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Day 6 (23rd August) - PTSD

“[Percy] kept hoping things would get better for Annabeth and him, but their lives just got more dangerous, as if the Three Fates were up there spinning their futures with barbed wire instead of thread just to see how much two demigods could tolerate.” - Percy Jackson, House of Hades

My contribution to Percy Jackson Week 2017 hosted by @percyjacksonweek2k17

Day 5 (22nd August) - Romance

Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase

‘Annabeth pressed her lips to Percy’s ear. “I love you.”
She wasn’t sure he could hear her—but if they died, she wanted those to be her last words.’ - Annabeth Chase, House of Hades

My contribution to Percy Jackson Week 2017, hosted by @percyjacksonweek2k17

Suddenly, the chute they’d been falling through opened into a vast cavern. Maybe half a mile below them, Annabeth could see the bottom. For a moment she was too stunned to think properly. The entire island of Manhattan could have fitted inside this cavern – and she couldn’t even see its full extent. Red clouds hung in the air like vaporized blood. The landscape – at least what she could see of it – was rocky black plains, punctuated by jagged mountains and fiery chasms. To Annabeth’s left, the ground dropped away in a series of cliffs, like colossal steps leading deeper into the abyss. The stench of sulphur made it hard to concentrate, but she focused on the ground directly below them and saw a ribbon of glittering black liquid – a river.
—  The House of Hades

Sometimes i forget that Annabeth was Percy’s first (human) friend

Percy’s sword gleamed in the dark. He’d been the first demigod Nico had ever seen in action. Later at Camp Half-Blood, Percy took Nico by the arm, promising to keep his sister Bianca safe. Nico believed him. Nico looked into his sea-green eyes and thought, How can he possibly fail? This is a real hero.
—  The House of Hades