Finally did something productive for the Hunter AU //cries// It’s been so long since I’ve updated stuff about it
Aight, so here is the official designs for Antisepticeye in the AU 

 Ah, also, Avernum, Hailbraum, Titania, Lhapreza and Centralia are different places I made up for the Hunter AU =w=

Which outfit do you like? :-D 

p.s. The last pic is Centralia


hoseok so loud they hear him from across the park

Rowaelin: The Party, Oh Aelin.
  • Aelin:*woozy & drunk* whoo are youuu.. youre so hot.
  • Rowan:Aelin i think youve had a lot to drink babe.
  • Aelin:*touches Rowans bicep* Wowowowowow your so muscley.*giggles then hiccups*
  • Rowan:*Guides aelin to the couch* What else am i?
  • Aelin:*cups his face* your soooo pretty.. like a little doll, i could play with you all day *smiles widely*
  • Rowan:Ill remind you that you said that.