Hi, I was “southernpecan” earlier. 

You know, the gay androgyne Christian/Mormon-ish person who posted about things like the LDS Church, sexual and queer theology, American Sign Language, posted shameless transgender gpoy selfies and expounded on my life as a Southerner with an immediate family that is >50% queer. 

I really miss the family and company and support that I had before I F^%@ING DELETED MY BLOG by a freak ACCIDENT.

Here is my new one. I’d love to reconnect with y’all and find and follow everyone again. 

I found the coolest mac app for deaf/hoh music lovers!

It’s called Hearing Corrector and it’s $11.99, but it’s worth every cent. 

Basically you put in your audiogram info. Then you load a song. Then you hit calculation and save the song. And the converted song is tailored to your hearing loss. I boosted the equalizer to maximum for my profoundly deaf right ear, though it’s a lifesaver on both sides. Anyway, I highly recommend it. 

What could possibly be a valid argument against captioning videos?

Go ahead, please present me with one, because I cannot think of a single reason why captioning videos is a bad thing. I see messages being sent to blogs that provide captions for vines and videos that basically just say “stop captioning the videos” with no reasoning behind it. So please, I’m genuinely asking…how can you oppose captions?

“It’s annoying” does not count, by the way. 

a brief ASL lesson!

As some of my followers may know, I’ve become more and more hard of hearing over the past few months. The most difficult part of it, for me, is trying to keep up with group conversations, especially in crowded public areas. Trying to focus in on one voice at a time while everyone is talking over themselves is extremely frustrating, and it’s easy to feel left out.

So, I had an idea. One of my family members was born deaf so I grew up speaking ASL, and thought I’d throw together a handful of gifs as a little ASL lesson. It is for both deaf/HoH and hearing people, just some basic phrases to help each other out. I know this isn’t a lot but I know if my real life friends picked up these few words, it would mean a lot to me and I think other deaf/HoH people would feel the same.

Please know that ASL can be slightly different for everyone, so if a deaf/HoH person tells you an alternate way they sign something you can adapt!

Even if you decide to skip the lessons please share!


How’re you (broken down: how)

Please/thank you


Excuse me



Okay (broken down: o/k)

Pass thewater (broken down: w)/salt/pepper/menu

Are you okay (broken down: are/okay)

Understand (do you understand/I don’t understand)

xoxo have fun

I wanted to say “it’s not about how they look, it’s about the function they serve.”

I wanted to say “that’s awfully rude since this post is about me NOT being ashamed of them.”

I wanted to say “then design me some and I’ll wear them.”

I wanted to say “did you know decent hearing aids can run you about $3,000…APIECE?”

I wanted to say “did you know many insurances don’t cover hearing aids?”

I wanted to say “I don’t have the money to get cute hearing aids so you aren’t bored looking at me.”

I wanted to say “you’re part of the reason I’m participating in No Shame Day in the first place.”

I wanted to say “my hearing loss has been a traumatic experience and you’re not helping.”

I wanted to say “bite me, I’m cute enough to make up for them.”

But mostly I just wanted to say YOU’RE NOT HELPING.

How to CC YouTube videos

YouTube is a great place to watch videos about cats or history or random vlogs from british boys. Unfortunately for a lot of people with various disabilities such as being d/Deaf or HOH, it is not the easiest platform to watch videos on. So here is a quick tutorial on how to CC your youtubevideos to make them more accessible.

Click on your video. You will see the “video manager” button to the right or the CC icon in the middle just underneath the video. Click on either of these. They will take you to the same place.

If you click on “video manager” it will show you all of your videos. Underneath the one you wish to CC, click the drop arrow next to “edit” and click “subtitles and CC.”

You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Click the bottom one.The top one is the automatic captions that youtube adds, that typically are not very good.

From here, you can watch your video and type the words as they come up. The video will pause as you type. When you begin typing, the captions will start at that point in the video, and will stop when you hit “enter.” One or two sentences is usually a good amount to write on each caption.

The captions likely will not wind up in exactly the right place on the video. But that is easy to fix! Just watch your video when you are one with the captions. You can click the edges of each caption (the blue parts) to make them longer or shorter, and you can click and drag in the middle to move them to a different part.

This process does not take very long, and really helps out a lot of people. So just take an extra few minutes (depending on how long your video is) and make it more accessible to others. I’m sure your viewers will appreciate it!

I decided I wasn’t satisfied with the “deaf students at Hogwarts” post, so I’m making my own.
Deaf Students at Hogwarts 2.0

Muggle born deaf children being worried when their hearing aids stop working at Hogwarts (since magic interferes with electrical devices), but then the Charms professor gives them a spell that will protect the aids from the interference. But better yet, magical hearing aids that automatically adjust to your hearing level so you don’t have to have them reprogrammed at an audiologist, and with a magically enhanced battery that lasts for months instead of days.

More deaf muggle born first years going up to their professors with their FM systems and having to explain how the sound could possibly go from that little box into their ears.

HoH students mishearing the spells their friends or teachers are using, and completely freaking out. “DID YOU JUST TRY TO IMPERIUS ME??” “Dude no, I said “engorgio” not “imperio”. “Oh”
HoH students in classes mishearing teaching instructions, with varying results. “Look everyone at how vibrant Brown’s potion is already, it’s the best I’ve ever seen! Have you added the five porcupine quills yet, Brown?” “Oh, you said to add five? I thought you said nine.. Guess it worked out alright anyway.”

Signing students being assigned special spell books that go in detail over the proper wand movements to cast a spell without any verbal additions because spell casting should not be strictly confined to having to say a word.

Winky the house elf is eventually enlisted to the House Elf Interpreting Group and she and the other house elves in the group act as interpreters for the deaf students. The house elves know and teach sign language because they require a method of silent communication in order to be silent while serving the assholes who enslave them. Anyway, the house elves bond strongly with their deaf students as they are with them for the majority of their school careers, and many of the students send their interpreters gifts every Christmas to show their continued appreciation for them. Of the 10 members of SPEW, 5 are Deaf. Also, when bullies try to jinx the deaf kids and they don’t hear the spell coming, the house elf will use their own magic to protect their student, and then let the elves down in the kitchen know which kids are jerks, so they “forget” to send dessert up to their table for a week.