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can I just say that I can very much relate to you? I'm 4"11 and my boyfriend is like 5"6 AHAHA yeah awkward range in height

kaylee, you should look at this as a positive thing. you can now marry Daniel Radcliffe and be in the same height range. or keep dating your boyfriend, you know, what ever you want. 

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how do you get a face like that? you’re gorgeous babe

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you’re so pretty!

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holy smokes. you’re gorgeous!

thank u so much, wonderful people <333333

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I think the next name code is going to be either Ethan or Isaac bc it looks like they’re doing names from people that left beacon hills….

well allison and aiden both died instead of leaving but it could be?? though i still think it might be someone else who’s dead but there’s no one else that died that she was that close to so i’m not sure?