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Last Birthday at Hogwarts

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This weekend will be the first Hogsmeade trip of the semester. All students in year three and above are able to attend with permission from a parent or guardian. As has been in previous years, this is an extension of Hogwarts and will be treated as such. Any misdemeanors will be subject to disciplinary action. Due to the recent events in Hogsmeade, Dervish and Banges is closed to all civilians. Madam Puddifoots also sustained damages but is open to students. This should also serve as a reminder that students are encouraged to stick to The Three Broomsticks over Hog’s Head. Most of all, stay safe and enjoy.

Bellatrix and Severus- Snakes by Bastille

Alice and Marlene- Angel with a Shotgun by the Cab

Lily and Narcissa- All the Bones by Elissa Franceschi

Remus and Mary- Castle on a Hill by Ed Sheeran

OOC: the songs are for the purpose of inspiration and guidance for your characters’ interactions in Hogsmeade.


Bellamy Blake || Slytherin || Seventh Year || Halfblood || Bob Morley

Positive Traits:

  • Caring
  • Determined
  • Thoughtful
  • Charismatic 
  • Confident

Negative Traits:

  • Arrogant
  • Abrasive
  • Amoral
  • Blunt
  • Assertive 


  • Octavia Blake (Sister)
    - Octavia and Blake have a loving relationship. Bellamy tends to be too over protective of his sister, but it’s only because he cares about it.
  • John Murphy (Best Friends)
    - Murphy and Bellamy get along mostly. Murphy is Bellamy’s right hand man. Whenever there’s trouble, chances are they’re both there. 
  • Clarke Griffin (Enemies) 
    - Clarke and Bellamy do not get along. His little sister’s best friend acts so high and mighty, but he knows she’s no better than the rest. Whenever the two are around each other, arguing ensues.
  • James Miller (Best Friends)
    - If the world were a dystopian society where 100 teenagers were sent to the nuclear baked Earth to see if it were survivable, Miller would be Bellamy’s Captain or Lieutenant. Miller makes up in loyalty and thoughtfulness what Murphy lacks.


Bellamy Blake is… OPEN

Character Questions

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❤ : Where on their body is your muse most sensitive? 
✿ : Has your muse ever had sex before? 
☜ : Does your muse like to top? 
☞ : Does your muse like to bottom? 
∀ : Your muse’s favorite position? 
☺ : How often does your muse masturbate? 
☂ : How long does it take your muse to hit climax, usually? 
✌ : Is your muse good with their hands? 
♡ : Does your muse have any birthmarks or scars they get embarrassed about others seeing? 
Á : Is your muse loud in bed? 
⚔ : Does your muse have any specific kinks? 
☌ : Would/does your muse have any special piercings anywhere? Would they get some? 
♥ : Does your muse like to cuddle after sex? Anything else for aftercare?

Will you be part of the destruction or part of the rescue? 
Choose a side.

The Dark Lord’s followers are wreaking havoc in the Wizarding World. Chaos is spreading, death is everywhere, destruction is always in arms reach. The first Wizarding War is now worse than it has ever has been. Voldemort is recruiting more and more death eaters and there’s a deficit of people willing to fight back. Friends are betraying friends, enemies are uniting, everyone is taking a side. The first wizarding war is here. Are you ready?

It’s the summer of 1978, young witches and wizards are getting ready to go back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and start their classes. Everyone thinks Hogwarts is the only safe place there is, now that the wizarding world is chaos ridden. But, an awful surprise waits for the students. They can no longer escape the horrors of the war, but have to be thrust into the middle of it. Hogwarts is no longer safe after all. Everyone is forced to choose a side. Light or Dark?

All applications are currently open! Come take a look! 

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[ B A S I C S ]

Name: Andromeda Black
: Seventh
Status: Pureblood
Up to Player 
Affiliation: Neutral/Order Supporter
Face-Claim: Felicity Jones
Availability:  Open

[ T R A I T S ]

+ Observant, Professional, Calm
- Calculating, Unsure, Follower

[ B I O G R A P H Y ]

Andromeda was no where near the perfect child, she was free spirited and loved to explore anything and everything. When she was young her parents would make sure that there was nothing of filth that Andromeda could get her hands on. There was a sweep of the library making sure there were no books that could give the girl wrong ideas, and they made sure that she thought badly of muggleborns, telling her horrid stories about them to haunt the poor girls mind. Even though Andromeda never was looked up upon she and her sisters were quite close. Braiding each others hair and talk about how unfair it was of mother to take away their playing time to practice the piano even more. Dromeda, as she likes to be called; also had a strong relationship with her cousins Sirius and Regulus Black. She and Sirius always had a stronger connection with each other as they were on the same level for the most part. All they wanted was to have fun.

When Andromeda was old enough to Hogwarts she was so surprised she honestly could not understand. Were these the muggleborns that mother, father and Bella had talked about? Surely this was some sort of mistake? But no, these were the muggleborns they were talking about but Andromeda saw no difference between them and herself. Still, by now she was smart enough not to comment on the matter. She was never mean to them though, and secretly gave them a sympathetic look whenever they got bullied but quickly turned away. She was content with living this way, at least she knew the truth and made up her own mind but wouldn’t have to get involved with the matter. Was there a moment she was more wrong. It was her sixth year did she really meet Ted Tonks. Before that he was always Edward, a hufflepuff boy in her year, but when he asked her if he could study at the same table as her everything changed. She swore to herself that she would never have any type of relationships, platonic or romantic with Ted Tonks before she realized she was actually calling him Ted. It was kept a secret for a long time, they made it to the summer of that year and occasionally wrote letters to one another over the summer break. It was nothing more then friendly ‘keeping in touch’ notes, but nevertheless Andromeda could feel that there was a lot more growing on her side then she cared to admit.

Andromeda is now in her last year at Hogwarts along with Bella and it scares her a bit that Bellatrix is so strict on her path even with the betrothal going through. On the note of the betrothal, Andromeda isn’t sure she’s going to get so lucky with being paired with someone she knows. Not to mention the complications she entangled herself in with being closer to Ted. She suspects that right now is the calm before the storm and isn’t completely sure what she will decided when the storm decides to show up.

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]

✖ Bellatrix and Naricissa Black: There is no doubt that Andromeda cares about her sisters but with everything going on she isn’t sure if she can be on they’re side. She never believed in the same things as them from the very beginning but she see’s the strain in Regulus and Sirius and doesn’t want that to happen to them.

✖ Regulus and Sirius Black: She’s on good terms with both of them. Trying to be a helpful hand to Regulus as well as having a few good talks with Sirius. It’s been getting harder to talk to the older Black after he got burned off the family tree but she still sees him never the less.

✖ Ted Tonks: It seems like he knows her better then anyone else does and that revelation really startles her sometimes. He’s a great friend and never pushes her so she knows she can always count on him when she truly needs to discuss how she feels. She hopes she’s a good friend for him too even though she might be thinking a bit more for him.

✖ Alecto Carrow: Andromeda has known the girl ever since they were young and they have an odd but seemingly close relationship. Maybe it’s because they’re both considered the ‘wild child’ but nevertheless it seems that Alecto is as driven with the dark arts as Bella and she isn’t sure what to do.

Alice Longbottom | Twenty-two | Order of the Phoenix | Pureblood | Closed
  • Alice was the pride and joy little girl of Mr. and Mrs. Fortescue. They didn’t own Florean’s, but they were related to the owner. This meant that Alice got ice cream nearly every time her little heart desired.
  • She was a docile child, loving her little daisy print dresses and petite shoes. She was curious about all living creatures, both plants and animals, and was never once without a flower pot in her room in full bloom.
  • Her parents raised her with beautiful tales of a castle called Hogwarts, where she would attend to learn to be a smart and kind witch. Her father, a highly celebrated auror, and her mother, a magical tutor, did their very best to provide Alice with a warm and caring home environment.
  • Despite a Pureblooded house, Alice was never expected to succumb to the ideals. She was given free choice over her future, even going as far as to bring muggle things into the house. Her favorite was Winnie the Pooh, someone she found it funny to quote whenever applicable. 
  • Soon, Alice did get to attend Hogwarts. It was there that she was sorted into Gryffindor, much to the surprise of both of her parents. A girl like Alice always seemed better sorted for Ravenclaw, perhaps Hufflepuff. She didn’t like to hurt people’s feelings or watch children cry.
  • Perhaps it was that strong mothering instinct that first landed her into Gryffindor. From there, she quickly rose up as “house mother”. If someone missed home, Alice. If someone spilled their dinner, Alice. If someone got their pudding stolen, Alice was who got it back.
  • The little girl who grew up petting dandelions and singing with the birds also knew how to scold, stand up for herself, and stand up for others. No one would ever ever call Alice mean. In fact, the first time she was confronted by a Slytherin, she was so scared that she cried. Bravery was not her defining trait, but perhaps she had courage even when she was frightened. 
  • She never truly got better about being afraid. Instead, she learned to push that fear aside and finish the task at hand. The Slytherins still provoked, but it wasn’t easy to actually get a rise out of Alice. Violence was inevitable, and she believed that, but that didn’t mean she needed to take part unnecessarily.
  • Her kind heart, but hidden strength, is what caught the attention of Frank Longbottom. They were shy with each other at first, but soon grew into a relationship that would give everyone unrealistic expectations about love.
  • When Alice was fifteen, her father was killed in an auror incident that ended up involving werewolves on a full moon. Her mother stayed in England, so that Alice could come home on the summers, but as soon as Alice graduated and engaged to Frank, Mrs. Fortescue moved back to her homeland.
  • Alice, in the footsteps of her father, joined the auror program in order to make the world a safer place. During their second year of auror training, the two took a long weekend and got married. It wasn’t the huge wedding that Augusta, Frank’s overbearing mother, wanted, but it was sweet - like Alice.
  • Now that their auror training is complete, they spend their time helping new recruits and being stationed at Hogwarts.
  • Ever since the murder of the Hufflepuff girl in 1977, people have known that Hogwarts wasn’t as safe as it claimed to be. Albus and the Ministry decided that having a few aurors here and there would put people’s minds at ease. Plus, he wanted ones in the Order who he knew he could trust.
+ humble + protective + level-headed
- fearsome - hesitant - over-determined


  • Frank Longbottom: husband
  • Dorcas Meadowes: little sister figure
  • Sybill Trelawney: predicted that Alice would “disappear”
  • Ophelia Diggory: friends
  • Amos Diggory: friends
  • Ivy Sprout: friend, close in school
  • Lulu Chung: close friend; photographed their wedding
  • Bellatrix Lestrange: enemy (up to players how)
  • Arabella Figg:  befriended through the Order
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt: friends through Auror program
  • Thelonious Plimmswood: old Gryffindor friends
  • Iris Sprout: tries to mentor her
  • Ivy Sprout: close friends
Faceclaim: Carey Mulligan

“Neither enemy faces, nor the mothers that love them, come to mind when one is thinking of nothing but endeavoring to survive. Philosophizing about war is useless under fire” -Linda Berdoll

The year is 1979. It is the height of the First Wizarding War. Lives are being destroyed, homes are lost, and loved ones are ripped apart. In the midst of all this misery, there is a glimmer of hope. Babies are still born, people still wed, and the flowers still bloom. Some revel in the destruction and dance in the flames. What side are you on? Where will you be when it all goes Under Fire?

Esme Hooper and Roger Lutterworth probably aren’t the most normal of friends. She is the loud mouth Gryffindor and he is the shy, quiet Ravenclaw. He’s always felt too small, too nerdy, too anything to be something real. She’s always seen him as so much more. Things became complicated when their siblings dated and then separated, but Esme is determined to never give up on him. Roger Lutterworth needed!

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James Sirius Potter is a seventh year in Gryffindor. 

*James' faceclaim is Pj Liguori

Intense. Horseplay. Vehement. King. Headstrong. Rebellious. Elder.


Fred Weasley ll - Best friend

Frank Longbottom - Best friend

James Sirius Potter is closed.

Gif hunts: X, X

I think you travel to search and you come back home to find yourself there.

Jackson Keats ≡  FC: Jared Padalecki  28 ≡  International Magic Relations Professor  Wallkill ≡ Open

Born half-blood and one of six siblings, Jackson learned early on to be grateful for what he had in life. His Muggle father had no idea the woman he had been seeing was a witch, until they were about to get married. By then she was already pregnant with their first child, and the couple was so in love that even the shock of the wizarding world couldn’t hold them back. Jackson was born in the middle, with two older siblings and three younger, and all but two were gifted with magic. Growing up in a household that was half-magic and half-Muggle taught the Keats children to accept those that were different from them. It was sometimes hard for Jackson to reign in his excitement at his magic, but his Muggle siblings were used to it and urged him on, never jealous of what they weren’t given. At Branneth, Jackson was excited to learn everything. His two older siblings expected him to be attached to their legs, but Jackson was happy to go off on his own, easily making friends and loving to explore the castle and all the secrets it held. 

As he grew older, Jackson’s curiosity never dimmed. He longed to see other wizarding cultures, to discover everything he could about the way the magical world worked. In college, his reports were so detailed and thoroughly researched that his professors urged him to apply for an internship at the government. Jackson, however, turned the opportunity down, the desire to travel the world and see those other wizarding cultures was too strong to ignore. With a degree in International Magic Relations and a minor in Journalism, Jackson hit the road for a few years, becoming a common name in various wizarding publications. Though he missed his family, Jackson couldn’t be happier. It all came to a halt five years ago, when the Brotherhood of the Forgotten emerged to wreak havoc across America. In the wrong place at the wrong time, the Keats parents were killed when a train headed to the wizarding town of Everton Lake was overtaken by Brotherhood members looking for their political targets. Devastated, Jackson immediately returned home to his siblings. The six of them are now closer than ever, and in the wake of the tragedy Jackson never had it in him to leave them behind again. He took a job teaching International Magic Relations at Branneth, and started up the Branneth Bugle school paper as a way to get his students involved in their community and reporting what goes on around them. During the summer breaks, Jackson does a little travelling and reporting, though he keeps to the States now. It helps satisfy his wanderlust while keeping him close enough to his family that no one has to worry.


Caroline Stillwell: When the two discovered that they both lost family members to the Brotherhood, it bonded them despite their differing personalities. Caroline keeps him grounded with her calm demeanor, and Jackson gets her to loosen up and have a little fun.

Link Wilson: Jackson met Link when he was abroad reporting on a convention of magic research where Link had been presenting. Link was the youngest presenter, and it was obvious that he didn’t quite fit in despite his intelligence. After the convention, Jackson caught up with Link and invited him out to a nearby pub, and the two hit it off. After hearing how much Jackson loved attending Branneth, Link decided to apply for a job there.

Olivia DuPont: Jackson once interviewed the heiress when he was back in the States and looking for work, not long before her very publicized divorce. He managed to catch a glimpse of her besides the pureblood-princess she was to the public, and out of courtesy to her and Declan he never wrote about their divorce. Now, Olivia considers him one of her few friends at Branneth.


+ Straight Forward, Animated, Adaptable, Perceptive    

- Flighty, Impulsive, Absent-Minded, Questioning

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Panfandom-Hogwarts is a roleplay community set in the world of Harry Potter. In this alternate universe, characters from other fandoms are invited to explore Hogwarts, make new friends (or enemies), and hone their magical skills as students - or pass those skills along to others as teachers. We accept characters from television shows, movies, comics, animation of all sorts, and anything else you can think of. All roleplay styles are accepted as well.

We are freshly open, which means there are countless characters available. There are also plenty of open spots on every house’s Quidditch team, and multiple unclaimed prefect positions as well. 

Fred Weasley ll is a seventh year in Gryffindor. His recommended FC is Cykeem White. 

Comfort. Responsibility. Selfless. Heart. Hollow. Spark. Golden.


James Sirius Potter - Best friend

Rose Weasley - Favourite cousin

Fred Weasley ll is open.

Gif hunts: X, X

Augustus Rookwood | Seventh Year | Ravenclaw | Pureblood | Open
  • There is an Australian saying. “Crook as a Rookwood.” Perhaps the Australians mean it as someone being very ill, but Augustus knows it means sick in the mental way.
  • The Rookwoods have always been Ravenclaws. It is a tradition of the family. Their smart minds have landed them all early Ministry positions, as well as gotten them through the ranks.
  • The family is known for being people of great intelligence and poise. They are highly respected in both the Pureblood and non-pure circles.
  • Although the Rookwoods believe in blood purity, they are far less vocal and far more careful about it. They move so stealthily and suavely that they’ve got a law passed in their favor before anyone realizes it was written.
  • They are a family of smooth talkers and manipulators. Augustus’s upbringing was absolutely no different than those who came before him.
  • His parents were always busy. Most of their interactions came in the form of teaching. He would be quizzed on the inter workings of the Ministry of Magic. Half of his childhood was spent in an office floor, being told to keep quiet and listen carefully.
  • By the time he was eleven and left for Hogwarts, Augustus was glad to have the actual interaction of peers. It was his first opportunity to try out the lessons that his parents had bestowed upon him.
  • He was amazed. People listened to him just as they listened to his parents. They respected what he had to say, the professors included. He was careful with his ideas on blood purity, always brushing it off in front of mixed crowds, saying everyone had a purpose - no matter how small.
  • Just as his ancestors, by the time he was in his fifth year, he had a summer Ministry position. At first it was just stocking, then it was delivering messages, soon it was filing, and then it became drafting documents. He flew up the ranks without fail.
  • Although Augustus has to finish his final year of school, he already has a lofty position in the Ministry. He has permission from Hogwarts and the Ministry to attend work on the weekends. Section of Ministry up to player.
  • Having a job in the Ministry is not the only unique thing about Augustus. This summer, he was approached to join the Death Eaters. He hasn’t made his final decision of what that means yet, but they won’t wait long. He wasn’t told specifically what the organization was, but hearing the whispers in his family’s mansion and in the hallways of the Ministry was enough to give him a clue. Now all he has to decide is how far he wants to test his smooth talking.
  • In the future, Augustus will use his influence with the Ministry to get information from Ludovic Bagman, claiming he can also get him a good position.
+ suave + personable + dedicated
- underhanded - liar - obsessive


  • Kenneth Zeller: lies to him often to get him to do things
  • Antonin Dolohov: best friends
  • Trinity Zabini: work together dangerously
  • Hope Borgin: tries to charm her
  • Phineas Parkinson: friends
  • Veronica Dawlish: enjoys seeing if he can trick her
  • Peony Parkinson: old flirtation
  • Albert Runcorn: knows he is a death eater
  • Barty Crouch Jr: have been talking
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt: enjoys how Kingsley is suspicious of him
Faceclaim: Jake T Austin
Lucas Abbott | Seventh Year | Hufflepuff | Halfblood | Closed
  • Lucas is the youngest of the Abbotts, having one older sister, Gabriella. He has always found her quirks to be too odd for him, calling her embarrassing to anyone who asks. Deep down, he does love her, but he’s seventeen and she just isn't cool.
  • His parents are the type who feeds all the neighborhood kids and still have leftovers. There house is always full of children, visitors coming and staying for weeks at a time. Lucas blames this free-living on what made his sister such a “weirdo”.
  • When he was first sorted into Hufflepuff, it embarrassed him. Later, however, he realized that it was the house of ultimate possibilities. With very few preconceived notions about how Hufflepuffs were supposed to act, no one judged him on his intelligence, bravery, or manipulative ability. Instead, he could choose who he wanted to be.
  • After that, he gained a lot of house pride. In his third year, he streaked through the Great Hall with nothing but a honey badger painted across his chest. He never missed a Quidditch match, and absolutely bragged far too much when Hufflepuff won the Quidditch Cup in June.
  • He’s the type of boy who likes the biggest crowd possible. The more people to watch him, the crazier stunt he will pull. 
  • He got on the Quidditch team as chaster in his sixth year after a mis-hit bludger knocked him off his broom and he managed to drop ten feet, while calling his broom, and land upside down with his hands on the handle unharmed. It was all a fluke, but you won’t hear him telling anyone that.
  • Lucas is happy to have another year at Hogwarts, realizing that the war is getting a little too close to home. Even the professors talk in hushed tones and, as much as he wants to stay a child for a little while longer, he can’t help trying to peer down a hall and catch what is going on.
+ fun-loving + companion + debonair 
- impressionable - selfish - childish


  • Gabriella Abbott: older sister; embarrassed of
  • Abigail Meadowes: older sister’s friend; finds her odd
  • Davey Gudgeon: looks up to him.
  • Phineas Parkinson: competition since first year
  • Jillian Fawley: dislikes her because of her association with Gladys
  • Gladys Gudgeon: found her obnoxious in years 1-6, but now has a crush
  • Felix Selwyn: best friend
  • Wendy Slinkhard: does’t know he was once the romantic inspiration for a novel
Faceclaim: Lucas Till