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((first time trying roleplay/cosplay on tumblr. I recently have become obsessed with the potter- roleplaying community (srsly tho go check it out I’m really into @sirussly and @kapitan5o ) and I really wanted to try it… I used to roleplay a lot but never on tumblr. I guess I’m hopeful about this?? ))



House: Ravenclaw
Year: 5th Year
Age: 16
Blood Status: Halfblood
Extracurriculars: Debate club, Ancient Runes club, Arithmancy club
FC: Alisha Boe


Despite being a Halfblood, Glenda grew up in a muggleborn household. Her parents didn’t know each other too well when an accident happened, and Glenda’s mom left before she would have felt comfortable enough to tell about the magical world and the possibility that Glenda could be a witch. Her father later married and Glenda grew up loving her dad’s wife as if she was her own mother and adoring her little brother. Glenda’s father only saw the girl’s mother one more time in his life. Glenda was a little bit over five years old when the woman showed up and told him a crazy story about being a witch and wanting to warn him that Glenda might become one too. She also showed some magic tricks that the man had no idea how Glenda’s birth mother done, but still he didn’t believe a word the woman has said. He figured the woman has lost her mind and forgot all about the conversation. He only remembered the strange conversation when Glenda turned nine and strange, unexplainable things started happening all around her, and still, Glenda’s father did not want to believe it. Magic was not real, there must have been a proper explanation for everything. But then his daughter turned 11 and a surprisingly fit and energetic elderly man showed up at their door and explained them that Glenda was a witch and she has a chance to learn about a completely new world, and the entire family’s life was turned upside down.

It took a little while for Glenda to understand and accept everything that was happening around her. She has always been an overly logical person, somebody who grew out of the fairytales way too early and only believed what she saw with her own eyes and what could have been proven. Obviously magic is not like that and it took her some time to wrap her head around the entire situation. But once she has accepted it and arrived to Hogwarts, it felt like she has been dropped into a whole new world – new people, new places, new rules. Her thirst for knowledge came out and she wished she could spend 24 hours every day either in the library learning all she possibly could about the wizarding world or sitting in class studying different about different spells and potions and the history of the magical world.

This has taken over most of her first year. She wanted to learn everything and she could be found with her nose in a book more than out of it. But then the excitement of the first year and the new experience started to wear off and she started questioning what some of these basic classes were good for – why did they have to learn how to levitate a feather? Or what was the point of knowing how to transform a single match into a whistle? She still had a thirst for knowledge, but it turned towards the more interesting classes and topics. Unlike most people, she found history of magic fascinating; she loved learning how to read the different runes and always felt a pleasure whenever she could read something new written in them; and nobody has been better in Arithmancy than her. And she still spent countless hours in the library trying to find interesting topics from the wizarding world and learning about things that was not required, but interested her.

This has also meant, however, that she didn’t really spent much time doing anything else. She has been closed-off and timid her entire life, not understanding how social interactions and the world around herself works. She only had a small number of friends, otherwise she was the weird chick who was always reading in the corner of the Ravenclaw common room. But she was alright with that. She didn’t care what people said about her, because she was doing what she loved to do and those few friends she had? They meant the world to her. She believed that a small number of close friends were better than a large number of distant friends who would disappear as soon as she needed help and support.

Things drastically changed a few months ago, only weeks before her fifth year began. Glenda was already getting excited going back to Hogwarts, making lists about what she needed to buy from Diagon Alley, finishing up the homework they got for the summer when suddenly her little brother got sick. Nobody has seen it coming, he was fine one day and then wasn’t the other. The entire family was devastated and even though they tried to find the best doctors, nobody could have done anything and a few weeks into September, Glenda’s little brother died.

The entire family took it extremely hard, especially Glenda, who didn’t understand what was the point of magic if she couldn’t even save her own brother. But after the initial grief died down, Glenda started looking at things differently. She started thinking about how many things her little brother couldn’t do, how young he was and that he barely got to even live and enjoy life – and then started thinking about her own life and how she might have been older, but she lived even less. She might have known a lot of things, but she didn’t actually live. Aside from coming to Hogwarts, she never truly did anything new or exciting, she never made dumb mistakes that would turn into funny stories later or, she’s never been in love and she never really saw anything that she’s been reading about. When she arrived to Hogwarts a month after everyone else and heard what was happening in the school and the news of the looming war only made that feeling that she needed to open up and live a little even stronger. She was determined to broaden her horizon and start doing new things.


+Driven +Analytical + Supportive
-Finicky -Absent-minded -Timid


Lorcan D’Eath: Best Friends
Thomas Ollivander: Despises, but secretly likes
Dorcas Meadowes: Looks up to


Character Questions

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Pansy... you're wearing Gryffindor colours

Pansy: But I can’t have uncultured idiots think I’m a Gryffindor!

Terms & Conditioner

*One day during their 6th year at Hogwarts* 

James: So… 

Sirius: *shrugs* None.

*Remus seems to be watching closely*

Peter is shook 

Sirius: I’m not using either in order to save lives, obviously. No one would be able to handle that much hotness.

*There’s a small pause, everyone trying to create a mental image of him after using hair products, or Sleekeasy*

James: Mother of God……. 

*After some thought, Remus decides to break the silence*

Peter & James: Oh Shit!  

Sirius: But what difference does it make? My hair is still perfect!   

Remus: It is, yes. But not because of your own “punk-rock” choice not to use products on it. You just got lucky, mate.

James:…and yet your hair is better than all of ours combined. You lucky bastard!

Sirius: W-Wait guys….no….gUYS NO TICKLING, NO TICKLING!!!!!

*And after that, the boys spent their evening tickle-fighting each other, and all was well.* 


Started in Potions.

Requested: Yes by the lovely @davros2004 <3 

Ooh hello again!! I saw your post about marauders requests, and as I love marauders, all of them, would it be okay if I requested? Could you possibly do a James Potter x Slytherin reader with lots of angst? Maybe like reader sits next to him in Potions, and they actually become really good friends, and start to crush on each other? Then when the rest of the marauders ask James why he is hanging out with a Slytherin, he panics and says some really horrible stuff and reader overhears+getsrlyupset?

Warnings: Maybe some cussing, or offensive language. Underage drinking.

Pairing: young James Potter x Slytherin Reader

Summary: James panics and says something he doesn't mean.

Authors Note: I pushed this request up because it was your birthday! I wanted to say I appreciate both of your requests, you were one of my first requests and that means so much to me! I hope you like it! Feel free to request again anytime! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!  (Not edited)

By the way, my inspiration really sparked with this one and I probably would have posted it sooner but I kept getting distracted. I was jamming out to The Neighbourhood. Oh and Slytherin is my house. ;)

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James Potter. James fucking Potter. He was the boy who had your mind in a constant frenzy. The boy who you took one look at and wanted to fall to your knees. He was just so bloody perfect and you hated how he made you feel. It started as a simple classroom arrangement, he sat next to you in potions. 

In the beginning, neither of you really spoke to each other. You were a Slytherin and he was a Gryffindor. The two of you were an uncommon pair but over time something seemed to spark and you became friends. Not just friends but really good friends. He confided in you for Lilly advice, asked for help with pranks, and helped you when you struggled in transfiguration. 

More recently, however, it was late nights with a bottle of fire whiskey in your dorm. Rambling on about the smallest things and hearing his heart-wrenching laugh fill the small space. You felt yourself falling, falling for his eyes, his laugh, his smell, his everything. You yearned for his touch, wanted his eyes to look at you the way they look at Lilly. 

Deep down you knew it would never happen, you knew you should distance yourself from the boy before you fall too hard and hurt your own heart in the process. But you were ambitious and you clung to the smallest line of hope. When, in reality, you were smart enough to walk away. If it had been anyone else you just might have, but the Potter boy drew you into him. Every glance, every small touch drove you utterly mad. You had a crush. You knew that much, but they call it a crush for a reason. 

You debated on telling him how you felt. It could go one of two ways. Utter happiness or soul-crushing sadness. He was worth the risk, you had to at least try. You owed yourself that much. 

Finally making up your mind you decided to take you sudden boost of confidence and walk with it. You walked straight to where he was, taking in a deep breath you were about to step in but you heard voices, he wasn’t alone.

“No offense prongs, but why are you warming up to a Slytherin?” 

“Shes cute yes, but all Slytherin are snakes. Pun intended.”

“She’s not Lilly.”

“You don’t need to settle. Lilly will come around eventually.”

You couldn’t lie, the words stung. You started doubting yourself, how could you tell him your feelings when his friends didn’t like you. Of course they would come first. You were getting ready to walk away when you heard his voice.

“You guys are right. I know she’s not Lilly. I guess I was just using her as a distraction. She’s a bitch anyways. Part of me felt sorry for her, she didn’t have many friends and she just seemed so desperate. Slytherins cant be trusted though your right. Just like Snape (Y/N) is a loser.”

Now those words cut through your chest and pierced your heart. Tears threatened to spill, pain shot through your chest. Your legs threatened to give out and you wanted to fall and let out the sobs right there. 


James soft voice rang through your ears but instead of the love you used to feel, you felt a hatred bubble in the back of your throat. Turning on your heels you quickly walked out. You didn’t know where you were headed, you just knew you needed fresh air.

Walking further on the hills of grass you finally let yourself fall. Your arms went around your torso and you let out all the sobs you had been holding in. Not only were you hurt at what James said you were devastated that he hadn’t even tried to follow you, hadn’t tried to see if you were okay. 

Of course you weren’t. You’re friends were right, he was a Gryffindor. They were cocky and would only hurt your heart. You should have listened. Why did you have to be so bloody stubborn? 

The rest of the night pasted in a flash and suddenly it was morning and you were in your dorm. Letting out a sigh you got up and threw on your robes. You dreaded the walk to potions, you were terrified. But if James only saw you as a hardhearted Slytherin then that’s what you would be. He thought you were cold so you were ready to deliver a damn blizzard. 

Walking in the class you took your seat. He wasn’t there yet and you were relieved. Looking up at the door you saw him approaching and you set your bag down in his chair as he got close.

“Sorry this seat is taken.” 

You stated sourly and he raised his eyebrow.

“By who.”

“Literally anyone but you. I wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation. Once a loser always a loser right Potter?”

“(Y/N). I’m Sor-”

“Save it. I’m a bitch and you’d be better off. In fact I’m done with this conversation.”

Grabbing your bag you stormed out. You couldn’t care less about class today. You just wanted away from it all. It was to much. Once in your dorm you threw the bag on your bed and let out an aggravated scream into a pillow. You felt tears again, they were sliding down your cheeks slowly. A knock sounded at your door but you ignored it.

“(Y/N). Please open the door.”

It was him, he was here. You wanted to scream. Partly in relief partly in frustration.

“No James. Go away.”

“I’m not leaving until I talk to you face to face.”

“Please. Please just go.”

Tears were more rapid now and you wiped them away. You waited for a minute hoping he would leave, but the shadows coming from under your door told you he was still there. Sighing again you got up and walked towards the door. Slowly opening it you looked at your feet not able to face him.

“James. I’m really not in the mood. You were very clear about how you felt.”

His hands moved and softly cupped your chin, his eyes were looking directly in yours. 

“I panicked (Y/N). I didn’t know what I was feeling and I was scared. I shouldn’t have said any of that, it wasn’t true. That isn’t what I feel. I’m sorry.”

Seeing the sincerity in his eyes you softened your stance.

“What do you feel?”

He looked taken back for a moment but he didn’t hesitate. His soft voice filled the empty corridor as he put all his emotion on the table.

“I feel nervous when I’m around you. I’m terrified to make a fool out of myself but at the same time you except me for me. When you smile or laugh I feel myself melt a little. I hate that I hurt you and made you cry. I wanted to be sick. You are amazing and I couldn’t care less what house you are in, I know who you really are. An amazing, funny, beautiful, intelligent person who I want to be with.”

Your eyes widened for a moment before your gaze went down to his lips. Without hesitation you pressed your lips to his and a spark ignited a fire. You were lost in each others taste. He was your craving as you were his.Pulling away slightly you looked him in the eyes. 

“I am so sorry (Y/N).”

“I know.”

Pulling his lips back to yours you smiled into the kiss. To think this all started in potions. 

Veela are semi-human magical beings; beautiful women with white-gold hair and skin that appears to shine moon-bright. When angry, Veela take on a less pleasant appearance; their faces elongate into sharp, cruel-beaked bird heads, and long scaly wings burst from their shoulders.

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