Hyuk (@HSangHyuk):

@RedBeans93 @AceRavi 호잇!! 여기 손목 잡힌 스물세살 원식이형도요 ㅎㅎ

@RedBeans93 @AceRavi Hoit!! Here’s also 23-year-old Wonsik-ie hyung getting his wrist grabbedㅎㅎ

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Hongbin (@RedBeans93) Reply:

@HSangHyuk 레오형 기분좋아보여 ㅋㅋ

@HSangHyuk Leo hyung looks happy ㅋㅋ

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

150614 Chanyeol’s Instagram Comments

I don’t know which image of us made you not like us. If you criticize us we will work harder. But it would be nice if you restrain from too harsh words in a place where young people can see.
Also, I seriously made an Instagram because I wanted to get closer to not only all our fans but also everyone else!! So please just think of it lightly!! I will also listen to what should be listened to and ignore what should be ignored so don’t worry too much!! I’m also an adult
Then, have a good day everyone!!

kekekeke Our babies seem depressed, should we play with comments!? It starts now!!!!!
I’m wearing a mask right now!!
ooo joo joo~~~~ (t/n: cooing)
Hoit!! It’s a comment!!!
I want to eat pork..
Because I need to go to Korea!!!

Study a little……… ♡
If you don’t put your phone down in the next 30 seconds you will be eliminated from the next fansign event..
I love you!!!
I just saw it right now!! Daebak!!!
Right here!!
It’s not over yet!! Fighting!!
Um….. since its morning how about a simple beef multi course meal!?
Then you should do it!!!!!
No no!!!! You could burn!!!

H…hh..ho..honey combo….
Like this!?
I love you too thank you
You went to study right!? Study hard
Chaehyun-ah good luck on your test
Don’t be sorry and from now on let’s hold hands and walk on this flower road
Here!!! Now let’s earn money and buy our parents gifts!!
Everyone, do you like gray/silver hair or black hair!?
Because my parents call me that? I’m used to it!!
Of course!!!!!!!

Thank you!! I really want to go to Arab!!
EXO and EXO-L walking in a flower road
April deal!!!
A+ deal!!!
Of course!! Because I’m good at everything
Of course!!!!!
Tell your father-in-law congratulations
Oppa is in a good mood this morning
As long as there is one person listening to our songs, we will keep making albums!!
@yeon__s2 (t/n: unclear due to the use of slang and lack of context)
Don’t mind other people and keep doing what you want to do!! Because doing what they want isn’t being a good child!!
If you guys want..
Jongdae: stay strong

Suho: stay strong
I’m not weird, I’m special
I can’t deal with my hair anymore…
@jjh6030 (t/n: same reply used earlier)
You were in my dream too
Today, let’s stop here!! Let’s do this again It’s fun!!

trans: fy-exo | source: chanyeol’s instagram
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