hoh spoilers

“He raised his hands in submission. ‘Yeah, okay. But, Nico, you do choose how to live your life. You want to trust somebody? Maybe take a risk that I’m really your friend and I’ll accept you. It’s better than hiding.’

The floor cracked between them. The crevice hissed. The air around Nico shimmered with spectral light.

‘Hiding?’ Nico’s voice was deadly quiet...”

I loved this part so much, too bad i cant draw a creepy looking Nico OTL



seriously, I am so glad I stambled upon this. Alhough I’ve planned this to be a quick drawn comic, but for something considered ‘quick drawn’ this took me more than I expected.__.

also, I forgot to say. I am not sure it’s understandable what was that stupid thing that happened to Jason, but, haha well that was something that actually happened to me once (or twice) when I was still into karate. He basically wanted to kick a punching bag, but apparently overdid himself a little and therefore missed and kicked some air. and fell. Jason you’re a son of Jupiter an ex motherhugging proector and you can’t even kick a punching bag properly, geez.

“You will understand,” he promised. “and, Hazel Levesque…you will not believe me, but I am proud of your strength. Sometimes…sometimes the only way I can care for my children is to keep my distance.”

Hazel bit back an insult. Pluto was just another deadbeat godly dad making weak excuses. But her heart pounded as she replayed his words. I am proud of your strength.

- Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

“As the others grabbed chairs from nearby tables, Jason leaned in and squeezed his friend’s shoulder.

‘Hey, man,’ he said, 'what happened?’”

“'Frank?’ Jason whispered behind him. 'Hazel, hold up a second. Frank, what’s wrong?’”

Don’t you just love how when someone is upset, Jason is the first one to notice and try to help? Because I sure do. This, this is why Jason was a good leader, because he was genuinely concerned for everyone on his team and always tried to help if he could. It’s not about who kills the most monsters or who’s the most “badass”


caught in a rad bromance.

I know it’s inevitable (as it would be difficult to have 9 POVs) but I will be super disappointed if all we get of them in the next book is through demigod dreams.

which is why I’m writing a mini comic with them because I’m obsessed help me.


part 1 of whenever

in case we don’t get their POV in Blood of Olympus, I decided to make it up myself.