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Hyuk: *looking back at the fans* Cute~ 
Leo ends up laughing because it’s too much to take in.
Hyuk: Leo-san look. 
*Leo falls down still laughing at Hyuk*
Hyuk: *To Leo* PLEASE LOOK!!!
Leo: (Are you a) Pervert?

[6/5/17] Hyper Projection Haikyuu “The Winners and The Losers” - fan report

ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」"勝者と敗者" 東京凱旋公演

*!Spoilers alert!*

*!Accuracy warning!!*

  • This is a viewing from the second last day and the third last performance
  • And this time, aided with my brand-new concert binoculars… I paid even less attention to overall scenes and fewer people (sorry Kindaichi and Kunimi and Nishinoya and Asahi and Ennoshita and Hinata actually)… but in greater detail! 
  • So this report will be sporadically categorised by characters instead of by teams

Iwaizumi Hajime – Kohatsu Allen

  • Oh my god he’s so handsome all the time
  • He has a tendency to scowl in frustration and of course I can’t put the way he twisted his face into words, but for reference just refer to the Iwaizumi “WHO ALLOWED THAT POUT” meme
  • What was the “wordless understanding” between Iwaizumi/Oikawa that Kohatsu Allen told fans to watch out for in the magazine interview from before? I finally know. He didn’t mean their physical compatibility during the matches, since this is a stage play, but he meant the way Iwaizumi knew/revealed all of Oikawa’s concealed inner thoughts
  • Because Oikawa doesn’t let hurt or fear show (he’s only confident, cold, angry, shocked or cocky), those feelings showed on Iwaizumi’s face instead
  • Generally around the time Oikawa started to crack Iwaizumi’s face turned permanently worried:
  • It’s compounded by the fact that Oikawa stopped meeting his eyes around the same time, so he could only stare after Oikawa’s back;
  • When Kita-Dai Oikawa and Iwaizumi kept losing to Shiratorizawa and Ushijima in spite of repeated efforts, and they fell onto the ground together
  • When Kita-Dai’s coach told Oikawa to take a break, and Iwaizumi’s face dropped because he knew Oikawa was going to take it the wrong way, but he still had to win the match, so he quickly straightened his face and called Kageyama for a toss
  • When Kageyama brightly asked Oikawa to teach him, unaware that he’d crossed the line, and Iwaizumi remarked of the poor kid: “He doesn’t know. That Oikawa isn’t a genius.”
  • Iwaizumi was really sorry that Oikawa just tried to attack Kageyama, but he also sounded really tired that things had to come down to that
  • And towards Kageyama, Iwaizumi was two figures at once - the understanding senpai (that Oikawa wasn’t) and also the enemy, because he saw Kageyama as a threat to Oikawa and constantly glared (or frowned) at him when he saw Kageyama’s progress in training

Oikawa Tooru - Asuma Kousuke

  • Oikawa’s conducting was really really beautiful to watch. I couldn’t emphasise enough how graceful and professional he looked last time, but even his face looked completely peaceful as he conducted “Seijou’s music”. It looked like his eyes were closed. It looked like he was dancing
  • When Aoba Johsai made their appearance by walking through the audience seats there were many many loud screams for Oikawa-san
  • Kita-Dai flashback scenes, x3! First flashback occurred from Kageyama’s point of view, explaining his admiration for Oikawa’s skill. Second flashback occurred from Oikawa’s point of view, which was his assessment of Kageyama Tobio’s skill. Third flashback occurred from Iwaizumi’s point of view, from which we got to hear about Oikawa’s insecurities and fears. Difference in mood, difference in angst, with Oikawa’s POV being the coldest and Iwaizumi’s POV being the saddest
  • Trivia: Yahaba handed out towels when the teams called for breaks during the game and I know the actors would be sweating a lot, but Oikawa/Kousuke just dabbed his face with the towel gently. Possibly he didn’t want to smear his makeup. Iwaizumi/Allen as well
  • Because Oikawa can be really frivolous (as we know from the rest of his team) his hatred to Kageyama (all the cold glaring) really stands out in stark contrast
  • They had to shake hands with Karasuno after the match but he didn’t. He only walked forward and coldly grabbed Kageyama’s hand for a single bare second

Hanamaki Takahiro – Kanai Sonde

  • Anyways do you know what Hanamaki’s lucky item is? It’s Watari Shinji’s shaved head. Regardless of whether they scored or missed Seijou members would high-five one another, but for their libero they would sometimes pat his hairless head instead. Except Makki always goes for Watari’s head and one time when he really needed it he went and furiously rubbed Watari’s head
  • Anyways Oikawa monologues a lot even during midway during matches, analyzing left and right, but as we all know sometimes Karasuno defeats his expectations. One time that happened - with Hanamaki leading - all the other third years jumped on him with kicks to (jokingly) blame him for his shitty judgment call
  • Matsukawa has good height on him, so at one point Oikawa wants to used that to shut off Hinata’s spikes. To prepare his friend for it, Hanamaki jumped forward and massaged him from head to toe, chopping his neck, legs, arms and shoulders, etc., generally annoying him
  • There’s this minor detail… whenever there’s a missed block or blocked attack from their team, most of the members (mostly Makki) would come over and high-five them in support with a “don’t mind” face. But when the attack is successful Makki will beam really widely and make you, watching him, also feel elated

Shigeru Yahaba and Watari Shinji – Yamagiwa Kaito and Saito Kenshin

  • Surprised that I focused on Shigeru? Me too, and it was at the expense of an iwaoi gag. I actually zoomed in on Not-Kuroo and Not-Kenma when they sat next to Team Seijou during a break. Not-Kuroo’s nervous around males (except for Oikawa) but Shigeru was totally trying to chat him up by offering him one of their water bottles, that sly bastard, and Not-Kuroo seemed to warm up to him a little
  • The iwaoi moment I missed was the part where Oikawa tells Iwaizumi not to overwork his (lack of a) brain; matsuhana was watching them. By the time I took my eyes off Yahaba’s shitty flirting I could only see Iwaizumi’s bottle fly - instead of hitting Oikawa it flew all the way to Karasuno’s camp on the right side of the stage, and matsuhana had to awkwardly ask for it back
  • Like last time there was a gag in the middle after Matsukawa confesses to Oikawa that he thinks he’s got shit for personality (Oikawa: “Why?!”), where Watari imitates their captain spying on Kunimi and Kindaichi while they gossip about Yahaba:
  • The contents of their bitching was different this time and I didn’t really catch it fully, but I’m making a calculated guess that the first case Kindaichi makes is that the way Yahaba pants is really weird
  • Yahaba runs in from the side of the stage in a white jacket, hood up, panting in this breathy and affected voice, collapsing dramatically on the floor
  • They bitch a bit more until Watari (as Oikawa) reveals that he’d been eavesdropping the whole time and said (something like) “Hoho! So that’s what you two think of Shigeru!” Panicking, Kunimi goes, “Wait Oikawa-san, that’s not-”
  • Oikawa (aka Watari): “Shut up”, in English (pronounced: sha-tup)

Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma - Kondou Shouri and Nagato Takato

  • The gag duo of this play. They had an extended sequence right after the first intermission ended (before the screen pulled up), where Kenma was saying all sorts of “taboo” things - like how the audience needs to switch off their electronics and how come there was only them for Nekoma, and Kuroo kept interrupting him with “taboo” and “That’s taboo!” And then finally Kenma says:
  • “Actually Kuroo I have something important to say.” “Yeah what is it?” “I misplaced my jersey so I can’t play in the match.”
  • And Kuroo said something like “Man actually I have something to tell you too” and then he unzips his jacket. He’s wearing jersey no. 5 - “I’m wearing yours.”
  • He’s wearing Kenma’s shorts too. They’re really tight on him and at that moment Kenma/Takato starts to smile. Kuroo/Shouri’s just grinning and half-laughing but that’s at least understandable for but the gag was so funny that Kenma/Takato could barely hold his laughter in and that made it even funnier for me watching him
  • That’s not all (this might not be chronological) but anyways Kenma says something like “So where are the other Nekoma members?” and Kuroo goes “They’re here.” “Are they really-” “Yeah they are. I’ll show you.” and then Kuroo calls for Kai. “Kai!!”
  • And Kai #1 pops up from the right side of the stage - it’s Watari Shinji from Aoba Johsai. Kenma smile got wider and he goes (something like) “But that’s the wrong baldy Kuroo.”
  • Watari Shinji just looks confused as he rubs his head. Kuroo and Kenma banter for a bit more and Watari retreats. Then Kuroo says he’ll call for Kai again. This time he’s gonna summon the right one for sure. “Kai!! Kai!!!!”
  • Kai #2 appears from the right side of the stage - it’s Tanaka Ryuunosuke from Karasuno, wearing Karasuno’s dark red winter shorts. Anyways it’s still the wrong baldy and Takato’s laughing while Kenma’s tired of Kuroo’s bull so Kuroo says he’ll go a third time to prove Kenma wrong
  • This time after he calls for Kai he runs to the side and pretends to be Kai (he threw an arm over his face and talked like Kai) and Kenma just walks off while Kuroo does his one-man nonsense
  • On Not-Kuroo and Not-Kenma: when they first came onto the spectators stand, right before the match started, they were excited and (I think) Not-Kenma asked Not-Kuroo how excited he she was feeling, and in response, Not-Kuroo’s so excited that she yanks one of the pigtails attached at the bottom of her Kuroo-wig off
  • So Not-Kuroo’s wary of men, but Not-Kenma’s a lot more bubbly and sociable, so she keeps chatting with Mart-san during the match to ask him what’s going on, which didn’t really sit well with Not-Kuroo who of all the men in the world considers Oikawa Tooru to be her gold standard
  • So one time Not-Kuroo’s had enough and leads Not-Kenma by hand away from Mart-san, since it’s not safe to talk to weird old uncles (Mart-san “Uncle?”). Feeling misunderstood, Mart-san tries to stop them to clear himself up - he grabs Not-Kuroo
  • Not-Kuroo jumps and shrieks. “He touched me!!” Then Not-Kuroo bolts with Not-Kenma. Mart-san runs after them - “But I didn’t even want to touch you!!!”

Kageyama Tobio – Kimura Tatsunari

  • I remembered from my first viewing that he flinched really hard in the Kita-Dai flashback so I’m sorry that I didn’t watch him when Oikawa almost socked him… Sorry I’m sorry for myself
  • He sounded really cute when he was in middle-school… even when they had his doubles onstage, the voice that they played was most definitely Kimura Tatsunari’s high-pitched one
  • This time he was in much happier in his sparkly blue frilly tobiuo (flying fish) costume, and even the match spectators (Ukai, I think?) pointed it out - “He’s laughing!” And he was! He waving his flippers around with a huge smile so bright it looked more like Tatsunari himself even though they were restrictive. The tobiuo moment by the way was triggered by Tsukki (and Yamaguchi I think) for making that joke

Sugawara Koushi and Sawamura Daichi – Ino Hiroki and Akisawa Kentarou

  • Opening introductions! The members from the two teams had one-on-one dance-offs with each other, and it was Iwaizumi VS. Daichi, but when they extended their hands to shake Daichi swiped his hand super fast past Iwaizumi’s hand to stroke his hair instead
  • Suga to save the day~ Phenomenal acting that really made you feel the difference between the confident Karasuno third-year setter with his infectious good mood and the self-conscious third-year aware of his limits as well as the overwhelming talent from his junior and their rivals
  • I don’t know how to explain the chilly feeling you get hearing his quiet voice. It’s quiet because he knows and Kageyama knows and you know that Suga can’t change the fact that he himself isn’t strong enough - to go against Seijou or his junior
  • I paid a lot of attention to his face during the serious scenes (aka with Kageyama) since he always sounds so close to crying, and not that he did, but I noticed that after Karasuno’s loss and during the izakaya scene Ino Hiroki’s and Kimura Tatsunari’s noses were red  
  • Despite saying all that, Suga’s voice never cracked even once, so you could feel how great of a front he was putting on-
  • In contrast to Daichi, whose voice cracked both times he had to tell his juniors not to apologise to him

Yamaguchi Tadashi and Shimada Mart - Miura Kairi and Yamaguchi Kentarou

  • “The jump float serve??”
  • Shimada’s so horrified when Ukai called Yamaguchi up as a pinch server. In the last match (in the last stage play) when Yamaguchi’s convinced Mart-san to mentor him, he’s the one horribly embarrassed when Mart-san shows up pre-Date Tech match with banana groceries as a form of support. This time, when Karasuno’s bewildered over Yamaguchi’s entrance, Yamaguchi goes “Shimada Mart - he’s my mentor!”, like blame him!, and Mart-san makes the kill me now face
  • But he can’t get away because Not-Kuroo and Not-Kenma have helpfully tangled his legs up in the net. It’s so badly tangled that he has to sit down and detangle all the while Not-Kuroo unhelpfully pulls his foot in the wrong direction, until Mart-san swats her away
  • And then… Yamaguchi lines up for his serve. It misses and he goes still. He falls onto his butt and his face freezes in panic. He apologises twice in a quiet voice, and the third time he yells it in a cracked voice at Daichi while standing in the midst of everyone
  • In the final scene, when Karasuno was moping in the izakaya, Hinata shoves Kageyama for apologising right into Yamaguchi, who was sitting next to him. Yamaguchi grabs and helps him regain balance, but from that point just keeps his head bowed on Kageyama’s shoulder instead of looking back up at the others again

Tanaka Ryuunosuke - Shiohei Kouta

  • His opening introduction!! He was on his knees on the floor jamming the hell out of an electronic guitar!! So cool!!! 
  • I was watching him when he slapped his face to snap himself out of his temporary stump, and his actor actually didn’t slap his face at all! He patted his hands on lightly, just that there was a loud sound effect
  • Also he was the young Asahi, alongside Noya with his puffed-out chest as the young Daichi and Ennoshita as a young Suga

Additional things that were personally very impactful from the stage play adaptation and miscellaneous opinion:

  • Is Iwaizumi protective of Oikawa? Yes, but not in the sense that he’s Oikawa’s best friend and partner, but in the sense that he’s (portrayed as) Oikawa’s other half. Instead of defending Oikawa for Oikawa, it felt like he was defending Oikawa for himself because that’s the extent that their thoughts and feelings are in sync
  • From that perspective it’s also interesting to think of Sugawara and Daichi as one, but with a bit of a role reversal from the traditional expectations people have of them. This stage after all played up Daichi’s insecurities about staying in the team after their loss, whereas Suga confidently declared that he was staying. Daichi got to be sadder while Suga’s tenacity came through
  • After watching it twice I more distinctively get that from beginning to end Kageyama never once understood where Oikawa was coming from, and most probably still holds a misconceived awe of Oikawa’s talent. He had to battle his own issues of abandonment, and after so long, from Kita-Dai to Karasuno, the biggest help he received to move on from the past only came belatedly, and in the form of Sugawara
  • And even then it was at the cost of him taking Sugawara’s position in Karasuno
  • I hope in the DVD they include at least one flashback sequence each from Iwaizumi, Kageyama and Oikawa’s faces
  • I watched a lot more Kageyama than that short paragraphs’ worth but it’s kind of pointless putting great acting into wordy descriptions so just… wait for the DVD
  • I hope if they do another stage play we get a Kiyoko-san or Yachi but that’s probably really really unlikely
  • Please let there be a next stage play I miss Nekoma and their mayhem
  • Shirakashi Judai looked exactly like Matsukawa from the manga from my binoculars especially when he just stood around judging Oikawa
  • So the binoculars were a damn good investment and I’m not sure if I should blow money on a second knb stageplay viewing or just go for the live-viewing. The live-viewing already zooms in on faces but of course that’s different to zooming into my biases 
  • My view was good (not that I had a choice in picking the location) and showed me the full stage choreographies and lighting effects; only sometimes I couldn’t see the full projections 
  • Disclaimer warning! I don’t have photographic memory and only a passable understanding of whatever the actors said from the play, so whenever I quote them it’s not verbatim!! 
  • If you ask me something about any of these characters I probably will have an answer but if you ask me something about the others I probably won’t be able to because I really didn’t watch them enough YOU CAN’T BLAME ME MY BINOCULARS WAS SIMPLY TOO USEFUL
  • Click here for previous report on I wrote from my first viewing of haisute in 24/3
Relationships (Part 2)

2P! Romano and 2P! England:
- these two gay motherfuckers are the bestest of friends
- they literally talk about anything and everything
- Allen sometimes joins in
- they’re almost always together
- they practically s p a r k l e
- whenever there’s an event going on in their group, these two are the ones who plan, decorate, and make food
- if ya need a party planner call these two
- once fought over the same guy
- Flavio jokingly flirts with Allen sometimes and Oliver is not amused

2P! Prussia and 2P! Austria:
- these two are childhood friends
- besides Lutz, Roland is the only person he opens up to
- Roland sees himself as Gilen’s night in shining armor
- if you ever hurt Gilen, prepare to feel the Dark Lord’s wrath

2P! Austria and 2P! Italy:
- Roland thinks Luciano in a little shit
- he doesn’t want anything to do with him
- Luciano could care less

2P! Austria and 2P! America:
- they aren’t exactly friends
- Allen thought Roland was pretty fucking creepily cool and that’s what made him talk to Roland
- they gradually started hanging out when there’s no one else to hang with
- they go to ghost hunting trips together
- it usually doesn’t end well

2P! America and 2P! England:
- let’s face it we all know Oliver is like hella gay for Allen
- while Allen just sees Oliver as family kinda
- Oliver hugs (read: glomps) Allen whenever he sees him
- which is like everyday
- Allen is used to it now
- if it’s Allen, Oliver is automatically involved
- Oliver doesn’t know how to use modern technology very well and he always need Allen’s help
- “Oh my, Allen, why are all of these capital letters” “press that button” “this one?” “…”
- “Hi Allen! I somehow accidentally called you and I don’t know how to turn it off. Can you help me?”

2P! America and 2P! Canada:
- they show affection through insults and punches
- they always have fights but they’re nothing serious they just like beating each other up
- Matt wins
- but if it’s a serious fight then shit they need an army to solve it
- they’re always at each others necks and have each other backs
- oh the irony
- Matt usually saves Allen’s ass whenever he’s in trouble
- “fuck you, bro” “fuck you too”
- Allen is musical trash and drags Matt along whenever he watches a show
- which makes Matt involuntary musical trash as well

2P! America and 2P! Russia:
- Allen likes to mess with Ion
- much to Ion’s annoyance but he doesn’t do much about it
- Ion sees Allen as nothing more than a child so he involuntary watches over him

2P! England and 2P! France:
- Oliver heckin’ loves Francois (he loves everybody)
- he always tries to make Francois stop smoking, which inevitably fails
- “Francois, please stop smoking, I’m only looking out for you and your health” “…if won’t smoke for the entire day, will you shut up?” “Yayyy!”
- he ends up smoking anyway but Oliver doesn’t need to know that
- Francois doesn’t mind Oliver that much but is just annoyed by his constant nagging
- he actually likes Oliver’s company
- it makes him feel less lonely
- only Oliver has seen Francois smile

2P! England and 2P! China:
- they bond over tea
- same with Francois, Oliver tries to make Zao stop using drugs
- aaand he fails

2P! Canada and 2P! France:
- these two are usually found together
- they don’t really take much they just enjoy each other’s company
- Matt sees Francois as a really shitty father figure

2P! France and 2P! Russia:
- they secretly hang out
- made a pact to not tell anyone else that they hang
- go to book sales and art museums together
- once almost got caught by Allen and Oliver
- “hey isn’t that Francois and Ion” “dISGUISE DISGUISE” “whoops may have been mistaken”

2P! Russia and 2P! China:
- Zao hates Ion and Ion doesn’t know why
- he finds it irritating though
- none of their friends know why
- they were really close before but for “some reason” Zao started hating him
- (hoho what could the reason be? *wink wonk*)

2P! China and 2P! S. Korea:
- Yonsu looks up to Zao
- he sees Zao as a roll model which is not a good thing maybe ahaha
- Zao find it annoying but has accepted his fate
- he likes Yonsu’s company tho
- Yonsu is Zao’s wingman
- Zao hates it when Yonsu calls him “Big Bro”

gay-spaghetti  asked:

Mark made a tweet that he might take pictures of himself in the bubble bath >u> It gave me an idea for a septiplier request! XD Jack and Mark bubble bath? OuO/ Love your art btw!

here ye go!!

Reign of the giant

U can imagine the rest of what happened hoho -w-

thank u for the request!

  • Merle Ambrose: Oh! I received an email from Morganthe! Hoho! I wonder what she sent me!
  • Email: 👅🍆💦🎄DICKCEMBER🎄 is here ❄🎄😍get🎅ready to 🎅🙏🏻💯HOE HOE HOE 🔥💯🔥 with some hot 🔥👀COCKLATE 🍆☕👀👅this christmAss🍑🎄🎅🏽😍☃❄️💦and stay❄️💦👀FROSTY🙌🏼🎄👍🏽👀💯🔥
  • Merle Ambrose: I'm expelling her

I wish there was SOMETHING, even the TINIEST bit of flimflam inside me that wanted to go to college.

My family would love it, my teachers would feel like they hadn’t wasted their time, and oh the wonderful, high paying JOBS I could get, believe me honey, oh hoho yes.

But what I really want is to live in a small, rundown, drafty apartment, perhaps with a friend or a nice girl, have a job or two to pay the rent so we can scrape by, and CREATE. Selfishly, and with no thought to anyone else, CREATE whatever I want.

Sure, I’ve had grander dreams; Broadway, movies, the whole top dollar. But really? That lil apartment, a nice girl, and the ability to do as I please is all that I believe I’d need to be happy in my short nothingness of life.

Spoiler Text for Chapter 77 of Tokyo Ghoul:Re

A ghoul is walking along the beach where the corpses of Investigators are rolling around
The ghoul stops, releases a kagune from around the hip and rummages out meat from the investigators which they eat
Ghoul: You get hungry don’t you?
Soon, we’ll be able to meet papa
Yeah yeah yeah
We’re happy, aren’t we Shiro?
That ghoul was Kurona

Miza’s group are taking refuge within a building
Miza: Gu…ha…ku…
Subordinate: Older sister…
Miza: …I’m fine…
Suzuya…that guy really is a monster…
To think that we were slaughtered so one sidedly up to that point…
In the background Suzuya is twirling Jason
Miza: …This place…has some deep memories
Subordinate: What…?
Miza: This observatory is where I met Naki

Miza flashback
Miza has climbed up onto the observatory and is looking down at Rushima
Miza: (This island is a lot bigger than I thought it would be…
It looks like it will take a long time to memorise the terrain
From today even “blades” are under Aogiri Tree’s control
A world where the strong take control…
Even this is part of how the world works)
At this point Naki calls out from below
Naki: Oi! What are you doing there, you defensive person (hoshinshiya)?
Miza: Defensive (hoshin)…what?
Naki:  It’s that Hohonewperson (Hoho-shinnyu)! What a weird hairstyle
Because of coulleage problems it ended up being a lot of trouble
Miza: (Hoho? Coulleage?
My hairstyle was just dryly made fun of?
What’s with this guy’s…accent…?
No…is he simply just an idiot?)
Naki: And so, that place is my northeast seat
Hurry up and get down

Hooguro and Shousei: Big brother! Big brother Naki
Naki: Oh you guys
Hooguro: Ah…that “blades”…
Miza: (Naki…! It’s this guy…
The current head of the white suits)
Naki: That annoying person has completely enshrined my northeast seat you know
Hooguro: That person is “Miza”
She’s in Aogiri starting from today
Naki: Hmm, is that so?
Miza: (The successor of the famously cunning “Yamori of the 13th Ward”…is this stupid?)
Hooguro: You just heard it from Tatara 30 minutes ago…
Shousei: Big brother, it’s not “northeast seat” it’s “special class seat”
The observatory is in the northeast so you must have got it mixed up
Naki: Hm what’s “northeast”?
Shousei: It’s a “direction” big brother
Miza: (What is “this” intelligence level)
Naki: Coeducation
Shousei: That’s the fun thing where boys and girls study together, big brother
Hooguro: You can say “enshrined” but why don’t you know what directions are?
Naki: Well, the newbie has a lot of things they don’t know so…I’ll go avertise
Hooguro: Big brother, advertise
Shousei: Hm? What about a device?  
Miza: (Is this organisation (Aogiri) really gonna be ok?)

Flashback of fighting against the CCG
Ghouls are getting killed by a CCG investigator with a Ukaku quinque
Miza: Hey Naki! The “box holder” is an Ukaku so aim for it! It’s basic!
Naki: What!?

Another flashback
Naki: The strategy is this, first you guys go like wahh from the right, I go gwahh in the middle… and then bam
Miza: Make your instructions clearer!
Or leave it to Shousei!

Another different flashback
A large number of ghouls are surrounded in a narrow pathway
Naki: I can’t go forward!
Miza: Go into the hall! Don’t kill the advantage of numbers!

Miza: Even an ordinary person has a limit…
What’s with that guy…
Hooguro: If you bad mouth big brother, I’ll kill you old lady
Shousei: What Hooguro said
Miza: …You lot do well being able to follow that
Even if you had many lives, it wouldn’t be enough
You were originally just following Yamori, right?
The reason for following him…
Hooguro: …I was in “white suits” first
I was tied in with this macho
Big brother Yamori was really great
Shousei: …I was overwhelmed by big brother Naki and got drawn in
Hooguro: There’s no way we would follow him without a “reason”
Shousei: We’re stepbrothers
We believe in the fool
Miza: A “reason”…?
Shousei: …come follow, old lady
Miza: …stop with the old lady

Miza is taken along to the observatory
Miza: The observatory…that…
Shousei puts his finger to his mouth to tell her to stay quiet
Miza: (What’s going…)
Then Miza sees Naki crying by himself in the observatory
Naki: Udo, Kumaji, Hayashima, Hiji, Hajihira, Noita, Hamo, Norunoma
Miza: …Naki…that guy…what is he mumbling…
Shousei: Oh, as expected you have good hearing
It’s the “names of companions that were sacrificed in the past”
He starts from big big brother Yamori and goes up to Gagi-san and Guge-san
Every week he goes through every person like that mourning overnight
Big brother who forgets the content of a meeting he had 30 minutes ago will only never forget the names of his companions
But thanks to him we can’t get rid of these dark circles
Hooguro: You understand the reason now, don’t you old lady?
Either way, us targets for destruction won’t live long
Either way, just like that we’ll be remembered forever, living in big brother
Miza: (Whether it’s because I stand at the top…or because I’m a simple woman, a man who men fall in love with, I…)
Miza looks at Naki and her cheeks are red

Subordinate: You’re a maiden, aren’t you big sister?
Miza: The 30th road ghouls are captured so stop it
Subordinate: …We blocked it like a tribe, I think it’s going to be fine
As long as big sister is happy-
At that moment, Miza’s subordinate is cut by a quinque coming from behind
Miza: Mitsushita!!
Mitsushita (subordinate): Mi…za big sis…
Miza steps away from the wall and Hanbee appears  
Hanbee: Running away quickly…
For my squad’s pride, this Abara…
Don’t escape tri…triple blades’ Miza…
Miza: (It’s “Suzuya’s subordinate”…!!)
Hanbee: Let’s go!!
While holding his quinque Hanbee aims towards Miza and swings
Miza blocks the attack and attacks back with her kagune
Hanbee stops the attack without any difficulty
Miza: (I won’t give you a chance to attack back…!)
Hanbee shows no sign of retreat and swings his quinque again which grazes past Miza’s hair
Miza kicks the quinque away and it dents a wall
While Hanbee tries to pull the quinque out of the wall, Miza jumps above him and attacks
Hanbee’s quinque changes shape and stabs Miza
Miza collapses and Hanbee is sweating

Kurona appears
Kurona: You
Hanbee: (What is this!?!?)
Kurona: So you’re Suzuya’s subordinate
Both of Kurona’s eyes are kakugan

Urie: Advance discreetly,
Aura: Yes…Urie-san
Saiko: Uri…Saiko is a little…
Urie: ! Yonebayashi don’t overdo it… I’ll lead
(The smell…it’s gotten stronger)
At that smell Urie breaks into a cold sweat
Urie: (…Isn’t it too strong, the amount it smells…It can only be a bad omen, no…that kind of thing…I don’t like it!!)
Shao, take Yonebayashi
(Don’t think about it, it’s scary, I don’t want to go forward…What am I going to achieve by not going forwards?)
Everyone else…put some distance between us
(No, but if I saw it’s the end… I don’t want to see! I’m scared, shut up me!! Ehh go forwards!!)
Urie’s group advance deep into the cave

In the depths of the cave, a chair with a cloth over it is found
Urie: (Oh, the source of the smell is found)
Urie looks worried
Higemaru: Urie-san?
Urie: Ah…Y…………..You guys stay back…
Higemaru: Eh…Urie-sa…
Urie breaks into cold sweat as he walks towards the chair
Urie: (Was it this kind of smell? Nah…was it this kind of smell?)
With a shaking hand Urie pulls off the cloth and it falls on the ground
What was there was a body with no limbs or head…

sometime i remember what an unapologetic douche 2003 Hohenheim was and it’s hilarious in retrospect

douchey in the blandest way possible but dang did he douche it up a lot

like it was basically:

Sheska: yo Winry i think that middle aged guy is creeping on you!

Winry: BECAUSE I’M SO HOT (idk why dudes think this is a reaction a lot of girls would have to old dudes creeping on them. I mean. if you have a certain personality. But Winry kinda doesn’t)

Sheska: mmm yes you are


Winry: GET AWAY CREEPER oh wait it’s Ed and Al’s Dad I forgot what he looked like because he abandoned them years ago hi Ed and Al’s Dad

Hoho: I thought you were Sara Rockbell

Winry: My mom’s….dead…

Hoho: oh that’s too bad

Winry: like how could you possibly mistake a 16 year old girl for her mother. and wasn’t my mom a brunette in this anime


Winry: btw You’re wife’s dead too. a lot happens when you leave for like ten years. Also Ed lost his limbs and Al’s a suit of armor.

Hoho: that’s a real shame

Winry: … 


Hoho:Hey there Maria Ross looking hot tonight

Maria: oh wow an old guy’s hitting on me i’m so flattered



Hoho: Well this is awkward


Ed: why what the fuck is wrong with you Al


Ed: are you seriously choosing a dude who walked out on you when you were four, who hit on a lady just after finding out mom was dead, who never cared or did anything for you, who clearly does not give a shit about you, over your brother who has risked his life several times to protect you and cares about you more than anything else in the universe?


Ed: good luck with that

Al: okay i fell asleep and Dad immediately abandoned me.


Al: shut up



Ed: so the villian is your old fuck buddy

Hoho: haha yeah i’m a stud

Ed: you guys had a son and you bought him back to life but you didn’t like how he turned out so you immediately abandoned him

Hoho: sure did

Ed: he killed me you know. because he was jealous or something. i’m not sure why, i mean you abandoned me too.


Ed: what

Hoho: My skin was rotting it was kinda gross I thought you’d be grossed out

Ed: that is the worst excuse I have ever heard

Hoho: It would have been awkward telling you I purposefully killed a bunch of people in order to live for hundreds of years too.

Ed: More awkward than when your ex-girlfriend, who you knew was evil, came and tried to kill the family you’d abandoned because you abandoned her too

Hoho: haha i don’t really deserve to have such cute kids!

Ed: you don’t deserve to have a hamster

Hoho: Whatever I can’t even hope to atone for my sins!

Ed: You could like…at least try…

Hoho: I’m going to fuck off and hang out with Winston Churchill

Ed: wait can you help me get back to Al-

Hoho: maybe later

-later- Ed: and then he abandoned me while i was asleep

GermanAl: he’s very consistent



Hoho: …you agreed pretty quicklyAADFGGHGGH

goodnight douche prince