Found it… A brand new song, performed last Wednesday!

Hohenems Event Centre (Austria) • 19 June 2013

MARS show Hohenems Masterpost

Well hello everyone. Some of you wanted to know how it was yesterday so here it is: MY MASTERPOST.

Me and my Echelon family arrived at the venue at 3 pm. There weren’t a lot of people. And it wasn’t even that cold. 2 hours before they opened the venue the people who waited started to push like crazy. I have to say, my back still hurts and I probably sprained my foot. Anyway, after all the waiting me and my friends who didn’t have a GoldenTicket managed to get to the 2nd row. We were right in front of Shannon’s drums.

The first support act (I have no idea how they’re called) was good. But the second support act…let’s say they were SPECIAL. They singer was probably high…or drunk…or both. I dunno. The important thing is that they sucked.

After the band who seriously raped my ears, they showed some MARS videos on the screen. At 9:45 pm MARS finally came on stage. They played all the “normal” songs like A Beautiful Lie, This Is War, Search & Destroy. The crowd was great and the band seemed very happy. When they started to play Night Of The Hunter my heart skipped a beat. The crowd went crazy and I was singing my lungs out.

After they played Closer To The Edge, the tourmanager started to pick out people from the crowd to go on stage for Kings & Queens. He picked about 10 people from our side of the stage. For 3 minutes he didn’t pick anyone and I was totally convinced that I won’t be on stage again then he suddenly came up to me and pointed at me. I thought he was joking or he meant someone else but HE CHOSE ME. The security guard pulled me out of the crowd and I was standing with the others in front of the stage. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Jared asked us if we wanted to hear two more songs and the crowd went crazy. “It’s a song that almost no one knows and it’s from the first album. This song is called Buddha For Maaaaaryyyyyy.” I almost shit my pants. Seriously. This is my favourite song of all time and they NEVER play it. I was singing so fucking loud and Jared smiled at me when he saw me singing it. After Buddha For Mary they played Battle Of One and The Fantasy. I can’t put into words how happy I was.

It was time for the lucky people including me to go on stage. I wanted to stand next to Shannon and I did it. They played Kings And Queens and I was dancing and singing like crazy. Not a single fuck was given. Suddenly, I looked at Shannon and he was smiling and nodding at me. I smiled, laughed and told him that he is fucking awesome, lol. First he didn’t hear me because it was so loud, duh. But then he understood it and was like “thanks”. Tim was only a few inches away from me. Jared also walked past me and nodded, I lol'ed for some reason. I swear to God: I was in heaven.

After the show, we waited for them outside. It was so fucking cold. I thought I was about to freeze but I didn’t care. Some dude from the crew came up to us with some pieces of Shannon’s used drumkits. He asked us if we want them. HOW FUCKING LUCKY WERE WE? Here it is:

Ignore my face, haha.

So, Shannon came to see us infront of the tourbus and I got the part of the drumkit signed and I talked to him a little. Our convo:

Me:“You were amazing tonight.”

Shannon:“No, you guys were amazing. It was a great crowd.”

Me:“Thanks. By the way, do you like us Swiss people?”

Shannon:“Yes. A lot I’d love to hang out more in Switzerland. It’s great there.”

Me:“Well, next time you can hang out at my place.”

Shannon:“-smiles-If you cook, SURE.”

Lol xD. I had a good laugh.

And of course our favourite MOFO Tomo also came to sign some stuff. I was so glad to see him because I barely saw him during the show. I asked him if he could say something random to my friend Patrycja aka Patt. Here is the video. Btw the “YOU’RE AMAZING.” in the beginning…that’s not me xD. I only said:“Yeah it’s on.”


Here some pictures that I took from the show:

So that’s about it. Please don’t use the pictures without my permission. Thanks.

Everything you wanted to know about Jews… but were too afraid to ask

From the get-go, you can tell that this is going to be a temporary exhibition with a sense of humour. The Jewish Museum at Hohenems, Austria has named it’s current temporary exhibition in honour of the Woody Allen film “Everything you ever wanted to know about sex *but were too afraid to ask”, and the wit and wisdom of Woody Allen is woven throughout.

The basic idea of the exhibition is to address the major questions and misconceptions about Jews and Judaism, but as tongue-in-cheek as possible. They tread well the fine line between being jovial, without making fun of the visitor (some questions are quite whimsical, others less so).  Questions included: “Do all Jews have big noses?” - “after investigating this for the past 54 years, I have only been able to conclude is that all Jews have noses”  (Sandor Gilman) -  "Do Jews have a historical right to Israel?“, and "Is it OK to make jokes about the Holocaust?” - “Only if they are *really* funny” (Vienna’s Head Rabbi Chaim Eisenberg). Each question is then addressed using a series of quotes from different people (I say addressed, as there was not a single yes or no answer in the whole exhibition). 

The perfect example perhaps of the humour and disarming way in which the exhibition functions was the questions “Is it OK to say ‘Jew’?”, relating to a certain squeamishness in German to say “Jude”. The visitor is presented with a microphone and asked to speak the word into it. After a 3 second pause, what you said is played back to you and you are asked to decide if 'you really meant it like that’. This is presented on one side of an A-frame, the other side has quotes which then highlight different aspects, attitudes and sensibilities. 

As well as quotes and anecdotes, there are also artistic interpretations and responses to some of the questions (incl. Harley Swedler, naked in a field singing Edelweiß and a build-your-own-Auschwitz lego set). For a photoset of objects from the exhibition, see Die Presse’s

For a small exhibition, it certainly makes an impression. One particularly nice aspect is that at the end, the visitor is given the chance to submit questions (that they have never dared ask) and they will be answered via a blog. Some of the questions and answers are in English, but most are in German. However, the curators who answer the questions do so in plain language, offering links to more in depth information if needs be. It’s a simple, but incredibly effective method. It’s also possible to establish the questions that are asked by children. Responding perhaps to the handwriting of the questioner, the curators tailor their language accordingly.