A conversation between a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin (Romance)
  • Hufflepuff:*Playing with Slytherin's hair* You know what I like?
  • Slytherin:*Laying in Hufflepuff's lap* Flowers and their meanings?
  • Hufflepuff:Well-Yes, but that's not what I meant.
  • Slytherin:Pillow forts in the middle of the night?
  • Hufflepuff:That's fun, but-
  • Slytherin:Maple flavored candy?
  • Hufflepuff:Those are nice-
  • Slytherin:Being a keeper on the quidditch team?
  • Hufflepuff:Of course I-
  • Slytherin:Well then I don't know what it is.
  • Hufflepuff:*Pauses before they start laughing* First of all, that was a rhetorical question. Second, I was going to say YOU, if you'd given me the chance.
  • Slytherin:*Smiles before leaning up to kiss the Hufflepuff* I know. You know what I like?
  • Hufflepuff:*Smiles* What's that?
  • Slytherin:Grilled fish.
  • Hufflepuff:Hey-!
  • Slytherin:And you.

357. Majority of ravenclaw students are alright with allowing other house members in their dorm if they’re able to solve the eagle knocker’s riddle. Whoever shows intellect, cleverness, individuality, or creativity is able to be considered a ravenclaw and can spend time in the common room. ‘Why should one be excluded from education, arts, and literature because of their house? Anyone with passion is welcomed.’

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  • Slytherin:Do you wanna know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Gryffindor:Yes.
  • Slytherin:I was hula-hooping. I attend a class for both fitness and fun.
  • Gryffindor:Oh my god.
  • Slytherin:I've mastered all the moves. The Pizza Toss, the Tornado, the Scorpion, the Oopsie-Doopsie.
  • Gryffindor:Why are you telling me this?
  • Slytherin:[deleting the pictures] Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Gryffindor:You sick son of a bitch.
Slytherin Headcanon #11

There is a grand piano in the Slytherin common room, and after many years of arguing about which pop song they wanted to play, some seventh year student enchanted the piano to only to sound when it finds the song worthy. However, being a piano from the nineteenth century, it will only work if you play classical music.

A conversation between a Ravenclaw girl and a Slytherin girl (Friendship)
  • Ravenclaw:What's he like outside of class?
  • Slytherin:*Smirking* Who?
  • Ravenclaw:*Blushes* You know who!
  • Slytherin:Your crush?
  • Ravenclaw:Y-Yes...
  • Slytherin:Okay, is there anything in specific you want to know?
  • Ravenclaw:Hmm...
  • Slytherin:So, I'm just gonna tell you what I feel like.
  • Ravenclaw:*Nods* Okay.
  • Slytherin:Okay, he always reads in the common room before bed - usually he's the last one asleep, he has a tabby cat, he has a card from his younger sibling on his dresser, there's an espresso scented candle on his windowsill, and *Winks* he sleeps shirtless.
  • Ravenclaw:*Blushes* Did you need to mention that last one?
  • Slytherin:*Cheekily raises an eyebrow* Did I need to mention /any/ of this?
  • Ravenclaw:...Yes. *Mumbles* And I wouldn't be opposed to you telling me more.
  • Slytherin:There's one more thing I could tell you.
  • Ravenclaw:?
  • Slytherin:*Smirks* He's taken to looking at you when you aren't looking at him.
  • Ravenclaw:*Blushes brightly* R-Really...
  • Draco:HA POTTERS GAY! HAHA POTTER YOU QUEER! Harry: ... Draco: HAHAHA Harry: Draco we've been married for 3 years. Draco: AND HE'S MARRIED! HAHA Harry: ...

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#20 with Draco - “Just kiss me already"

You’ve been dating draco for a year now. He asked you out in 3rd year while in the Slytherin common room after one of your famous late night talks. You two have been friends since birth. Your parents were all friends during their time at hogwarts, so you two just naturally bonded.

You were reading in the library one winter morning because it was snowing outside and you didn’t like the cold. You were in a baggy sweater, sweatpants with your hair in a messy bun, there were only you and maybe one or two more people because everyone else was outside enjoying the snow so you didn’t care. You heard the doors open but ignored it because you didn’t think anything of it.

“Good morning love” You heard a familiar voice say. You looked up and saw draco. “Morning babe” You smiled. He sat down beside you and looked over your shoulder reading your book “I see you’re reading the book I suggested” Draco chuckled. You smiled and nodded at him. “Love? Look at me for a second” You looked at draco. “Thank you for or being an amazing girlfriend.” That made you grin. You put your book down and turned to him. “Thanks you babe” You blushed. “No seriously, you’ve been so supporting of me and everything that’s been happening and frankly I’m suprised you havent left me yet, but just.. thank you” Draco smiled. You were quiet for a second. “Just kiss me already” You said grabbing his collar. It was soft yet passionate. When you pulled away you gave him a smile “Thank you for being such an amazing boyfriend, and don’t worry.. you couldn’t get rid of my even if you tried” You giggled. “Now why don’t we go for a walk around the castle hm?” Draco asked standing up and reaching his hand out for you to take. You grabbed his hand and stood up. He kissed your forehead before you two left the library.

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What about Hogwarts AU! Where Bokuto is an animagus (an owl, obviously) and starts following Akaashi to try his new form, and he realizes he's being bullied while he's not with him

I put these two together, because I felt like they were connected. :D And as I was writing, it felt like these two prompts really flowed into one another.


<3 <3 <3

Title: Sleep

Pairing: Bokuaka

Notes: Hogwarts AU. Bokuto is in 3rd year, and Akaashi in 2nd.

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