I found the coolest mac app for deaf/hoh music lovers!

It’s called Hearing Corrector and it’s $11.99, but it’s worth every cent. 

Basically you put in your audiogram info. Then you load a song. Then you hit calculation and save the song. And the converted song is tailored to your hearing loss. I boosted the equalizer to maximum for my profoundly deaf right ear, though it’s a lifesaver on both sides. Anyway, I highly recommend it. 

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American Airlines did not have subtitles for their movies. There were not options at all. The flight was seven hours. Naturally, I felt frustrated especially when we are approaching into year 2016. 

I decided to tweet to American Airlines and apparently they did not consider a solution and went with an audist* reply instead.

I tweeted to them again asking for an apology, sensitivity (re)training, and a solution asap.

*Audist = discrimination or prejudice against individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. (via Nyle DiMarco’s Facebook)

Things Hearing People Need To Know

1. Yelling wont make a Deaf person hear you

2. Not all Deaf people read lips well

3. Speaking extremely slow is not only offensive, it makes it harder for Deaf people to read your lips

4. Deaf people can listen to and enjoy music

5. Deaf people can drive

6. Sign language is not universal

@ hearing aid users:



when you change your hearing aid battery, take off the tab and leave it exposed to the air for five minutes before putting it into your hearing aid and using it.

the battery activates when exposed to oxygen, so this will prolong its lifespan and give you an extra couple of days of use per battery. it could save you $70/year on batteries per hearing aid!

my audiologist told me about this when i was a kid but there were never exact guidelines. now a kid has done a science fair project and measured the results to find out that five minutes is the optimal time!

also, make friends with someone who’s a Costco member and get them to buy you hearing aid batteries. they’re kept on the counter in the pharmacy section and they usually stock the standard hearing aid battery sizes. Costco batteries cost $10 per pack of thirty batteries, which is an incredibly good price!


A while ago I offered Minuiko to draw a pic to thank her for her awesome Jasico art and she suggested the goblet scene, which was a great request. I’m sorry it took me so long (did you think I had forgotten ? ;p) but finding a satisfying way to depict the scene wasn’t so easy, as I really wanted to include meaning and subtext ! I hope I succeeded, anyway I have to post it now or I’ll end up touching it up forever !!! ^^;; (I’m in this kind of period where I can’t be satisfied with my art. Again.)

  • Me:Mom, can we get Mcdonalds?
  • Mom:No I'm cooking at home.
  • Me:*In my room - To myself* When I win HoH next week I am 100% gunning for her. How dare she disrespect me like that, I don't deserve this.
Characters in HoO summed up
  • Percy:it is important that i'm both cute and powerful
  • Annabeth:Percy is so hot but he's so stupid
  • Leo:Rate my face from a scale of 10 to 10
  • Jason:am I greek or roman
  • Piper:i just want to make out with Jason
  • Frank:i swear everybody around me is an idiot (except Hazel)
  • Hazel:*fanning herself*
  • Nico:I want to kill everyone
  • Reyna:I swear the seven demi-gods are going to get themselves killed before they save the world.
  • Will Solace:damn the ghost king is quite the looker perhaps I should start flirting
  • Gaea:i'm not a bitch i'm the bitch
  • Gods:what in the world is happening
  • Fandom:omg omg Percabeth and Solangelo