His Heart Beats Too

Requested by @lupinschocolatefrog​ : Hey. Could you please write one of Remus x ravenclaw girl who’s from a prejudiced pureblood family? thanks :)

Word Count: 2403 

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In the first year, you met him while waiting to be sorted

He was the scrawny boy behind you in line, his eyes apprehensive yet so hopeful. He wasn’t talking to anyone, his eyes darting from person to person.  You looked at him curiously, and when he saw your eyes on him, he quickly looked away.

“Don’t you have any friends?” you asked bluntly, puzzled.

He did not answer at first, not quite sure if you really were talking to him. When he looked back at you, his brows furrowed before he answered timidly.

“I haven’t had friends in a long time,” he said, slightly tripping over his words.

“Oh,” you replied, and smiled at him encouragingly. “You’ll see, once you’re sorted, you’ll be friends with everyone in your house! At least that’s what my cousin said,” you tried.

“Really?” he asked, the hopeful twinkle in his eyes shining brighter at the idea.

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anonymous asked:

I'm looking for new Harry Potter nets to join, do you know of any that are taking new members or starting up soon? Thanks so much!

Hey anon! I asked around and here’s what I found. You’re quite welcome. <3

[the links take you to the membership post/page]

Potterverse Network (this is my net! please join. :D)

Hogwarts School Network 

Hogwarts Girl Gang

Slytherin Girls Gang

Sirius Protection Squad (you have one day to apply anon!!!)

This is all I could gather for now. Keep your eye on this post, as I might edit it if I find further nets accepting applications. :)

Keep your eye on the HP Events Network as they announce this stuff if they find out about it. <3

ETA 1:

HP Triads Network

ETA 2:

Harry Potter Network