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STRANGER FRUIT- 30 August 2016

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Text Confession

So I hardly know anything about the whole “Perfume Medley getting leaked on Twitter” thing, and I’m gonna go ahead and assume it was possibly a fan’s doing, but I apologize in advance if I get anything wrong and I just end up sounding like a biased jerk… Ok so is anyone else bothered by the fact that this happened? I’m not quite sure, it’s just that I feel like the members of PTX and the rest of their team put so much work and effort into their video and music, and were excited to share it with their fanbase, but somebody somehow got it and just really selfishly decided to post it on twitter before it’s released. Like, that just seems so messed up to me. But the part that really upsets me more is that a majority of the people (not all) don’t seem to be very sorry that it happened. In fact, they’re laughing and making jokes, recognizing how “wrong” it is, but not actually saying anything to fix it or apologize. Like, the whole “#PentaholicsAreGoingToJailParty” thing going on. I’m not saying everyone needs to apologize or whatever, it’s just strange and uncomfortable that no one has seemed to do that yet. And thinking it’s ok that this has happened. It’s not. Again, I could be way off and am assuming completely false information (since I’ve chosen avoid it on twitter and wait until PTX themselves release the video) but it just seems so rude and inconsiderate for people to do. Am I the only one?