“Something’s wrong,” Stiles pressed, his caramel eyes nearly glued to Derek. He could practically feel the agreement in the air as the rest of the pack crowded around him–whether it be grunts of approval or nods.

The alpha instantly countered his accusation, crossing his arms across his chest, “There isn’t. Everything is fine.”

Man, and people say Stiles is a bad liar.

Today–or tonight, rather–was Christmas Eve. The grand day before December 25th. Stiles especially loved this holiday, eventually getting over the fact that he wouldn’t be spending it with his mom anymore. It had become a thing that Melissa and Scott join the two Stilinskis and they have a dinner for four and exchange gifts. It was always a day the teen looked forward to. Christmas was great! But Stiles was beginning to think that it wasn’t everyone’s favorite seasonal holiday.

Erica raised a perfect eyebrow and a scoff escaped her lips. “Really, Derek? First of all, lying to a room full of werewolves?” Her gaze darted to Stiles, Allison, and Lydia and she added, “Well, mostly werewolves. Seriously, ever since November long left and December started, you’ve been grumpier and more broody than usual. What’s the deal?”

this is actually looking good???

hohohobrienbutt replied to your posthohohobrienbutt replied to your post:   sigh,…

I personally adore the use of sourwolf, it’s fitting and beautiful and personal between Derek and Stiles even if it was a jab at him. But no, apparently you can’t overuse stuff in fandoms or elSE PEOPLE GET ANGRY MAD

thank you yes see i love it and i see nothing wrong with using it it’s kinda like saying ‘oh derek and stiles have only saved each other a couple of times stop using it so much in fics to explain their love it’s only bc they had to’ oh ok wow but people dO THAT ALL THE FUCKING TIME in fics and really just to explain all of sterek all together and i think it’s cute but oh no apparently if we use sourwolf too much gASP the fandom is going to get mad oH NO??????????

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