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Katsugeki Touken Ranbu OP

For people who don’t know anything about japanese history like me. 
I really know nothing so hopefully everything’s in check. 

This is Watatsumi Shrine. This is a shrine located in Kochi, which is Sakamoto Ryoma’s birthplace (Mutsunokami’s owner). Ryoma is seen has the hero of Kochi and is admired and respected by its people, which led to the construction of a bronze statue of Ryoma in 1928. It currently resides near the shrine.
Also the maple tree’s leaves can mean “precious memories” in flower language! The leaves can turn red from October to December, and Ryoma died in December.

This is the battle of Aizu. A remnant of The Shinsengumi fought in this battle in favor of the Tokugawa government. Kane-san’s and Horikawa’s owner, Hijikata Toshizou, participated in this battle. Although in the end the faction he was part of lost.

This is from the battle of Hakodate, which takes place after the battle of Aizu. Here Hijikata joins the battle too and fought long and hard, but was killed in the end. Also Hijikata was killed by a gunshot wound, maybe the hole in the Shinsengumi flag was made by a bullet?

This is the Honnouji incident. This is where Yagen’s owner, Oda Nobunaga, died by committing suicide after being surrounded by the opponent’s troops. The fire consumed the Honnouji and Yagen vanished during it, supposedly lost to the fire. (he’s prolly watching over Oda as the fire consumes him too ;_;)

This is the Ootaki castle. Tonbokiri’s owner, Honda Tadakatsu, founded and partially ruled this castle. He died during fall, and you can see it’s fall during this scene. Also these leaves are from a Ginkgo tree, in flower language they can mean “repose of souls”.

This is the Shimotsuki incident, which took place in December. One of Tsurumaru’s owners was a young boy called Sadayasu from the Adachi clan. During the incident, the Adachi clan ended up being exterminated thanks to the Hojo clan, and Sadayasu was killed. Tsurumaru was buried together with Sadayasu, but then came in Hojo Sadatoki who wanted to own Tsurumaru, so he exhumed Sadayasu’s grave and took him away. (there’s some discrepancy between the real life events and game events about this just fyi)

This is from Sakamoto Ryoma’s assassination. When Ryoma was attacked he reached for his sword, Mutsunokami, and used it to block the opponent’s attack. In the process of doing this, the sword’s scabbard broke and the opponent’s blade reached him. In the end he lost the fight and died. 

So basically this OP is pretty sad. 

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Hello and I wish you to have a good day. I don't know if this question had been asked before, but when I read your post about the lords and their dere leanings...I couldn't help but to ponder a bit more. Can you give me your opinion on how good the overall psychological health of the lords and main npcs are, in a scale from 1 to 100 (1 being downright nuts and 100 being perfect)? Also maybe some reasoning behind your opinion if it isn't too much of a hassle. Thanks before~

Hello, my lovely! Thank you for your patience!

Purely for fun: 

0=unstable, 50=borderline, 100=normal

Mother (100):

She’s grounded, with her head on her shoulders, and her only negative characteristics seem to be the immediate acceptance of her daughter marrying the first man dragged over the threshold (gross Magistrate notwithstanding), and working so hard that she throws out her back. 

Yahiko (100):

Yahiko is spunky but humble, and also very brave. He doesn’t hesitate to defend his sister, and also the girl that he likes, even when his opponent is twice his size. He shows loyalty to Inuchiyo, who grew up along side him, but also openness to his sister’s suitors. Always willing to help out, Yahiko is developing steadily into a fine young man with his head on his shoulders.

Magistrate (20):

It’s bad enough that the Magistrate has his eyes on you, because of your beauty, but it turns out that you’re not the only one he’s interested. In Shigezane and Nobuyuki’s event story, it was revealed that the Magistrate is courting several other young beauties– who are willingly consenting! The Magistrate has other women whom he– ugh! –“spends time” with, and yet, you’re the only one that he levels his ire on, when you say that you don’t want to be with him. Since he can apparently have his pick (??), it makes no sense why he’s fixated on you.

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In Japan there is a proverb which translates to, “send salt to your enemy.” ( Teki ni shio wo okuru.) This proverb derives from the famous rivalry between Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin.

It is stated that, during the Sengoku Jidai, the Hojo Clan began to boycott salt against the Takeda Clan. The boycott of salt could have easily weakened the Takeda, as salt was necessary for preserving food back then, had Uesugi Kenshin not stepped in. 

When hearing about the boycott, Kenshin reportedly became angry and stated, “wars are fought with swords and spears not rice and salt.” Thus, rather than taking an easy victory by starving his rival, he secretly sent sacks of salt to the Takeda to keep them a float.

Today, the proverb remains in Japan as a reminder that one must not lose their sense of humanity and fairness even when facing an enemy.

[Review] Gaiden: Kono Yora no Odawara

Yeah, it’s such a shame I couldn’t grab any tickets for the show. Despite that fact it was pouring pretty bad for a good while and it probably must’ve been freezing cold for any audience member, I think it would’ve been a super amazing experience. For a while I considered to hop over to Odawara anyway to feel some of the atmosphere. But, although I probably could’ve listened to the whole show, I would’ve missed the picture. So, I decided to stay home after all and watch the live stream. xD

[Watch out! Minor Spoilers Ahead!]

So, the full show lasted around 1 hour and 10 minutes (as they announced beforehand), due to the sudden rain in Odawara the start of the show was delayed with about 15 minutes though.

Time-wise this story takes place after the events of Kyoden: Moeyuru Honnouji and right before the events of Giden: Akatsuki no Dokuganryu. Like literally right before those events. Ever wondered what mission Yamanbagiri and Sayo returned from at the start of the Akatsuki play and why Sayo suddeny had this really bad urge to take revenge? This side story will give you the answer. ^o^// (Holy shit, did they know they’d be performing this in Odawara when they wrote the script for Akatsuki no Dokuganryu?)

All in all I think it was a cute little story. Most of the show is focused on Yamanbagiri, Sayo and Hasebe. The rest of the cast gets very little stage time. Really, at some point I even wondered if they were only there to be showcased at the start of the play to never show up again. Eventually they did get their minute of fame though. (I didn’t really mind, I love Sayo, Yamanbagiri and Hasebe!)

Since our new characters didn’t really get much to do, I find it a bit too early to give any judgement on the actors yet. But so far I’d say they did a decent job  saying the lines that came straight from the game. xD I do believe they have the potential to put down a really awesome stage play next month!


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Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu ED

I absolutely love this anime, like really. It’s amazing, because Katsugeki ultimately redefines the historical genre in anime, by pushing onto us the relationship of a samurai and his sword from a different standpoint. Of course a samurai depends on his sword ALOT because it’s a ‘kill or get killed’ world for him, but for swords, it’s a different case and that’s what Katsugeki derives it’s concept on.

Initially, I wanted to start dissecting the OP but as I was doing the screen shots, I realized that the ED is actually a direct “prequel” to our OP and here you can see why!

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鶴丸国永 Tsurumaru Kuninaga

鶴丸国永 Tsurumaru Kuninaga

Life always needs a dash of surprises. If nothing is out of my expectations, my heart would die first .

Tsurumaru’s first known owner in the Kamakura period is a child from the Adachi clan, named Sadayasu, no older than 14 when Tsurumaru came to him as his companion. The Adachi Clan was a samurai vassal(御家人) of the Hojo Clan, who was the regent of the ruling Kamakura shogunate, and the only powerful vassal that the Hojo Clan left untouched in its quest to exterminate rivals to its power due to Adachi’s pledge of loyalty. However the balance was disrupted by political rivalry between Adachi Yasumori and Taira Yoritsuna, another vassal and guardian of the current regent, Hojo Sadatoki. Taira accused Adachi of trying to usurp Hojo’s power, causing Hojo to give the green light for the extermination of the Adachi Clan in the Shimotsuki Incident(1285). Sadayasu was swept into the bloodbath by nothing but a stroke of bad luck, and Tsurumaru followed his 14-year-old master into the grave so that the boy wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

However, a big surprise came along as Sadayasu’s grave was opened up and a boy reached out to Tsurumaru introducing himself as his new master. The 14-year-old Houjou Sadatoki, no longer a child as he had already passed through the Genpuku ceremony of adulthood at age 5, was also the regent who gave the orders for the death of his previous master.

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Amalthea, I want to hear your thoughts! Similarly with slbp Kenshin, do you think ikesen Kenshin's relationship with the mc is going to work? Like, realistically?

Hello, Precious!

Leaving aside the blood lust, both Kenshins have some big stuff to work through, and trying to have a brand new relationship before– or even in the middle of – unpacking a bunch of trauma and drama is an enterprise that is likely to fail.

Each Kenshin shares The Invisible Woman trope, and until they can work through that, that person is there in their relationship with MC, whether MC knows it or not, and whether either Kenshin realizes it or not.

However, the relationship can work, providing that each Kenshin gets the help that he requires.

Fortunately, IkeSen’s MC has the benefit of a modern perspective, and modern knowledge, because superstitions were thought of as facts for thousands of years, across many cultures, and still persist, today.

That’s not to say that the people of Kenshin’s time were dumb. Knowing what we know now, we can look back and wonder why people of an era thought the way they did, but it is only because of the progression of knowledge that any of us know what we know today.

Kenshin doesn’t have that, because Kenshin’s schooling and MC’s schooling are so vastly different.

Check this out:

That’s not luck– it’s probability. Gun accuracy at the time wasn’t as precise as it is today, and for all he knows, every last arrow that was fired at him was loosed from the bow of a novice. 

But Kenshin doesn’t know that.

He might not even be able to tell you the difference between accuracy and precision.

His MC, on the other hand, knows that Kenshin is already dead in her time, so it’s not luck. 

However, superstitions, like phobias, can be overcome. 

It would be a matter of how willing MC is to teach him and be patient with him, which she doesn’t have to do, because he would be going against a long-held belief that he genuinely thinks is true. It would also depend on how open he is to learning something new and different that challenges his world view.

There are different degrees of yandere, but I get the feeling that Kenshin’s is almost completely tied up in his superstitions. 

While a superstition is not a phobia, Kenshin acts out of fear. He believes what he does because he is afraid and because he has no other way to account for his experiences.

Fortunately, Kenshin shows adaptability when he has the right motivation, which MC happens to stumble upon, because story.

Since he is even a little bit willing to keep an open mind, however gradual his progress, there is a potential for his education and healing to increase.

Once his narrow mindset is challenged, Kenshin would have a better chance at rehabilitation.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that one of them is smarter than the other, because there are many different types of intelligence. Rather, they can each learn something from the other.

We see that Kenshin can be transformed without much trouble, if his interest is piqued, seen here when it’s not even his own MC– it’s Ieyasu’s!:

MC says this one thing to him and it blows his mind. 

If the battlefield is the first place that he ever truly felt “alive,” then he must be tamping down on something internally, to dull something emotional.

Kenshin often experiences ennui: a sensation of dissatisfaction, weariness, or listlessness caused by a lack of excitement or interest.

For battles to be the only thing that takes him out of this mood, there is something under the surface that he is not addressing, or addressing poorly– intentionally or unintentionally –and that could be anything from The Invisible Woman, to struggles within his clan, to problems with other clans, or just literally nothing at all.

MC alone is not equipped to fully help him with this, but she can steer him toward things that may help, by offering suggestions that he is likely to try.

Going back to the screenies above, he starts out very slow, by trying to improve the material things inside the cage– equating “stuff” with favor, and attempting to show both his worth and his thanks –but not actually letting MC out. 

When he sees her next, free, the words he uses show that he’s changed his mindset a little, but not a whole lot (it hasn’t been that long), as he still wants to keep her captive– only this time in his arms.

That is too fast for Kenshin to have long-lasting improvement in a realistic relationship.

His progress would need to be slow, as it should be for what he’s gone through and how he is, and it would be completely up to his MC as to whether or not she wants to deal with that or if she is even capable of dealing with that.

Neither she, nor you, are under any obligation to patiently wait for an adult’s mental, or emotional progress. This is why there are trained professionals.

Let’s face it, Kenshin has a lot on his plate: 

  • the entire Hojo clan is riding his ass
  • Shingen, his on-again-off-again frenemy
  • some old dude comes out of nowhere and convinces Kenshin to fight his own brother for power
  • some bumpkin no one’s ever heard of, named Nobunaga, doesn’t like the cut of his jib, etc.

Not that it’s right– because it isn’t –we can see why Kenshin drinks so much. That would have to be addressed in order to have a healthy relationship.

Kenshin also powers through his ennui with drinking. Maybe his MC knows some, or all, of the 12 Steps, maybe she doesn’t. It shouldn’t be on her to solve his drinking problem, but she may be able to offer words of encouragement if, she chooses to.

An outside point of view, like his MC’s, would be important for him to have, because him trying to work through it all on his own is not helping– he already thinks that he’s immortal, and that the only way to keep someone safe is captivity.

But for Kenshin, the one who has the highest education would be his MC and Sasuke, and even then, we don’t know enough to say that either one of them is truly capable of helping Kenshin.

If Kenshin’s progress is steady, he can overcome his superstitions through re-education, get his drinking under control– or quit –and gain acceptance and forgiveness in allowing himself to grieve properly.

Just because he starts off as a yandere, that doesn’t mean that he will remain one. Given the proper help, he can be eased off of his obsessions like almost anyone else.

Kenshin has the potential to do all of these things, but his MC can’t do anything to help him if he does not want any help.

However, she is probably a safer person for him to be around than Sasuke, who thinks nothing of chloroforming him, when he probably could have done anything else instead.

Kenshin is portrayed here, as in SLBP, as an individual whose inner and outer circle let him get away with whatever he pleases, and it’s not until MC shows up that he starts to think about his own way of thinking.

Ieyasu JP Spinning Thoughts Event Chapter 1

This is a continuation of last month’s event. I’ll summarize the details below. Not gonna lie, reading this was really painful. Prepare a small fluffy animal and ice cream or something while you read.

I have no clue what these poetic ass Event names are so I’m just calling it Spinning Thoughts.

You can read the event that happens earlier here.

Transient Feelings

Spinning Thoughts

Recap of previous event:

Ieyasu was making plans to relocate to Sunpu. He and MC were growing flowers together. Everyone is eager to help Ieyasu on his quest for Divine Rule. The Hojo clan wanted to make an alliance with Tokugawa via marriage. Ieyasu declines however. Hojo’s ninja Kotaro tries to kill MC, but Ieyasu’s ninja saves her. The ninja (name was Hanzo, but it’s Kiyohiro’s sprite idk) says that he has orders to kill the Hojo ninja. MC is horrified that Ieyasu would revert to his old cruel ways. In addition she doesn’t want to be an obstacle between Tokugawa and Hojo. For the sake of Ieyasu + his Divine Rule, MC decides to return to Kyoto so she will not be an issue for him.

Chapter 1 Summary:

MC has returned home and is working like she did before. It’s been a long time since she left Hamamatsu. She worries about the events that happened prior (summarized above). To her horror, she overhears people talking about how Tokugawa and Hojo are going to war. Tadatsugu finds MC and asks her to return because Ieyasu collapsed.

Tadatsugu takes MC not to Hamamatsu, but their new castle Sunpu. They moved there quickly because of war preparation against Hojo. The two of them talk as they head to Ieyasu’s room. Apparently Ieyasu collapsed due to overworking himself.

The two enter Ieyasu’s room. MC is really nervous. Ieyasu doesn’t even look up when he invites them in, he’s too busy looking at a map sprawled on his desk. Tadatsugu tells Ieyasu that he brought MC back. Ieyasu goes


And continues talking about their war preparations as if it meant nothing to him. Ieyasu tells Tadatsugu to retrieve Toramatsu. MC tries to leave with him, but Tadatsugu tells MC to be with Ieyasu.

The two of them are in his room. He continues to work on the map. MC breaks the silence and asks if he doesn’t have time to rest. He ignores her. Finally, she tells him she will make him tea and starts to leave. She hopes that if she can’t say anything that will help, at least tea will make him feel better. As she’s about to go, Ieyasu says “wait.” (Prepare feels here).

He asks MC “why did you come back.” MC tells him it was because she heard he had collapsed. He smiles venomously and asks her “why would you return for such a stupid reason?” MC is frustrated but she tells him “it’s because you are important to me.” Ieyasu thinks this is funny and continues with “it’s so easy for you to abandon important people then, huh?” He tells her there’s nothing else to say, he doesn’t care. MC doesn’t know how to react since she’s feeling incredibly pained and guilty. After more silence MC tells him once again that she will make tea for him. Before she turns, he says she wasn’t the reason he collapsed anyway. MC doesn’t know what he’s trying to say with those words.

Suddenly, she hears something fall. She sees Ieyasu, crumpled over his desk, coughing heavily. MC cries his name and runs over to him.


So extra ramble, one of the reasons why I love Ieyasu is because I relate to him A LOT. One of Ieyasu’s biggest life long struggles has been his inability to trust others and self hatred. He doesn’t think he deserves to be loved. He thinks he’s nothing without the name “Tokugawa Ieyasu.” Imagine how he must have felt when the first person he trusted, the first person who loved him and the first person who he thought he could love, walks out and ABANDONS him. What did he expect, there really is no one who loves him after all. He’s lived his entire life hiding his feelings, so naturally when MC returns he’s going to try and bury both her and his feelings. Ieyasu does that via war + indifference to her. It’s painful no matter what happens.

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Hello! After watching the last Katsugeki episode I've been searching everywhere but I couldn't find the answer I needed... The things I want to know is: What is the exact, historical,"relationship" between Mikazuki & Tsurumaru? Mikazuki said "they were partners" but I can't find the real story about two of them anywhere. Can you help me? (there are fanart of the two everywhere but I don't need that lol I'm interested in history of the swords)

Hi! Unfortunately, I’m not exactly an expert of Japanese history. But I do found from online sources that they both once belonged to the Ashikaga family.

The following info was written in Mikazuki’s history as compiled by Tumblr user “yue-ciel”. I can’t link to the post as I’m replying you from phone, but if you Google “Mikazuki Munechika History”, her post will be in the first page result. :)

— “The Ashikaga clan reached its prime by establishing the Muromachi Ashikaga shogunate (1336-1573), after Ashikaga Takauji overthrew the Houjou clan who governed the previous Kamakura shogunate (1185-1333).”

Meanwhile, here is a paragraph taken from Tsurumaru’s Trivia in Touken Ranbu Wiki:

— “Tsurumaru stayed on in the Hojo family, but the Kamakura Shogunate reached its downfall during the reign of Sadatoki’s son, Takatoki. Sadatoki’s grandson Tokiyuki, the last in line of the Hojo Clan, was killed by Ashikaga Takauji, who formed the new Muromachi Ashikaga Shogunate.”

Since Tsurumaru was known to have quite a long line of former masters as he’d been handed down numerous times, perhaps he and Mikazuki only spent time together in the same family for a short time. But still, there you have your link to their past relationship.

Hope this helps. :)

UPDATE: Thanks to “catbot158” for adding more info in her reblog! I checked it up online and I think she’s right about Mikazuki’s and Tsurumaru’s swordsmiths being related to each other.

Here is a paragraph from nihonto.com about Gojo Kuninaga (Tsurumaru’s Swordsmith):

— “The founder of the Sanjo School was Sanjo Munechika. He worked around the Eien era (987-989). Exact records from that far back are somewhat sketchy and conflicting but many old written records remain listing several smiths who followed him and succeeded to his teachings. Yoshiie, Arikuni, Kanenaga, and Kuninaga are said to be the sons or grandsons of Sanjo Munechika. Of these smiths, Kanenaga and Kuninaga worked in Gojo in Kyoto so these two smiths are called Gojo Kanenaga and Gojo Kuninaga.”

P. S. If anyone knows a more accurate info, or if I stated something wrong, please do correct me. Thanks!


Yoshihime: For the prosperity of Date Clan, we need to welcome proper and appropriate lady as your legal wife.
Yoshihime: You have no objection if she is from Hojo Clan right?
Masamune: I refuse.
Yoshihime: Why is it?

Masamune: I have Mimi. I have intention to welcome Mimi as my legal wife in our wedding celebration.

Then, Yoshihime just laugh, as if already anticipated the answer.

Yoshihime: No can do. When it comes to Date Clan, she’s only a city girl and not appropriate as a legal wife. 

Oh well. Long time draft in the bottom that I just realized xD Putting it up for always sweet Masa.

The Crane and the Demon Child

One sword that I’ve been anticipating for a while is Onimaru Kunitsuna of the Awataguchi school, especially for his special connection with Tsurumaru since the beginning, when they were both family swords of the Hojo Regents. Three times Onimaru had almost lost him through a millennium of turmoil, and three times the crane found his way back to him through miraculous twists of fate.

Onimaru is one of the Five Great Swords of Japan, commissioned by the Fifth Regent(1227-1263) of the Hojo family and hailed as the heroic defender who purged a heinous demon who brought harm to the clan. The first time they met, Tsurumaru was dragged out from within the grave of his previous master in a cruel surprise. Being a sword who could not choose his master, he was forced to serve Hojo Sadatoki who ordered the annihilation of the clan of his previous master. That was a knot in Tsurumaru’s heart that did not fully dissolve with time, while Onimaru was the treasured sword of the Hojo Clan who still knew of loyalty to only one master in a sword’s lifetime. Nonetheless, they both served as the family swords of the Hojo Regents of the Kamakura Shogunate.

However, there is no everlasting glory for any figure in power. The Hojo Regents were defeated by the combining forces of Emperor Go-Daigo, Nitta Yoshisada and Ashikaga Takauji. Fortunes switched as Nitta Yoshisada burned down the Kamakura Shogunate, Onimaru fell into the hands of Yoshisada as the last of the Hojo Clan committed suicide, while Tsurumaru was lost in the turbulence(1333). Onimaru was won by the victorious sides in the chaotic and bloody political warfare that followed, finally landing in the collection of Ashikaga Takauji, the last victor who successfully built the Ashikaga Shogunate after bringing about the fall of the Kamakura Shogunate. Perhaps at that time, Onimaru finally understood what Tsurumaru felt when he was brought to Hojo Sadatoki from beyond the grave.

As the Ashikaga Shogunate lost power and Ashikaga Yoshiaki gave away his treasured family swords to win favor with the warlords, Onimaru was presented to Oda Nobunaga. For more than two centuries the crane was lost from sight and he only remained in the vague memories of Onimaru, until one day he showed up at the doorsteps of Oda as a gift from an unknown opportunist. The unexpected reconciliation was brief as Oda callously handed both of them to his retainers. Onimaru went on to be the possession of all three Unifiers of Japan while Tsurumaru was passed through many unknown hands until he resided in the Fushimi Shrine, shut away from mortal desires.

But surprise came along again as the young sword connoisseur of the Honami family was mesmerized by Tsurumaru’s beauty and took him against his will from the shrine back to his clan. The meeting of fate called upon them again as Onimaru was waiting for him yet again in the Honami family, he had been rejected from the collection of the Tokugawa Clan, even having been called the “Sword of Misfortune” for the coincidental death of the prince when he was presented to the Imperial House. They spent decades together in the Honami house, maybe reminiscent of the days long past back in the Hojo Clan, until Tsurumaru was bought over by the Date Family.

Times changed yet again after the Meiji Restoration, as Tsurumaru was presented by the Date Family to the Meiji Emperor, he recognized the familiar silhouette yet again in the Imperial Collection. For a thousand years Tsurumaru and Onimaru brushed past each other as the ravages of time tore them apart and yet they always found they way back to each other, and for three hundred years they were together within the glass doors in peace as blood of the previous feuds were left behind.

Now, as Tsurumaru came first to the Saniwa’s citadel, it is his turn to wait for Onimaru.

Trust- Saizo x mc

Game: Samurai Love Ballad: Party

Characters: Saizo X Mc (reader)

Rating: A mixture of almost everything, I guess

Summary: Saizo is his usual, busy self and you are also a busy cook with mouths to feed. The situation never changes even if you both are married but, but what if a sudden crisis makes your simple life turns upside down? A fanfiction from Sonya.

A/N:I was intending on making a one shot pregnancy story for @moonlight-nightingale since she asked me to make some fluff but it sorta cooked itself into a hyper long fanfic so….there’s ought to be some aftermath feels right so I’m thinking if I should write a sequel, so someone please give me some advice please. Thanks again to everyone who reads my first fanfic on tumblr. It actually encouraged me to continue writing more.

Now may the story begins


【 1 month ago 】

“Saizo, Lord Shingen wants you to- Ahhhh! ”

“Opps” You see the flippant smile on his face as you dangle in the air. “I think we’re stuck here for a while.”

“S-saizo! Help!”

“Shh…you don’t want Yuki to barge in here and interrupt, right? ” he maintains his jovial smile while you sighed in defeat.

You had been meaning to get him off the roof because of Shingen’s orders, but unexpectedly Saizo was the one who pulled you on the roof with him. He had grabbed you on the wrist when you are climbing the ladder and “poof” nothing else but thin air remained below your legs as the ladder falls on the ground with a hard thunk.

He hoists you up and instinctly you tried to squirm away from his grasp but he was too strong, being a man and all. He settles you on his lap and wrapped you in a feral hug, his warm breath just inches away from your throat. You gulped.

“Now, what’s the matter dear?”

“J-just let me go first…! I-I can’t talk like this!” You felt your face flush and he smirked.

“Okay dear…” He lets go and you breathed in heavily. It was bad enough that Shingen’s new guests are demanding, making you rush up and down in the kitchen to only please them, but who knows that they wanted to meet Saizo. The legendary Saizo, they had called him. Yeah you knew that he is a famous ninja, and possibly the best in all of Iga. Who could duel-wield two katana spears and disappear within thin air only to appear behind his enemy and kill them. He was the lord assassin, and you are a normal cook who despise the act of killing another innocent human being. Which made you wonder how did you both ended up falling in love with each other for so long when both of you had such different points of view? And your relationship remained on a healthy status even after marriage, though his habit of teasing you never stops.

“Oh dear, now what are we spacing out for? “You snapped back to reality to find Saizo’s face just in front of you and you yelped in surprise.

“Ahhhh! Don’t sneak on me like that!” You turns your head away, but Saizo caught your chin and made you face his eyes. “Now, now who’s the one sneaking around little lady? Don’t you have something to tell me or did you just came here to because Yuki sent you to find me?”

“Saizo, Lord Shingen wants you in the guest hall right now.”

“Did he now.” He muttered under his breath and you felt his hands move rapidly towards your feet, then up to your legs, and above… The sudden action made you shudder in surprise, and Saizo tried his best to suppress his amusement.

You blushed hard as your hips began to brush over his palms delicately. You couldn’t resist the sudden need to tease him some, to just give him the pleasure in touching you; but not doing…whatever he wants to do to you. His index finger slipped inside your clit and you gasped a little, enjoying the way his nimble fingers swirled up and down inside you, the pace wonderfully even. But then Saizo pulls out so fast you are starting to think that maybe Saizo had already outfoxed your plan on teasing him as you almost cries out in frustration.

“Seems like someone’s getting sexually frustrated. ” Saizo licked his finger, covered with juice and you blushed again. “Maybe I would just go to find Shingen. ” He stood up and walked to the edge of the roof.

“Saizo! No…don’t go..!” You almost beg him, you two hadn’t been intimate for almost a month and it has indeed made you frustrated. How can you let this chance slip away when your husband actually, actually has the time to sit on the damn roof without anyone else requesting for him to finish some missions. You know that you want him and your voice ended up a husky tone. “Saizo…” the lust glinting in your eyes.

“Mmm… and why is that? I thought Lord Shingen would need me there…”

“I-I need you more.” You whisper in a volume that he could hear. “Convince me, then.” A flippant grin again and you bit on your lower lip.

“Ten servings of dango? And I’ll ask Lord Yukimura to take it easy on you for a week.”

“Hm… passable.” He shrugs.

Suddenly the world spins, and you are pinned down on the clay bricks on the roof as Saizo kissed you hungrily, you returned them as aggressive as ever. The passion that bloomed in the depths of the pit in your stomach sends you to ecstasy as he devoured you, lusting for contact, wanting more. But then it all spirals down into annoyance when you heard noises down the ground. You groaned.

“Saizo! Where are you!

Yukimura’s voice echoes from below, and Saizo paused his movements for a second, pulls himself up and adjusted himself.

“Bummer.” Saizo commented. You hadn’t had time to say anything as Saizo carried you bridal style, then rushed you off to presumably his room with you in his arms anticipating for the next moment.


【  1 month later 】

You had been running, running so hard to the only exit of the blazing castle walls. Its hard to believe the fact that a while ago you are siting with Lord Shingen’s retainers, laughing and joking with each other, but not long after a fire arrow embedded itself on the table in front of you and outside, retainers shouted in horror as they acknowledged that the Hojo clan has came to aftack.

You had panicked when you see strangers barge into the room, all armed. You tried to get away, but one of the ninjas had caught your leg, pulled you towards him and you shrieked in terror. He had almost killed you with his katana if it weren’t for Saizo who cuts him down, the bloodlust and the killer look back in his crimson eyes. “Go. I’ll meet you at the riverside.” He didn’t look back at you as you nodded, and broke into a crazy run. You ran, ran as hard as he remembered ever running in your entire life and soon you were gone from view.

“Saizo.” Yukimura, back to his senses had already grabbed his sword and rushes to him, slicing anything or anyone in his path. Saizo glanced at him.

“Cover ______, she needs help.”

“But there are too many of them.” Yukimura surveyed the room, there’re six of them; minus five dead men. “Can you fight them off? ” Yukimura parryied a stray ninja who was intending on ambushing Saizo and Saizo smirked.

“You underestimate me dear.” Saizo gave him a flippant smile. “Go. Now.”

“What are you two chattering about? Fight!”

One of the ninja, obviously fed up by Saizo’s carefree demeanor, tries to strike him but Saizo sidesteps, and brings the offending guy down, the blood spraying on his face.

“A bit of a chatterbox, are we here. Now who’s next.” Saizo raises his swords as Yukimura rushes to you.


“Where are you little girl… come on out… I won’t hurt you…” The ninja crooned, his voice penetrating the stiff air and you hear a door close. “Where are you, Lady Kirigakure?” You adjusted your position slightly, not daring to make a sound.

“Hm… I wonder if you are here…No? Oh well…” His voice echoed from the back of the corridor and you remain slient, hidden in the crook of the kitchen stove. Oh for good heaven’s sake why oh why did you have to turn into that corner? Then you wouldn’t have a deadly ninja on your tail. You shivered slightly at the ninja’s eerie voice and tried your best to breath slowly, lightly while pulling out a dagger Saizo had gave you for emergency needs from your obi tie. You pricked up your ears to listen, preparing to strike when the need arouses.

Some wavering footsteps, A door opened, the repeated calls, Door closed, footsteps coming close. Your heartbeat loud as a drum. A creak, some cursing from the man and another boom, the second door closed.Your heartbeat getting louder and louder as the cycle repeats and repeats and you huddled in the narrow hiding corner, holding the dagger tightly, willing the terror inside you to go away, to leave you alone. Same noises, same sequence, same pattern which made time torturous, till it was unbearable.

“Boom” . A door closed again and you waited for the mumblings to start.


No footsteps, no mumblings, no voice. Only slience. As if nothing was lingering outside there, finding, waiting for the kill. But you know better.

You barely could register anything but your heartbeat. He’s near, he’s coming. It was predictable like the foreboding smile when people gave the killer punchline. You gripped your dagger and braced yourself for the upcoming outburst and ceased your breathing. Footsteps coming, quietly but audible, slowly, nearer, wrapping your heart in a chain of fear.

“Creak”. You hear the sound of the cabinet opening beside you and you stopped breathing for a second. Another second, and another.

“Nothing here.” You hear him say after a moment, just a millimeter away from you and you almost sighed in relief. You are safe.

Footsteps treads on the ground, A low cough near the door, Door opens and closes. You sighed in sound relief as you breathed evenly out, pulling back the air that was denied from you minutes ago. Now all that you have to do now is get out of this room and go to the riverbank-

“Hello there. ” a ghostly pale face appeared just inches before you.

“AH…!” You shrieked as a hand grabbed your arm and you are being pulled out of your hiding spot, facing the ninja. “LET ME GO…!” He laughs maniacally as your hand gets stuck in the little opening and he pulls you even forcefully, getting your hand out and in the process your dagger drops. It was a matter of time for him to leave you vulnerable, even though you managed to make some minor damage with your hairpin, but still, that wasn’t enough. Soon you are lying on the floor in your kitchen, facing the man, too weak to run or to get back on your feet. After a moment of eternal staring, he broke the ice.

“Well you should know, Lady Kirigakure.“He sheathed his blade “It was a pain to find you, and also a pain to catch you.” He smiled a cold smile, his blade in hand as he hovered on you. You knew he is going to kill you, yet you still felt a bit of satisfaction by looking at the deep cuts on his wrists.


He raised a eyebrow. “What?”

“Why do your clan wants to invade Takeda castle? ” your voice calm, but inside you’re screaming and thrashing around. No matter what, even if you die, you want to know why. If it concerns politics you would try to leave a last message for Lord Shingen to know but if it concerns Saizo….

“….I guess I should tell you then, since you’re going to die. “The ninja paused for dramatic effect "The Hojo clan wants revenge. You know exactly what I mean by that, don’t you? "And he smirked.

”…what-“ You paused for a moment, then you realized.

"Yes girl… your husband took our Lord Kotaru. And he seems to forgot his mission from Iga ehh? What was that again? To kill the fake Lady Kiku?” He smiled again, a malevolent smile. “What a traitor, yet he didn’t die. It was Kotaru who paid the price to kill you, even if he did follow orders. Someone has to pay the price for that, isn’t that right, Lady ______?”


Well as so you know, debts are meant to be paid. Missions are the same, even aborted ones, we just have to finish it.“ He raised his katana. "I’ll just have to kill you and Lord Saizo, Iga is too soft regarding these matters so how about passing the mission to kill you to me?” He smirks, then gave you a death glance. “Die.”

Your eyes squeeze shut as you saw the blade rushing towards you but it never landed. Then you hear a loud thunk and someone holded you in that someone’s arms. You opened your eyes.

“Saizo! ” He was covered in blood, the ninja lying on the floor, pulsing as blood flows freely from the hideous wound on his chest.

“In the end I’m the one who has to find you, little lady.” He mutters but you can see the relief in his eyes.Then he pushes you behind him protectively.

“Let’s go, Yukimura is finding you with Sasuke now. We’ll have to meet up.”. You nodded, and you walked behind Saizo until you saw it. Without hesitation you reacted and pushed Saizo away from you to the side while the shuriken lodged itself directly on the small of your back. You gasped.

“______!” You hear him shout your name as you choked blood on the floor, suddenly feeling light. Saizo scrambled to you and threw his katana towards the man. It lands squarely on his chest and he stares at Saizo within deadly stares, a winning smile on his face. He had had the last laugh now, you guessed in your blurry mind.

“Die” Saizo says, ruthlessly as he holds you in his arms. He feels so good, so good that you want this moment to last forever… You gasped again for air and you feel yourself slipping away, bit by bit.

“B-beware… Saizo.. ” The man smiles. “Th-is isn’t…t-he….end” With that the man uttered a dry laugh, then he slumped over, and at the same time you feel darkness surround you in a misty veil and you lost all senses of touch and sight.

【   Three days after the battle】

“Ngh…” you mumbled, head throbbing in pain as you woke up to a strange sight: Saizo, Lord Shingen and Sasuke sitting all around you looking at you. Their glances made you uneasy and you ended up questioning them.

“W-why are you all staring at me like this?”

“Well, firstly we are worried about you. Did you know how long have you been in a coma?” Lord Shingen asked.

“Uh… how long?” You tries hard to remember, but your head won’t cooperate. “

"It was terrible, _____! Your heart stopped!” Sasuke cried out. “There was a lot of blood…and..!”

“-and Saizo gave you emergency first-aid” Lord Shingen finished. “Although it may not be pretty…”

“So… how many days I fainted…?” You asked.

“Three days.” Saizo spoke and you turned to look at his pale face which had dark circles under his eyes, the face that you had most wanted to see.

“Saizo….! You’re okay!” You tried to sit up from the bedding, but pain shoots over your back to your chest and you winced, plonks back into the futon with tears in your eyes. Saizo immediately rushes over and caresses your hair.

“Don’t move anymore.” Saizo took a wet towel then rubs it on your forehead and you feel a bit better, distracted by the coldness. “You better get some rest…it won’t be easy from now on.” He suddenly kisses you and you looked at him in shock while Sasuke hid behind Lord Shingen’s back repeating “eww"s over and over. You blinked.Saizo was getting a little cuddly today, that’s for sure.

"Saizo, what happened? ” you murmured. He didn’t say anything, his hands slowly traced down your skin to your abdomen and he caressed the mound of flesh gently.

“Well, that’s the second thing that I wanted to tell you.” Lord Shingen says. “But I think I’ll better let Saizo do the talking. Now how about we give you two lovebirds some alone time?” With that Lord Shingen and Sasuke leaves and you raised a eyebrow while looked at Saizo. Saizo moves his hand away and places them on your hands, looking down at you with those warm, loving eyes that he reserved only for you.

“What happened, Saizo? ”

“______, You’re pregnant. You are going to be a mother.” Saizo smiles and you look at him in disbelief.


He sighes. “When was the last time you had your period sweetheart?” You looked at him, calculating the days. You widened your eyes. You were a week late and you didn’t even noticed. When did he found out about it? You wondered.

He narrowed his eyes. “I only knew about it when the doctors examined your condition after I gave you first aid. Honestly, aren’t you supposed to count your periodic days little lady?” Again, he answered your question in your mind and you sighed.

“Saizo…. how long?” “A month old.” He replies, eyes wandering to a distant place. When it cames back to your face he looks at you and says “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” You asked

You almost got yourself killed, ______. For me. And our child would’ve died too. It was all my fault that you had that shuriken in your back and I couldn’t do anything to save you.“his sad eyes bore into yours and you released a sigh.

"You’re unexpectedly honest today Saizo. ”

“Am I now…” he grins, but you can tell he’s still feeling guilty about the Hojo ninja incident. This was Saizo, he wouldn’t show his emotions with that poker face of his, but that doesn’t mean that his feelings wouldn’t leak out of him.

“Honestly Saizo, stop thinking about that, would you?” You place his hand to your cheek and he shifted his gaze on your face, suddenly unsure of himself. “Its okay, I’m safe, you’re sound and so is our baby. So what is the point on getting upset for?” You caressed your abdomen lovingly. “See… as long as we’re together, as long as we protect and love each other, it’ll be okay. You had did enough for me, Saizo. If you didn’t gave me first-aid that day I wouldn’t be here talking with you.”


“No buts now Saizo. Its all right.Hadn’t we talked about these types of situations before we got married? ” You still could remember that day, when you convinced him to marry you. You had known that being a wife of a ninja may cost you your life, but on the other hand you know Saizo will always be beside you in these situations, protecting you.


“Saizo.” You persisted. “I chose this life with you, and I would never ever regret my choice, even it woud cost my life. I’m willing to do anything Saizo, if its for you. Just, just trust me that things will be okay. Okay?” You gaze at him, waiting for a response.

Saizo looked at you, then pulls you to him. You glances at his face, seeing him trying to relax. Even if he seem invincible, the lord assassin could be weak at times, and these are the times when you have to support him, as husband and wife.


“Hm? ”

“I trust you,” His voice as cool as ever, a edge of kindness hidden beneath it all. “-but don’t you ever, ever do anything stupid like this time again. Understand?”

You nodded your head. “Understood”

He smirks

“That’s a good girl.”


…so I unexpectedly wrote a lot. And I hope Saizo’s character match with his because I don’t want to butcher my favorite SLBP man…. *if I did I’m very sorry (ノД`)シクシク*

Anyways… I hope you like this fic. And thanks to whoever who took a chunk of your time to read my amateur fanfic. You made my day :)

Kousetsu Samonji

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….. I am Kousetsu Samonji. Itabeoka Kousetsusai was my owner, and that is why I am named as such. ….. Swords are better left unused. Before being drawn, strive to achieve peace so you will not be wielded. Is that not important?

……江雪左文字と申します。板部岡江雪斎の佩刀だったが故にこう名付けられました。 ……刀は、使われぬほうが良いのです。抜かれる前、振るわれぬように、和睦に勤める。それが大事なのではないでしょうか。


I am called Kousetsu Samonji. Is there a day when fighting disappears from the world?

Samonji was crafted by Saemon Saburo Yasuyoshi in 1334 CE with a 78.2cm long blade, and is the only tachi signed by him in his distinctive way of inscribing only one character Sa(左), he was later called Kousetsu Samonji since it was the favourite sword of Itabeoka Kōsetsu-sai (1537-1609) from the late Hojo clan, a retainer under Tokugawa Ieyasu. Itabeoka Kōsetsu-sai was a devout Buddhist which explain Kousetsu Samonji garb and disdain for fights.

Kōsetsu-sai was a pacifist born in the Sengoku warring times who would try to avoid bloodshed and use diplomacy instead to resolve tensions for his masters. Hojo Ujimasa allied with Oda Nobunaga at one point during the height of Oda’s reign. After Nobunaga’s death at the Honnoji Incident(1582), relations between Hojo Ujimasa and Tokugawa Ieyasu tensed due to territorial disputes and Kōsetsu-sai negotiated with Ieyasu for a marriage alliance between the Hojo and Tokugawa clans, bringing about a temporary truce.

However, Hojo later asserted power for himself without the approval of the next Sengoku Unifier Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who then saw him as a threat and war was imminent. Kōsetsu-sai payed respect to Hideyoshi and tried to persuade him not to attack Hojo. Although Hideyoshi did not change his mind, he was impressed byKōsetsu-sai’s diplomatic skills and silver tongue. After defeating the Hojo Clan in the Siege of Odawara(1590), Hideyoshi took Kōsetsu-sai in as his retainer due to his valuable skills, whileKōsetsu-sai presented Hideyoshi with Kousetsu Samonji as a gift in return. After Hideyoshi’s death(1598), Kōsetsu-sai, together with Kousetsu, went on to serve Tokugawa Ieyasu and later Tokugawa Yorinobu. Later, Kousetsu was passed to the Kishuu branch of the Tokugawa and stayed on in the mostly stable period of Edo.

He is on display at Fukuyama Art Museum from November 12 to December 18, 2016.

“The world is filled with sorrow.”

Kousetsu’s mentions of a sorrowful world comes from a key point of Buddhism teachings that life would be filled with suffering, but this is not a pessimistic view of life, it is a realistic one, and seeks on ways to avoid mental suffering. It is impossible to avoid physical suffering like sickness, old age and death, but not for psychological suffering such as frustrations, disappointment, hatred. These psychological suffering stem from mortal wants and emotions like craving, envy, pride, our needs can be fulfilled but human wants can be a bottomless pit. Buddhism acknowledges that there both happiness and sorrow in the world, but impermanence is the way of life, joy and achievements would not be ever-lasting, clinging on to them will lead to sorrows. Therefore it is important to cherish the chances of happiness and continue to strive for such. This concept is well-illustrated in the Tale of Heike, the battles that brought about bloodshed only achieved temporary power for the samurai clans in this tug-of-war and pride would lead to downfall. The first precept of Buddhism urges one not to take the life of beings, and persuades one to always attempt for peaceful resolution and only use violence if it is absolutely inevitable. This can be why Kousetsu detests fighting, however, he also states that he would not stop defending himself and allow himself to be killed.

Despite stating that he doesn’t like fighting, almost ironically, his in-game status is among the top; at maxed Toku, his Impact power is second after Shokudaikiri, sharing first spot with Ichigo for Impulse power, and the total amount of his stats is on par with Mikadzuki (on equal footing for Impact and Mobility, Kousetsu’s leadership is lower, but his Impulse is higher).

He is often portrayed to be a flower enthusiast of some sort, in relation to his Internal Affair costume.

Kousetsu is the ‘Ice’ part of R4’s another name: Ice Royal Milk Tea. Sometimes also referred as the Queen of said quartet.

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Tachi - 🌸🌸🌸🌸 Special - #79

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pallium-mysterium  asked:

Oh about the ask that was talking about the time with the Triforce-like symbol, I believe it's seen in some temples in Japan- it's possibly a religious symbol? And I think that'd make sense because the tome in FE is one of the ones Aversa uses (a member of the Grimleal), so I guess they use it religiously as well? I'm not 100% sure, but it seems to make sense to me

Unfortunately my knowledge about Buddhism culture is very low, so I can’t really say if it’s related or not, but I may suppose that it’s one of those super common japanese symbols. I’m reading stuff right now about the Hojo clan, and how important they where for their country… so probably when Nintendo choose the triforce as symbol for the game, they were looking for something easy to recognize, for their colture… it’s just that now globally the Zelda triforce is more famous than the original, so it feels odd to see the tree triangles on ancient temples.

can’t tell if they did a link between worlds religious stuff… maybe yes, after all even the Triforce itself is a religious symbol for Hylians.

The Brothers of Minamoto part 2

Continued from Part 1

The most popular pair of brothers from the Minamoto Clan in Japanese folklore with their tragic tale told from generation to generation are Yoritomo and Yoshitsune. And they might have left the most significant mark on Higekiri and Hizamaru, for the distance between them while serving under the Saniwa. Higekiri’s master is Minamoto no Yoritomo, who was sent alone faraway as an exile in his youth after his family was executed due to defeat in the previous rebellion. Yoritomo was a shrewd politician and shogun manoeuvring the course of history in his favour despite overwhelming odds against him, resilient against setbacks and remarkable with his foresight in turning the tables on his political enemies. Higekiri inherited the amiable and charming facade from Yoritomo, presenting smiles to his enemies while crouching for the right moment to strike. Hizamaru went to Yoritomo’s younger brother Yoshitsune, who was a beautiful warrior with a slender build, fast and nimble with his sword. Yoshitsune was a cunning strategist famous for using radical tactics when his enemies least expected, headstrong and free-spirited yet humble to his brother. Hizamaru was influenced by the chivalry and sincerity of the warrior, though occasionally blunt in nature.

Shortly before the era of Yoritomo and Yoshitsune, the twin swords Higekiri and Hizamaru were split from each other. Higekiri stayed in the Minamoto household with current head Tameyoshi, while Hizamaru left for Kumano. Higekiri only had the replica of Hizamaru, Kogarasu, by his side as a replacement for the warmth of his real brother. That was the start of the split in the Minamoto Clan even if it at the same time opened up the path to the height of power of the samurai in Japan. In 1156, the simmering power struggle in the Imperial Court led to open hostilities where the Emperor sought to control the influence of the Fujiwara regents, and the Minamoto Clan was mobilized during the military conflict. However, contrary to common belief that they will fight together as a faction, Tameyoshi and his son Yoshitomo each picked a different side whom they acknowledged as their leader and sought to destroy each other. Both of the Minamotos chose power over blood kins, and the battlefield did not allow for bonds familial ties as they fought against each other. Tameyoshi was executed by his son who won the war against him and Yoshitomo inherited Higekiri and Kogarasu, while Go-Shirakawa secured his position as Emperor.

The samurai class grew in power in Japanese politics as the Emperors increasingly relied on the military house for securing their position. Yoshitomo paid a huge price even slaying his own clan to protect Emperor Go-Shirakawa, who repaid him by seeing his growing influence as a threat and refused his requests for higher ranking in the court, while rewarding the Minamoto’s rival samurai clan the Taira instead. This brewing discontent eventually led to the Heiji Rebellion(1160) where Yoshitomo rebelled against the Imperial court but was quickly put down by Taira no Kiyomori. As Yoshitomo sensed that his end was near, he prayed to the guardian god of warriors and the Minamoto Clan, Hachiman, grieving for the god had abandoned his clan. Hachiman appeared in Yoshitomo’s dream, advising him to rename Tomokiri, the current name of Higekiri, back to his first name Higekiri. The god revealed that the numerous renamings of Higekiri had weakened the power of the blade. Yoshitomo immediately reverted Higekiri back to his original name in an attempt to restore the Minamoto clan back to its former glory where it had yet to be plagued by inner turmoil. However, that did not stop Yoshitomo’s defeat at the hands of Taira no Kiyomori and it sparked another wave of executions against the Minamoto Clan, leaving only 3 out of Yoshitomo’s 9 sons alive.

Yoritomo was the eldest son of Yoshitomo, while Yoshitsune was the youngest. Higekiri was entrusted to Yoritomo during the Heiji Rebellion. But as he foresaw the defeat of the Minamoto Clan, he hid Higekiri in Atsuta Shrine to avoid surrendering the family treasure to the Taira, as became the fate of Kogarasu(Hizamaru’s replica) who was taken by the Taira. The 13-year-old Yoritomo was captured by Taira no Kiyomori and was nearly executed but Kiyomori’s aunt took pity on the boy and plead for his release. Yoritomo was exiled to the backwaters of Izu province instead under the spying eyes of the local clans of Hojo and Itou.

Although Yoritomo was a political exile with watchful guardians who were more like his jail keepers, he was not one to passively allow fate to control, he would be the one to take charge and change his destiny. With his natural charm and looks, Yoritomo seduced both of the daughters of Itou and Hojo, the former was furious about the liaison and Yoritomo sought shelter from Hojo Tokimasa who agreed to the marriage of his daughter Masako to Yoritomo. With the backup from the local power, the Hojo Clan, Yoritomo planned for his strike back against the Taira and reassert glory of the Minamoto. Meanwhile, Yoshitsune was sent to the temple of Mount Kurama but refused to be caged in the life of a monk, he mastered the art of swordsmanship from a legendary Tengu and studied military tactics, hoping that one day he would be reunited with his brother. In 1180, the Genpei War erupted with the Emperor’s call to arms of the Minamoto Clan to rebel against the arrogant and tyrannical Taira Clan. At this signal, Yoritomo decided that the time was right for his entrance into the game of thrones.

Higekiri and Hizamaru were each safely kept away in their sheaths elsewhere during the disturbances, awaiting the day that the brothers of Minamoto would grow to become the rightful heirs and become fit to reclaim their family treasures to lead the clan to victory.

~to be continued~

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江雪左文字 Kousetsu Samonji

“…..A sword, is better left unused. Before drawing or wielding the blade, try to achieve a peaceful resolution first. Wouldn’t you agree that this is a very important point of consideration.”

Kousetsu Samonji used to be owned by Itabeoka Kousetsusai(1537-1609), a devout Buddhist who was a retainer of Hojo Ujimasa. Kousetsu inherited the name from him, his stance and garb are also similar to a Buddhist priest. Kousetsusai was a pacifist born in the Sengoku warring times who would try to avoid bloodshed and use diplomacy instead to resolve tensions for his masters. Hojo Ujimasa allied with Oda Nobunaga at one point during the height of Oda’s reign. After Nobunaga’s death at the Honnoji Incident(1582), relations between Hojo Ujimasa and Tokugawa Ieyasu tensed due to territorial disputes and Kousetsusai negotiated with Ieyasu for a marriage alliance between the Hojo and Tokugawa clans, bringing about a temporary truce.

However, Hojo later asserted power for himself without the approval of the next Sengoku Unifier Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who then saw him as a threat and war was imminent. Kousetsusai payed respect to Hideyoshi and tried to persuade him not to attack Hojo. Although Hideyoshi did not change his mind, he was impressed by Kousetsusai’s diplomatic skills and silver tongue. After defeating the Hojo Clan in the Siege of Odawara(1590), Hideyoshi took Kousetsusai in as his retainer due to his valuable skills, while Kousetsusai presented Hideyoshi with Kousetsu Samonji as a gift in return. After Hideyoshi’s death(1598), Kousetsusai, together with Kousetsu, went on to serve Tokugawa Ieyasu. Later, Kousetsu was passed to the Kishuu branch of the Tokugawa and stayed on in the mostly stable period of Edo.

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