Great Boyfriend

I’m sorry i didn’t follow it exactly! I just went kinda went for this and heres what came out-Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Jack’s teasing Mark about a septiplier tumblr post they found and Mark cannot have that.  [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! Not sure ‘bout this one either, but by now you guys should know my motto for posting: “Why the fuck not post it?” So here it is!

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나 못생겨뜨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!오늘은 만우절 케캬캬캬캬케케컄캐ㅔ켘캬캐케케캬캬ㅑ컄캬캬캬끼요허ㅓㅎ허허허

I’m ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is April Fool’s

Kekyakyakyakyakekekkyakkeekekkyakaekekekyakyakkakkayakykaykaykkiyohoeoh h hohoho

T/N: Hoseok changed the name of their twitter to “홉이다” meaning “It’s Hope”

Trans cr; Nika @ bts-trans