hogyoku cosplay


You guys blew my mind on the reception of my last set of Deadpool photos, and honestly I was honored, as was the amazing and hilarious cosplayer I did this shot with. I was mostly out of town this weekend so I’m just now getting around to uploading my second set. I still have another set or two to finish editing which should hopefully be up in the next day or two as well.

Cosplayer: DaLurker from Portland, OR
Photographer: Hogyoku Cosplay

Sorry for the Emmeryn and Fire Emblem: Awakening spam guys. : 3 I just found out I’m going to be part of a Fire Emblem cosplay group for Sakuracon 2015 though and I’ll be cosplay Emmeryn. I haven’t played the game yet but the more I learn about her the more I love her and want to play her game. I’ll be flying a lot this summer so I think that’ll be a perfect time to play.


I started working on my Sailor Heroine Mulan cosplay the other day. : 3 It’s slowly coming together. Just finished pattern mapping the top and now it’s time to cut the fabric and sew it together. It is to be premiered for Kumoricon 2014. :D

Design by Draecha Rannak
Cosplay by Hogyoku Cosplay

What cosplays are you guys working on?

Sailor Maids Brady Bunch style? :D We could have our own anime cafe. Thinking about running one for Kumo this year.

Photo by @jplumansoc
Worn @newconpdx

Pluto: Poliwaggle Cosplay
Artemis: CC: DemonessLeria
Sailor Moon: Kawaii Besu
Diana: Eillonna Cosplay
Neptune: Momma Sammu Cosplay
Jupiter: Dragonfly Fashions
Uranus: Epic Heroine
Chibi: -
Mars: Pixiebell Cosplay
Venus: Studio Sunday Cosplay
Saturn: Wickedkitty Cosplay
Luna: Nightmare Vixen
Mercury: me!


I was interviewed on Day Zero about cosplay, but it doesn’t appear to be up on youtube yet. In the process though I ran across a video I did appear in with WickedKitty cosplay. You can see us in line at 3:09, 3:48, and some other places! : D