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Oh okay something just occurred to me

So when Link enters the Silent Realm, his spirit is separated from his body, which I suppose is left behind in the last position we saw it

So you mean to tell me that, in Skyloft, his body was left there, in the main plaza, knelt down with his sword thrust in the ground, while everyone was walking around him and probably giving him odd looks like “damn searching for Zelda is finally taking its toll” 

Okay, translating things from this blog that were translated from this one

In Twilight Princess HD:

  • The Wolf Link amiibo will allow you to access the Thorough Battle: Trial Of The Beast (which is believed to be the Twilight Cave that was mentioned before), 
  • If you have the Giant Wallet once you complete said trial, you’ll be awarded with the Bottomless Wallet that lets you carry 9,999 rupees
  • Other Zelda amiibos, from the SSB4 series, will affect the game in some way: 
    • the Link and Toon Link amiibos will restore arrows
    • the Zelda and Sheik amiibos will replenish all the hearts 
    • the Ganondorf amiibo will allow enemies to deal double damage
  • Other things that weren’t clear were that you can restore Link’s strength through the dungeon (Twilight Cave perhaps? No one knows) and a summary of trips (new portals?) through data that’ll be saved in the Wolf Link amiibo

Updated on January 20th

  • The Trial Of The Beast is a dungeon of 40 levels that works in a similar fashion as the Cave Of Ordeals, however you can only fight in Link’s wolf form, meaning you cannot use the 9,999 rupee limit to power up the Magic Armor (but it makes the Cave Of Ordeals a lot easier)
  • The Link, Toon Link, Zelda and Sheik amiibos can only be used once a day; the Ganondorf amiibo can be used as many times as the player wishes, supposedly allowing the player to turn this ”hero mode” on and off at will
  • It seems that the Wolf Link amiibo can work as a checkpoint of sorts that allows the player to leave the Trial Of The Beast and return to the same place. It’s still unclear if the dungeon can be accessed by players without the amiibo

Updated on January 21st

  • The new dungeon is actually called Cave Of Shadows
  • Stamps, like the ones in Super Mario 3D World, were added to the game as seen in this ridiculously low quality scan from Famitsu 
  • The Wolf Link amiibo will function on Zelda U

Updtaed on February 4th

  • The official Japanese website has been launched! 
  • Much like Wind Waker HD, you’ll be able to use the gyroscope to control the bow or boomerang

  • It is possible to use off-TV play
  • There will be a total of 50 stamps to be found in chests scattered throughout the game 
  • The Hero Mode will also work as a Mirror Mode
  • The Poe’s Lantern was confirmed to be an item and will allow Link to track them down during the day
  • A new video shows that the Wolf Link amiibo will allow you to return to the place you died in the Cave of Shadows with a certain number of hearts restored

  • Two more videos were released

I actually like how characters such as Midna and Groose were constructed to sorta have us dislike them at first (of course some people don’t experience it and it’s okay) so we can watch their development throughout the game and by the end we can cry, it’s amazing, I want more 

You know that the Hero’s Shade is super tall compared to TP Link, right 

So, is that the same height that oot Link used to be when alive or is that just proportional to the dimension of his regrets