hogwarts third generation rp

Everything is Better in the Morning || Lorcan

Ellie’s long hair fluttered in the wind, as she walked along the winding paths in the garden, at her parents home. She gazed down at the variety of flowers her mother had planted for the season, and she stooped down to pick just a few, holding them to her face. She inhaled the sweet smells, and continued along, on her calming walk. The sun was beating down, but added with the cooling wind, it seemed to be the perfect day. Far off she could hear birds calls, and the buzz of various insects, enjoying the fresh air as much as she was. There seemed to not be a trace of clouds in the bright blue sky, and Ellie intended on spending the day outside, until very last traces of sunlight disappeared around her. This place was peaceful, it was happy, and it made her feel safe. She need not run or hide from pain, hurt, lies, or games, here. This was her own private sanctuary.

As Ellie reached a hand out to pickone more flower, an ornate red rose, she heard someone calling to her. The voice sounded far off, but she would recognize it anywhere she knew. She turned, and at the doorstep of the entrance to the house, she him. It was Lorcan, and he was calling to her, motioning for her to come to him. The edges of her perfect world began to fade, and Ellie felt herself begin to drift away slowly. She dropped her flowers, and attempted to follow the path back to him, walking faster and faster, until she felt as if she was running. She attempted to reach her hand to him, to grasp his, in hopes he would pull her in. But the closer she got, the farther away the house seemed, and in a moment or two, she was surrounded by a blinding light, which suffocated away the flowers, the birds, the sky, and even herself.

Ellie’s eyes fluttered open quickly, and she felt startled suddenly. She was not back at her childhood home, and life certainly did not seem as perfect as it had appeared, in what was clearly a dream. She turned her head slightly, to realize what her head was resting on, and she saw Lorcan, smiling in his sleep. This image brought a smile to her own face, and Ellie thought for a brief moment, that she had in fact not left perfection behind, but found it instead, in her bed. She shifted slowly, not wishing to wake up him, when he seemed so at peace. Even happy. He seemed in such stark contrast to himself as of last night, that Ellie wanted him to stay like this forever. She reached her hand up to put her hair behind her ear, and squinted looking to her marked hand. Always. She looked at it in a confused manner, before running her other fingers overtop of the lettering. Ellie turned to gaze down at Lorcan, and placed the hand back on top of his, waiting for him to wake.