So I think I finally pinpointed the thing that pisses me off the most about all those people going “oh jb’s relationship is so pure without the need for romance!!1!1” and “brienne’s storyline shouldnt revolve around a man!!1!!1″ and all that

It’s that not only are they completely misinterpreting what the shippers are saying, but also that they are ignoring how much sense a sexual/romantic jb relationship would make narratively

Like sex and romance is and has been a huge part of both their storylines?? 

First we have jaime, the man whose romantic entanglement with his sister cause an entire war, who has been unwaveringly faithful and loyal to her, to the point where he has never been with another woman, who has viewed her as his other half and spends all of ASoS solely motivated by seeing her again, and then has to deal with her rejection. Along with the theme of honor, jaime is mostly characterized by that strong romantic streak, and the unhealthy, codependent dynamic he developed with cersei is a huge part of both his characterisation and the plot overall

and then we have brienne, who was made to realize from a very young age that she wasnt desirable or wanted by men, the woman mockingly called “Brienne the Beauty” whose maidenhead was the subject of a wager, the girl who was told a man would only want her wealth and status, and who devoted her life to renly simply because he showed kindness to her

like, you have two characters, who want desperately to be loved and feel they cannot, who gave themselves over completelely to other people when they gave them acceptance. you also have two characters who have never been in a healthy sexual relationship, and that is all very important to their arcs. 

so when i see articles saying that a jb romance would “cheapen the relationship” or would be a “disservice to flatten it into ‘will they or won’t they’” i gotta roll my eyes, because it falls miles off the mark

a jb romance would not only not be a disservice to the chaarcters and the dynamic, it would actually be a perfectly fitting closure to their personal character arcs, the way they have been set up for the past 3 books


Book mail is the best mail!
There has been quite a lot of controversy about this german YA book featuring a lesbian relationship lately. A lot of people felt like the protagonist’s queerness was portrayed very badly, so I would normally stay very far away from it. I did however realize that all those negative reviews I read came from straight readers, so I felt like it was sort of my duty as an actually queer girl to read the book and form my own (possibly slightly more qualified) opinion about the portrayal of Sophie’s queerness! I won’t be surprised if the book does indeed do a bad job at writing a queer romance (the author isn’t queer herself either, as far as I know), but I’m willing to give it a try!