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Ravenclaw: *gets stressed out*

Ravenclaw: *starts stressing out about being stressed out*

Ravenclaw: *becomes so stressed they can’t get anything done*

Ravenclaw: Why haven’t I finished this project already?

Drarry AU

My brain keeps returning to this idea – what if, in POA (movie universe), Harry never realizes that the crane Malfoy sent him was a note (because I mean, who would)?  Like he just stares at it, confused, then goes “okay” sets it down on his desk and goes back to ignoring Snape

I mean, Draco would be furious because how dare you not appreciate my bullying Potter and the next class they have together, he grabs another piece of paper, writes something along the lines of “You suck Potter”, folds another crane and blows it over – only for it to be left sitting on Harry’s desk again after the lesson, and Harry didn’t even look inside, he didn’t do anything with this damn crane, and Draco is absolutely seething from this lack of attention

So he does it again.  And again.  And again.  

First it’s insults (because of course he hates Potter, they’re archenemies, never mind the actual murderer stalking Harry at this very moment) – “I hope you die Potter” “I wish I met Sirius Black I’d help him” “Your glasses are appalling why do you still have the same ones from first year your prescription can’t possibly be the same you moron” “Eat a bag of dicks Potter” – but a month goes by and he’s running out of things to say and Potter never reads the notes anyway so Draco just starts ranting about everything else he finds annoying

Soon the cranes are just a way of venting – talk about your day, fold a beautiful crane, send it to the person you definitely hate the most.  He still tries to snark and generally antagonize every time he sees Potter, because it’s practically my duty to take the Golden Boy down a peg, Goyle – but he can’t do it the same way anymore, so he takes a step back – in everything except the cranes.  

Every day, every class, and sometimes at breakfast, a crane will land next to Harry Potter’s elbow.  Without fail.  Harry will pick it up, stare at it, and set it back down.  Or maybe slip it into his bag, and Draco’s stomach flips the first time he does that.  

It’s almost like they’re friends.  By now, Draco’s told him things he never even voiced to his friends – that he’s actually terrified of the Dementors, that he keeps feeling like he’s not good enough, because no matter what he tries, there’s always somebody better than him at it – that he still can’t understand why Harry didn’t want to be his friend that time on the train, seriously Potter what did I do?  you didn’t even know me! – and Potter didn’t crumple any of the cranes, so maybe he doesn’t hate him so much anymore?..  Draco knows Potter never reads these notes, but he likes to pretend that Harry knows all these things about him.  And maybe even cares a little.  

It’s stupid, and he really shouldn’t be putting any of such personal details in writing (honestly Lucius would be so disappointed, these cranes are perfect blackmail material and what the hell are you thinking Draco yells Draco’s inner voice) – but he can’t stop.  It’s become a habit, and Potter stared at him for fifteen minutes at lunch today, so he can’t stop.  Draco keeps talking, and making Harry little doodles, and trying not to smile too obviously when another crane ends up in Harry’s pocket.

And meanwhile, Harry’s going nuts.  He just doesn’t understand what Malfoy wants from him, or why he doesn’t run into him so often anymore – and the cranes really seem to be just paper (Ron why does Malfoy know origami is this a general wizard thing or is it just him), and they’re delicate and elegant, and he feels bad about destroying them – so he just leaves them.  

Until, of course, he absentmindedly shoves one in his bag one day – and finds it that evening.  Sighs and sets it on his bedside table, because what else can he do?..  Even if he throws it out, he’ll just get a new one tomorrow.  Or three.  

He’s confused, because Malfoy isn’t even so loud or dramatic anymore, it’s almost as if he’s trying not to attract attention – beyond the cranes – but Harry’s eyes are glued to him anyway.  He knows that Malfoy has to be up to something, because of course he is – but he just can’t tell what, there’s no way to know, and holy shit Ron he just smiled at me what the hell is he planning – and all this time, the pile of cranes on his bedside table keeps growing

He doesn’t lie awake at night, thinking of Malfoy’s smile.  He doesn’t.  Really.  

The next day, when he gets his morning crane, he flashes Malfoy a brilliant smile, and laughs at his stunned expression like ha, two can play at this game!  Gotcha now!  and he’s still thinking that Malfoy’s messing with his mind – except he can’t help but think that it would be nice if Draco was really like that.  If he really just sent the cranes over to brighten Harry’s day.  If there wasn’t something else behind this, because he’s starting to like it.  

All this goes on until Hermione barges into their dormitory again, in the ungodly hours of the morning, like she usually does – and stops dead, staring at the pile of cranes, Ron may have been complaining but she never imagined the true extent of this new, yet age-old obsession.  And of course, Harry tries to protest, that it’s all for science, Hermione, I have to find out what he’s up to and this is the only source of information – but the excuses run dry when she quizzes him a bit and finds out that none of the cranes are cursed, or charmed to yell insults, or anything, really 

So she’s like “well have you tried to unfold one” and no he didn’t, who the heck writes notes inside a crane anyway, isn’t it an artwork??  But hey, that’s an idea, and that night the trio gets together, sitting on Harry’s bed with the crane he just got in Charms, bated breath and all, waiting for it to unleash something nasty (Harry finds himself really really hoping it won’t) 

All kinds of security measures done, and they unfold it 

Hermione’s like “oh.  Oohh,” and Ron’s eyebrows fly away to roam the world

Because inside

there’s a shitty little drawing of Harry and Draco holding hands, with little hearts all around 

Shit Slytherins Say on Valentine's Day : #2
  • Hufflepuff: "Hi, did it hurt?"
  • Slytherin: "What?"
  • Hufflepuff: "When you fell from heaven."
  • Slytherin: "Did you just call me Satan?"
Hogwarts Houses as Good Feeling Things


the crunch of a footstep in freshly fallen snow, putting together the prefect outfit and knowing you look your best, rooms with tall ceilings, perfect eyebrows, standing on balconies, pressed suits, zipping up tall boots


running out into a rainstorm just to get soaked, dancing to loud music with your best friend, running to clear your mind after a bad day, getting a haircut and feeling light and free, taking a breath of fresh air in the summer, skipping stones


setting up your bed as the perfect Netflix fort, the he loves me he loves me not game, perfect long nails with dark polish, crisp powdery pages, crackling fireplaces, writing until your hand cramps up, old castles 


getting a hug from that one person, p.j days at school, taking off make up at the end of the day, hiding in a hoodie, stacking up five blankets in the wintertime, telling someone you love them over and over, movies with friends

The Seeker.


(I started this illustration thinking of James (of course!), but I like the idea that it could be both James and Harry…so it’s up to you to choose! )

  • Gryffindor: Don't take this the wrong way, but relax. School hasn't started yet.
  • Ravenclaw: I've never known relaxation. My brain is on a constant cycle of things I need to do and then never doing them, so I'm still worrying about getting them done.
  • Gryffindor: ....okay....
  • Gryffindor: You need to lay off the caffeine
  • Slytherin: GOD I HATE YOU, I hate you with you're stupid soft hair, and you're horrible dreamy eyes!
  • Ravenclaw: uhh, what?
  • Gryffindor: *whispering to Hufflepuff* What's happening?
  • Hufflepuff: Slytherin is trying to accept the fact that they're in love.

Ilvermorny Aesthetics: Wampus // Pukwudgie // Thunderbird // Horned Serpent

Hogwarts Aesthetics: Slytherin // Ravenclaw // Hufflepuff // Gryffindor

Ilvermorny Headcanons

- There are more witches than wizards, it’s very common that in a pair of siblings the girl would have magical abilities and the boy would not
- Due to history there aren’t many white southern wizards or witches
- Wifi
- Wizard memes
- Really weird food combos that students from around the continent introduce
- Students can do some crazy shit to alcohol and weed
- Some students study to be a specific type of elemental wizard or witch, for instance, storm, fire, earth, wind, water, electricity wizard/witches
- Healing spells could be referred to as the dark arts
- Wizard fairs/amusement parks
- Halloween is lit, and some students will dress up in regular clothes like a no-maj or as a stereotypical witch
- Lit parties in general
- One Math, English, No-maj history, and Science course are required to graduate, and don’t need to be taken in a particular year
- Quidditch can get really violent
- Magical baseball, football, and volleyball
- There’s multiple ways to travel to ilvermorny; trains, trams, sky trams, vans, airplane, bus, sometimes older students car pool there etc…
- Pigeons and crows can be used instead of owls and are sometimes kept as pets, with the occasional hawk
- Besides birds, toads, and cats students can also bring rodents or fish. And only service dogs or dogs with special permission
- Wand making is a very common practice since there are so many witches and wizards in North America
- School wide debates on what celebrities or historical figures are wizards or witches
- School newspaper/news
- There’s a Starbucks, wizardbucks, inside the school and it always has pumpkin spice latte on the menu
- There are a few shops within school grounds, a small convenient store, ilvermorny merchandise store, wizardbucks, music shop, smoke shop (only for last year students, in the 90s all the last year students signed an official and magical petition to get one), and your daily wizard supply store (wand tools, books. broom tools, cauldrons, potion bottles, etc..)
- There are so many students they’ve had up to five quidditch teams for each house
- Lots of online shopping
- Lots of wizard music (wizard beats)
- There’s a drive-in movie theater behind the school
- Off school grounds, a few miles into the nearest town there’s a secret club/bar just for witches and wizards
- Assemblies are crazy
- Arranged concerts
- As of 2017 the attitude towards no-majs has changed drastically, not exactly ideal, but much closer
- It’s not uncommon for a wizard or witch to go into a no-maj job/career
- There is a four year required class on the real history of natives to North America
- A persons culture is always taken into consideration and very seriously when it comes to dress code, ceremonies, or anything needed
- Each year has two advisors and each house has a counselor
- The school is under extreme protection due to the occasional no-maj finding out about them and threatening to burn the school down. Although they are not killed for this, just their memory is
- Some students like to use crystals
- There’s a gym and a pool (hidden swimming pool) in the school
- Inside the library there’s an entire section dedicated to maps
- There have been peaceful protests
- There’s about ten greenhouses
- The kitchen takes up an entire floor in the school
- None of the common rooms look alike, and the dorms within are all different
- Students are taught home ec without using magic at first