Edd: T-Tom? Th the person who just hit me? No, I shouldn’t.

Edd: Like whhhy why should I go runn ing after him when he, he don’t even care about me? 

???: I i th-think we should leave now? Let’s go back to minee

Edd: Yeahh, we shou-ld 

 @starrycove This AU is such a good pose practice bless

I feel like whenever one of them messes up dancing, they’re just so in sync that they can turn a tumble into a rad as hell dance move so this is it

and its not like Swagreste is complaining I bet he even does it on purrrpose sometimes lol

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6 and/or 14?

Alt Shiny! I based it roughly off white giraffes. They have such a wonderful cinnamon-red mane, and I love diluted markings on anything.

Legendary Girafarig! I call it Dualaud (du-al-ord), and I basically ramped up the Psychic Type side of it with the yin-yang symbolism a bit more than the Girafarigs normally do.

+ long legge


FANARTS OF VIRGO, FANARTS EVERYWHERE! OMG! I can’t believe the amount of talented people following me right now! Every time I receive a new fanart my heart fills with DETERMINATION (heh)! It’s amazing how you all can lift my spirits taking your time to do this ToT I’m truly thrilled and honoured, rly *-*~


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I was able to make so many friends with Virgo and this blog, and I’m constantly aware of that by the love being spread in this little tumblr ;_; Again, THANK YOU ALL~! Now I have exactly 960 people who enjoy what I do! *____* Look forward to 1000 followers, I have a little surprise waiting for you HOHOHOHOH~

And this little thing by my bf because CAPRITALISM RULES~

From this post –> [Link]

Awnsering commenst slowly but surely!

(Two months actually to desing dapperphone, and Jumbletale’s Dapperton was indeed inspiration for her. and lot’s of nagging, at first she was going to be a he and  would have a more evangelion, or mecha anime isnpired desing

He was a more mecha anime type of robot, very shy too! and also he had like a retractible helmet and had equiped like a ton of heavy artillery and weapons becuase destruction is so cool yo.

Glacier hated the short hair, but she doesn’t like short hair in general, so she became a butt, I became a butt and then we spent weeks figuring out something diferent.

Dapperphone was going to be a dude but it was too similar to dapperton wich already looks too handsome so at the end I decided him to be a her because I was getting desperate. Also his moveset changed as well now from having tons of weapons now he used sound to attack, of course fantasy sound attacks cuz in real life that type of stuff usually murders people and idk what other side effects has.

To be honest I wanted to have the previous desing a lot more considering WHO is making it, that being undyne, like this overly masculine figure being scared of everything, like dude that would be hilarious, but nooooooooo the stupid haircut had to be burned with fire and omg how she hated on the hairtcut, it could’ve been helpful if she sugested another haircut, a desing I like trown becuase of a fokin haircut (DP continues on rabmling on the stupid haircut for some more time). I probably should’ve standed with my opinion a lot more, but oh well things turned out this way, not better but diferent considering how diferent the style is for both and well both desings are mine I like the two… 

She’s pretty cute not going to denny that <3

I still haven’t revealed the neo form tho hohohohoh so it is possible I retake the overly idealize bodytype and anime mecha type of desing as I do think undyne would NEVER miss on that oportunity considering her personality)

and a message from dapperphone:

Dapper: …ooooh….

…thank you…

…I guess…

starters from things my friends said ic & ooc tonight.

“4000 degrees for 1 sec cookies y/y”
“You can’t just "anyways” yourself out of that!”
“I don’t hate people I don’t know.”
“As soon as that puppy heats up it’s like you’re asking for your entire house to explode.”
“Would you like to be introduced to my friend sarcasm?“
“I’d say would you like to be introduced to my fist but when I was a kid my mom said i couldn’t punch people dumber than me so.”
“I want to see ___ fucked over by her.”
“Honestly, I’m too busy dealing with two people who actually mean something to my life.”
“Back off, Future Gas Station Attendant.”
“His insults hurt me about as much as he actually matters to me.”
“Yikes, haha, wild, okay. Anyway, did you know that kangaroos have 3 vaginas?”
“Tips tiny fedora on dick. M'cock.”
“Butterflies also feed on sweat, blood, and tears.”
“What do you mean chaos killed the dinosaurs?”
“I’m actually way into this. It’s kind of cool to try and find out things that we have no explanation to. It’s, like, the one thing I like about science.”
“We’re doing a science and theorizing.”
“I’m just sitting back and enjoying the show.”
“No nihilism, I’m not mentally prepared.”
“Oh yeah? you wanna know something that’ll blow your fucking mind, ____?? Space. Space will blow your gotdamn mind.”
“You think people can see ghosts? Like, rationally.”
“We’re all sad and you’re sad and we’re all gonna hug the shit out of you.”
“No, you smoked pot.”
“Slam it straight into my lungs.”
“Why is everyone crying, no.”
”I have approximately 3 sticks up my ass, thanks.”
“On an unrelated note, who the fuck decided that the two definitions of well should be “happy && good” and “giant water pit of death and drowning children?”
“I’d cry but I cried last night so I am emotionally Drained.”
“Hey ____, you sound like a CREEP.”
“I’m sorry ____, I don’t know you enough to judge you.”
“I’m an impulsive brat who has a snake, what do you think?”
“Anyway, ____? I don’t know her.”
“I can’t believe ____ is probably gonna die. Which, I mean, good to be honest.”
“Honestly, if you guys wanna fight, I’d be down. We can get some slushies afterwards too if you feel it.”
“Why are any of you like this at any point in time.”
“You sound like the love interest in a Disney channel original movie.”
”’I don’t have depression’ he said, depressed.”
“Wait, __, I still wanna fight you what the heck”
“Wow, ___ is going on a date. Incredible. A Fight Date.”
“Did ____ seriously rip a fucking mattress.”
“Oh don’t be disgusting I rinsed my mouth”
”Technicalities about having STICKS up someone’s ASS isn’t going to kill anyone.”
“Hey I just vomited you know what I’d like to do now? Have sex. That trenchcoat? Mmmmm sexy.”
“If I can kick your ass, will you finally listen to reason?”
“Yeah sure. I always love getting beat up on a Thursday night.”
“Would you stop playing the goddamn pity card when you refuse to take advice that could save your relationship?”
“Maybe you can learn to not butt into other people’s business.”
“Forgive me for defending my friend. What? If one of your friends was being attacked by their fuck buddy, would you just turn the other cheek and not try to help them get the most out of life?”
“Let them suffer with an asshole with APPROXIMATELY 3 sticks up his ass.”
”Can’t be depression if you keep repressin’.”
“I’d learn pretty quickly that it’s their issue to deal with but since you’re so fucking slow, I’ll spell it out for you right now.”
”Blend it with nacho cheese. Make it a square.”
“Well, when you don’t try and fix things yourself sometimes you need a little assistance.”
“Can we finish working out your problems and getting you to be willing to open yourself up to ____?”
“Turn on your location, I just want to talk.”
“You shouldn’t think about the future. Focus on the now and if it’s hurting you do something about it.”
“Wow. So cool. You’ll live a miserable life while no one can tolerate being with you because you refuse to show any emotion and snap at someone like you snapped at _____. Sounds like a great life.”
“Do you want to be alone forever? Is that it?”
“The future is all I have.”
“One day I’m gonna say ‘fight me’ and someone’s gonna deck me in the face.”
“SqUaRe d OriTo”
“You know when I was a kid I thought that meant potato chips but now I’m a man who knows they mean Dorito chips.”
“I hate people who think cool ranch Doritos are better cause they SUCK. Everyone knows nacho cheese is 1) more popular and 2) a lot better.”
“Text me your address. I’ll just meet up with you.”
“It’s not like you do it to avoid confrontation at all…”
“I’m going to lose my god damn mind.”

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What’s Avery’s favorite sex position? :3 (for both sexes)

Oh lord hohohohoh

Tbh Avery is the bottom type of girl. Like, she loves the feeling of her s/o heaviness on top of her and feel “”””””taken advantage of”””””” (fuckin limited english porn vocabulary but u probably get it)

bUT her fave position would 100% be the reverse cowgirl especially when she gets some “”””helpppp””””


[Finished this blog’s muses. I’ll add two more in the future -hohohohoh- 

I’ll update their information soon -in a few minutes or hours- 

Asriel Dreemurr

Age: 16

Height:  5’5

Nickname: Cotton

Likes: drawing, sewing, knitting, gardening, pies, sweets, hanging out with Frisk, roleplaying with them as well, Frisk, reading, listening to music, fairy tales.

Dislikes: Flowey, spicy food, being teased too often, buttercups (bad memories), baking (bad memories as well), being alone.

Chara Dreemurr (Chara D.P )

Age: 17

Height: 5’7

Nickname: Tulips

Likes: chocolate, drawing, painting, playing piano and violin, embroidery, knitting, berries, strawberries, Tulips flowers, sunny days, rainbows, reading, cooking, Literature.

Dislikes: Spicy food, meat, cold weather, resets, pointless fights, flirting (just a bit), slow people (they are a bit impatient), rainy days.

Frisk ( Frisk N. C)

Age: 16

Height: 5’3

Nickname: Myos, Clem (by Chara)

Likes: Coffee, Pinnekjøtt, forget-me-not flowers, licorice, cold weather, fights, magic, playing piano, violin and guitar, singing, ballet, Asriel, Chara, History.

Dislikes: hugs (they feel uncomfortable), flirting (uncomfortable), romantic films, genocidal kids, shallow people, arrogant as well.

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pros and cons of dating kos... asking for a hot boi [eye emoji] - jadedragons

O HOHOHOHOH! the hot dad himself, wolf spider, professional slut.


  • Do I even need to fill this out?
  • He’s really good in the sack- okay, I’ll be srs. So, seriously, he’s good. Good kisser, good at quickly working out what feels good and doubling down on it, and is utterly insatiable.
  • Excellent conversationalist, will debate anything and everything; pick a topic that interests you, he’s game to explore it in depth for several hours.
  • You get to meet all sorts of ~interesting~ people from hanging around him, and you get to drink his stupidly expensive liquor.
  • Basically a sugar daddy. I said Rho will buy people things- this is where he gets that from. Koschei will buy the people he likes presents, and they are always expensive, because of course they are.
  • That he’s into you at all is a compliment, he only attempts to woo the powerful.
  • If you get close enough, he’ll use his influence to keep you from harm. Unless you’re into that, in which case, he’ll send assassins as foreplay.
  • You get the present of his presence also, that’s a gift in itself, right?


  • Same issue as Rho with time- he’s a busy man, though he does tend to make time for life’s pleasures, he can cancel to keep working sometimes.
  • He’s unlikely to entirely focus on you. It could happen, but he’s equal opportunity- he will switch it up and just go flirt with someone else if he gets bored.
  • You’re not exactly going to be special. I mean, sure, he’ll care about you, he might find spending time with you to be valuable, but you know he’s sleeping with five other people this week too.
  • You will not be his priority, ever.
  • In the same vein, if you accidentally bad mouth his kids he’ll kill you. Doesn’t matter if you’re spooning, he’ll break your neck.
  • I mean, he is married, so I hope you’re cool with that.
  • The likelihood of someone walking in on you is about 90%, and uh, consorting with the spymaster will not stay a secret.
  • Koschei has a remarkable ability to answer questions without revealing absolutely anything about himself- it’s not unusual to know him intimately whilst knowing very little about the man himself, outside the ephemera.

catch him sprawling attractively across any available surface with the top five buttons of his shirt undone

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Oh hohohohoh~ I bet the makeout sessions are heated you sinner!

hhnhnnhnnngnngngngngngngng shhhhhhhhhshshshhhhhhhhshshshshshhh

And yes they usually end up with someone getting their neck nommed