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Marauders Era: Pandora Lovegood

According to her daughter, Pandora was an extraordinary witch who liked to experiment with spells. One day in 1990, one of these experiments went wrong, killing her in front of Luna, who was subsequently able to see Thestrals. Luna told Harry Potter that she continued to feel sad about her mother’s death from time to time and believed that she would see her again after death.

The things we lose always have a way of coming back to us in the end.

Hogwarts Students: Millicent Bulstode

Due to her presumed pure-blood status and Slytherin relations, it is assumed that Millicent was allowed to return to Hogwarts in 1997 when it was under the control of Lord Voldemort, with her former head of house Severus Snape acting as headmaster. If she did, Millicent would have been present for the evacuation of Hogwarts preceding the Battle of Hogwarts, and it would be assumed that Millicent left the castle along with the other members of the House of Slytherin, rather than choosing to fight Voldemort’s army. It could also be a possibility that Millicent would return to Hogwarts, fighting against the school alongside Death Eaters, as did some other students of Slytherin.

Marauders Era: Xenophilius Lovegood

“They took my Luna because of what I’ve been writing. They took my Luna and I don’t know where she is, what they’ve done to her. But they might give her back to me if I – If I… I must save Luna. I cannot lose Luna. You must not leave.”