya was the person Sungjong turned to when he was faced with issues during OGS (x), and Hoya never fails to help boost Sungjong’s confidence (x), like back then when he declared Sungjong was the best singer in INFINITE, when he confessed Jongie had the best body and recently when he discussed Sungjong’s manly image. (x)

To judge their closeness, remember that Sungjong is currently the only INFINITE member on Hoya’s instagram (and not just 1 but 2 photos!) Haha, Hoya had to make sure he properly wished the maknae a Happy Birthday.

Plus, very recently Hojong’s been really active again during IE!

I bet they went sight-seeing together the whole time. Plus I was looking through fansite photos and where Sungjong was, Hoya was close by (x)(x).

I’m thankful they have each other! :)

[P.S. waiting for INFINITE S to debut (x)]

[P.P.S. Swimming buddies ftw (x)(x)]