As I’ve said before, I have a tendency to simcom at work — this is both a habit and an attempt to make my conversations accessible to all customers just in case they’re Deaf/HOH like I am and I just don’t know it yet. (As in I don’t see hearing aids/cochlear implants, because not all of us wear them; I don’t.)
Today a kid came in and his mom was like, “Did you just sign?”
And I said, “Yeah!”
She turned to one of her kids and says, “Look! She signed!”
And I saw the kiddo’s cochlear implants!

Realist olalım mı ? Şurada rakıyı değil içmek kokusunun bile nasıl olduğunu bilmeyen bir ton insanın ‘’ şöyle içerim, böyle tokuştururum, çıkarır cüzdanımdan fotoğrafına bakar öyle de bi içerim, rakı masalarından kalkmayan adamım lan ben ‘’ falan diye atıp tutması onlara acımama sebep oluyor. Ne cüzdanda fotoğrafı lan, kaç kişi cüzdanında kız arkadaşının veya erkek arkadaşının fotoğrafını taşıyor artık. Telefon galerinizden çıkarıp bakıyorsunuz fotoğrafına. Bırakın şu çok seviyorum ölüyorum ayaklarını üç gün mutlu olsanız beraber aşık olduğunuzu sanıyorsunuz. Arkadaşça olan her şeyi aşka bağlıyorsunuz, karşı taraf böyle olmadığını söyleyince de ‘’ bini nidin sivmidin ‘’ sen de sevmiyorsun ki neyin sevgisini bekliyorsun ?

It is hard to tell in this photograph, but Ariel was signing to me! I am hard of hearing and there are times where I have to use ASL for communication. My mom told her that I couldn’t hear and immediately she turned asking (in sign), “You are deaf?”. I started sobbing, ugly happy sobs. In the time slot allotted we signed the entire time and it made my trip to Disney absolutely incredible. Think about that. Five minutes of just being able to communicate with a character made the long plane ride, long car ride, etc. worth it. The bonus is that Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. I felt included in a world that is tailored to the “norm” and it meant the world.

Reblog if 2017 is the year we stop interrogating d/Deaf/HoH people

If a d/Deaf/HoH person tells you that they are d/Deaf/HoH, you believe them. No questions asked.

If a d/Deaf/HoH person wants to communicate orally with/or without lip reading, using sign language, gesturing, cued speech, using their cell phone, or pen and paper, you respect their decision. No questions asked.

If a d/Deaf/HoH person speaks, do not comment on the “quality” or “tone” of their speech. If they choose to speak to communicate that’s their choice, no matter how it may sound to you. No compliments given, no criticism given, and again, no questions asked.

If a d/Deaf/HoH people talks/listens on the phone, uses hearing aids/cochlear implants, speaks clearly, grew up hearing, reads lips, etc, you will respect what they tell you about their being d/Deaf/HoH. No questions asked.

2017 is already an amazing year for equality, support, solidarity, and inclusion. Let’s band together to make the lives of d/Deaf/HoH people a little easier, and allow them to breathe easier when communicating with hearing people. 

Please reblog and add your own “d/Deaf/HoH No Questions asked”! I want to see what y’all have to say! 

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I NEED Percy giving Magnus sword fighting lessons while Jack continually tries to hit on Riptide.

(Also let’s talk about how Percy lowkey might get emotional because he remembers his first sword fighting instructor and like it or not, it’s still Luke’s voice that Percy hears in his head and Magnus notices the tears glimmering in Percy’s eyes but he pretends it’s just sweat)

So you think I can hear..?

 “You’re not really d/Deaf/HOH, you hear me just fine.”

If I had a dime for everyone who’s ever told me that…                                       Here’s what’s more than likely happening during what you perceive as me “hearing”:

1. I’m relying solely on social cues. Luckily for us d/Deaf/HOH, 93% of communicaton is non-verbal. Basically if you laugh, I laugh, and no one ever knows I missed the joke (..again).

2. I’ve known the speaker for a long time. We all have those topics we can (and do) talk about for hours on end. And the longer I’ve known you, the better I’ll be able to use your favorite topics to figure out what you’re saying.

3. ‘Neutral’ answers. “Yeah”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “Yeah, I get that”.. I’ve got a whole list of responses that can easily trick you into believing I have some idea of what you’re saying.

4. Mad Libs. Did you ever play mad libs as a kid? You know the one.. every so many words you insert a random one and you get a story that doesn’t make any sense? Yeah, being d/Deaf/HOH is pretty much just like that. 

5. Silence. You probably didn’t notice, you almost never do, but I haven’t said a word in 20 minutes. I gave up on trying to understand this conversation a long time ago and I’m really just planning what I’m gonna eat later.

6. Again with the social cues. Remember that whole non-verbal communication thing? Yeah, I probably use it even more than you do. Head nodding, and smiling works like a charm to get a girl through your incoherent story telling.

7. Just this once.. On this rare occasion I actually heard what you said; that happens sometimes.. But you’re still a jerk for dismissing my struggles, feelings, and identity. 

Deaf pet peeve #18392

People who volunteer to caption videos but then put their own commentary in place of actual captions. And then when deaf people complain the volunteers call them “ungrateful” and “self-centered”. 

Just a heads up!

The Say Goodbye video had the captions updated(by me) because of a really important reason that I feel needs to addressed.

If you can hear perfectly fine, then the captions are not for you.

The captions are for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are for people like me. I am HOH in one ear.

Captions are for accessibility. Not for you to put little quirky editors notes.

A HOH person.

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If you’re putting captions on YouTube videos that’s fucking awesome ok? But please please please don’t fuck with them. A few jokes here and there are ok but I’ve seen people jokingly change words and like? No please don’t. Someone is relying on those captions to watch the video, and the more you fuck with them the harder it is for HOH ppl to understand

Thank you for writing the captions, it means a lot to a lot of people, but please remember that you’re trying to make a video accessible.