hoh spoilers

I know that Percy has a lot of potential love interests,

But there’s a reason why he chose Annabeth to be his most important person and not anyone else.

Annabeth is his best friend, the person he could trust with all of his life, the person he could open up his about fears and dreams, someone who will always call out his bullshit and refuses to make things easy for him, reminding that she is his equal and not just ‘Percy’s girlfriend’. She is funny, helpful, smart. She can keep up with his sass and wit. She is always challenging him to keep up, to be better, to be wiser. She is willing to side with him at any cost, even if their parents are at odds with each other– something that Percy, who cherishes loyalty – appreciates a lot. She has saved his life the most, she is his advisor, she is his beacon, she is his rock. She grounds him; in every aspect.

So even if you want to ship Percy with someone else, don’t you DARE say that Annabeth doesn’t deserve to be with Percy. She is still his most positive influence in his life, and will continue to be so.

In turn, Percy has also influenced Annabeth is similarly positive ways. Percy was the reason why she let go of past grudges and reconnected with her estranged family. He is always reliable, trustworthy and unfailingly loyal– which are things that Annabeth have been craving forever, due to her abandonment issues and constant need for permanence and stability in her life. She allowed him to see the weak and unflattering parts of her personality, her fatal flaws and deep insecurities, and yet he has never judged her for it. He is also supportive of her independence, being there for her emotionally but knows not to cross the line when it comes to her solo quests. He is not intimidated by her intelligence and hypercompetency, but actually admires her more for it. AND he thinks she’s hot when she’s tired, covered in grime, looking like a homeless person, and being a badass ready to kick monster ass– girl, honey, he’s a keeper, never let him go!

I think people tend to forget that relationships takes two to tango and Percy and Annabeth ended together because they work so fucking well together. I know that the PJO and HoO fandom are getting tired of them being overexposed in the current books, but this is a gentle reminder that Percabeth is an extremely well-developed pairing where there is so much equal respect, trust and maturity in their relationship, which shouldn’t be brushed aside just because they’re 'boring’ now.

I just really want their little demigod family to be happy, man.

And if anyone tells me there wasn’t glorious character development oN THE PART OF EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THIS BOOK in House of Hades then please do not be surprised when I file a restraining order.

Oh, and I’m thinking of using this one for the Zine, too C:

“He raised his hands in submission. ‘Yeah, okay. But, Nico, you do choose how to live your life. You want to trust somebody? Maybe take a risk that I’m really your friend and I’ll accept you. It’s better than hiding.’

The floor cracked between them. The crevice hissed. The air around Nico shimmered with spectral light.

‘Hiding?’ Nico’s voice was deadly quiet...”

I loved this part so much, too bad i cant draw a creepy looking Nico OTL


caught in a rad bromance.

I know it’s inevitable (as it would be difficult to have 9 POVs) but I will be super disappointed if all we get of them in the next book is through demigod dreams.

which is why I’m writing a mini comic with them because I’m obsessed help me.