Because We’re Nerds And Don’t Have Enough Para’s Already. {Hogwarts AU} {BenSeung}

There was a reason why transfiguration had remained his favourite class throughout the last five years of schooling and most of that had to do with the fact Slytherin shared the class with Ravenclaw, meaning their year got front row seats to the showdown between first and second place. Not that it was much a showdown here, not when transfiguration spells tended to be something he could do in his sleep, even ignoring the fact his father always went through the texts and taught them to him over the break anyway.

Besides, he had a distinct advantage over his rival, as the muffled banging noises coming from the other half of the classroom were signalling.

… Where distinct advantage might mean having found a way to pair up the dopiest kid he had ever seen with his rival in as close to an act of sabotage as academic endeavours tended to get.

Head ducked into his scarf to hide a snicker, Ruivion padded across the room and loomed over said Ravenclaw’s shoulder. “Are you okay?” Dark blues flickered over to the prone forms of their classmates and he grinned a little, highly amused. “Fucked it up again, huh, Barnes? Guess that’s another year for me at the top of our class~”

Being a little brat had never ceased to be fun, even when it got him into trouble of immense proportions. Though the only trouble coming his way today was a lanky Ravenclaw by the name of Benjamin ‘you fucker stop calling me a princess’ Barnes, complete with that stupid ponytail he was definitely going to burn off at some point, preferably before it ended up distracting him for the entirety of ancient runes again. Pushing stray strands of his fringe out of his eyes, Ruivion straightened, chuckling, and fished his wand from where it rested tucked behind one ear. “Do you need a hand?”

“Dammit Walsh, can’t you do anything right?!” Ben exclaimed as his arms were thrown over his head, face having turned bright red in frustration over his partners failure to play his part in their spell casting. Ben had always excelled in this subject and in fact, was one of the top in his class besides one other student that came from the snakes side of the houses. Just his luck to be paired up with one of the few boys that was flunking the class. Why did shit like this happen? He should have demanded a better partner to enhance his grade.

Without regard for his magically challenged partner Barnes had taken it upon himself to choose one of the more difficult spells to cast. It was one he had perfected when by himself but with the addition of another student it was a hard task to complete. Why did they even need partners? The strong didn’t need to help the weak, the weak needed to accept natural selection and stick with one another so they wouldn’t bring down the actual intelligent students.

Grumbling to himself Ben moved to slump in his chair, the echoing of a well known Scandinavian accent ringing out behind him a few moments later. “Keep your nose out of other people’s business, Ruivion. Besides, it’s not I that is the fuck up and you know it.” Turning to lift himself from his chair Ben was left standing face to face with the blonde that was having far too much fun with his suffering. Funnily enough, Ruivion was taller than him. Not by much but just enough for the need for Ben to tilt his head upward. One day he’d catch up on that smug brat.

The question of whether he needed help brought a lopsided smirk onto Ben’s face, hand moving from his side to Ruivion’s shoulder to give him a none to soft shove backwards. “I don’t need your help, Princess. Besides, we wouldn’t want you doing anything that could break those slender fingers of your’s now would we?”


Trials and Tribulations (1/?)

Hogwarts AU: Years after the Great War, Hogwarts is back up and running. The Dark Lord has been killed, and finally there is some balance in both the muggle and wizarding worlds. Or is there? There isn’t something quite right going on at Hogwarts. Missing pupils, deaths, ransom messages and mysterious fires. Sam Winchester’s determined to find what… or who’s causing all of the chaos that has haunted his entire time at Hogwarts. Along with his friends, he falls into a mystery that he may not be able to escape.

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Chapter 2 (here)

                                                                     Chapter 1

It was a mid-august night and the Winchester family were finally arriving back to their most recent motel after a long days hunt. The air was hot and stuffy but not one of them was complaining. The oldest of the trio, a man by the name of John Winchester, had finally killed that son of a bitch werewolf that had gone after his family a couple days prior.

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Potions Homework (Hogwarts AU Open)

Mavis looked at the list of ingredients she needed for her potions homework. Some of the stuff here looked like they were going to be a challenge to collect. Like fairy wings. she knew that the fairies were very vain and won’t come so easy. This was definitely going to be some challenge.

She packed her belongings and carried some of her books and headed out the door of the potion class. She might as well get started. Mavis stood in the corridor  of the dungeons and looked again at the list.

Oh great now I have ideas for a Hogwarts AU for rotbtd.

Basically Jack, Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel all got involved in a series of explosions cause by artifacts at the MOM, they were going to the Department of Mysteries but something happened to cause the magical backlash from them. Anna was far enough away not to get the brunt of it, Elsa was closer then her but Jack was closest. Where Jack and Elsa ended up being stable after the change, Anna is unstable and might actually turn into an ice statue.

Rapunzel on the other hand got hit with the other artifact that was set off at the same time, it gave her extraordinary healing powers but only once the power had bout up enough, for some reason it all ends up in her hair. It gets longer and turns good when the magic had built up enough to use, however to much of it and Rapunzel and she can get sick herself so she have to get it cut regularly at which point it goes back to its original brown color.