hohensalzburg castle


Hohensalzburg Castle, Salzburg by adam arseneau

My Imagination Tends To Run Away With Me...

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Can you even look at this without your jaw dropping? This is the Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg, Austria. The coolest thing is, I’ve actually been here, and I got to take a tour of the castle itself. 

But, I recently have been wanting to remember the history about the castle, so I looked it up on wikipedia.com, and here are some of the interesting facts about the castle: 

1. Construction of the fortress began in 1077 under Archbishop Gebhard von Helfenstein. This original design was just a basic bailey with a wooden wall.

2. The ring walls and towers were built in 1462 under Prince-Archbishop Burkhard II von Weißpriach.

3. Prince-Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach during his term from 1495 until 1519 further expanded the castle. His coadjutor Matthäus Lang von Wellenburg, who was later to succeed Leonhard, in 1515 wrote a description of the Reisszug, a very early and primitive funicular railway that provided freight access to the upper courtyard of the castle. The line still exists, albeit in updated form, and is probably the oldest operational railway in the world.

4. The only time that the fortress actually came under siege was during the Peasants’ War in 1525, when a group of miners, farmers and townspeople tried to oust Prince-Archbishop Matthäus Lang, but failed to take the castle.

So, as I was looking at this castle from the bottom of the mountain, I couldn’t help but imagine everything that went on there. The romance and danger associated with the medieval era just kept popping into my mind.

Even as I sit here and look at the picture, I’m imagining life during the times that the castle was inhabited, all of the people, all of the secrets that were held on the top of that mountain. You know some tough decisions had to be made during the times of war. WI can’t even begin to tell you how many things come across my mind when I see a picture of a castle. Something about them just intrigues me.