an addition to the upcoming au, introducing our four main characters.

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Wisdoms of a Slytherin #16

Snakes. Because no good story starts with sheeps.

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Bravery is not the
Absence of fear,
Bravery is feeling the fear,
The doubt, the insecurity,
And deciding that
Something else is more important.
~ Mark Manson

Hello! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day/night.

-,’ types of people ,’-

gryffindor: flirty competitive, inside jokes, bright laughter, messy ponytail, sweaters, dogs, long showers, going on adventures

hufflepuff: thrift shopping, binge-watching your favourite series, playing the ukulele, faux freckles, loyal to the core

ravenclaw: high grades, winters, watching conspiracy theories, perfect eyebrows, fuzzy socks, writing letters, movie night

slytherin: coffee, rainy days, cold hands, drawing, obsessed with mythology, vintage shirts, eye gazing, sharp features

  • Ravenclaw: Everyone stand back, I'm an experienced professional.
  • Slytherin: You took one class on this in 2006.
  • Ravenclaw: It was a very good class.