Discovery of Ancient Tool Unravels Mystery of How Rope was Made 40,000 Years Ago

Rope and twine are critical components in the technology of mobile hunters and gatherers. In exceptional cases impressions of string have been found in fired clay and on rare occasions string was depicted in the contexts of Ice Age art, but on the whole almost nothing is known about string, rope and textiles form the Paleolithic. Researchers have now discovered a tool used to make early rope.

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tour vid by @tom.hohle out Monday… Uncool Halloween Tuesday… and HUGE NEWS yet to come. big week. see you soon 🍜 (

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mitte 2013, wo ich gerade noch ein noob im bereich kiffen war, hatte ich keine ahnung, wie man dreht, und wollte mir auch keine papes kaufen. deswegen hab ich normale zigaretten genommen, die bei uns irgendwie rumlagen (keine ahnung wieso, meine mutter is nich mal raucherin) und hab den tabak rausgedrückt. danach hab ich das gras genommen und stück für stück mit nem streichholz in die hohle kippe reingepresst. natürlich hab ich den filter ganz drangelassen; ich wusste nich, dass des THC dadurch gefiltert wird. das ganze hat ne ewigkeit gedauert, und ich hab das u.a. auch in toiletten von kneipen gemacht, was zu peinlichen situationen geführt hat, weil ich mich da ewigkeiten einschließen musste.

wedding pics (part 2)

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours ended in the best way possible - celebrating our Beazy Noodle with immediate family at her first annual LIVERversary dinner!  It was so fun and I’ll def post pics tomorrow :)

Today I wanted to round out the last portion of my wedding posts with pics of THE BRIDE!  The wedding was so incredible and took place at St Mary Star of the Sea - where we go up going to church down in Longboat Key.  The church has such special memories for us and although the church is rather large and we had about 35 people there, the room was filled to the brim with love for the Hohls!

After the wedding everyone took the trolley over to the Longboat Key Club where we all walked to the beach for cocktails until sunset.  I would say this was a typical “cocktail hour” but we were toes in the sand from about 6pm until 830ish when the sun set.  The sunset was THE most gorgeous one I’ve seen EVER and it was prime time for wedding pics.

After cocktails (or mocktails in my case) we walked over to the golf club to have dinner.  The table was set as 1 giant table fitting all 36 guests and it was perfect.  Flowers everywhere, name cards held up in nautical rope balls and the menu with the logo made for the perfect place setting.  And the dinner?!  Literally the best meal I’ve ever had.

The best part of the whole day and night?  That the bride and groom had a total ball and it was exactly what they wanted!  AH!  Best weekend ever.  Enjoy the pics (in no real order) from the wedding day below!

[SO SAD the weekend was over!]