hogwarts schedule

Draco has Harry's entire schedule memorized
  • Blaise: right so Potter'll probably walk out of this corridor and that's when we'll ambu-
  • Draco: hahaHAHAHA BLAISE
  • Draco: you're absolutely hilarious
  • Draco: everyone knows Potter gets to the great hall for breakfast at usually 7:45, 8 am at the latest
  • Draco: and then he and weasley and granger walk out usually last
  • Draco: and then he heads for the charms wing
  • Draco: where he stops to check if he has all his stuff
  • Draco: and then he goes to charms
  • Draco: and then walks out at 9:20
  • Draco: and travels to the dungeons
  • Draco: at the speed of around 5 mph because he likes to take his time rather than be early to potions
  • Draco: and he turns right at the slytherin hallway
  • Draco: passes our entrance at around 9:27
  • Draco: and shows up at Potions
  • Draco: and when class is done he walks out and then appears at THIS hallway
  • Draco: haha blaise you're so wrong
  • Draco: *shakes head* not knowing which hallway Potter will come out of. Hah!

And now for something slightly different! I have a pretty complex headcanon, so I figured that along with posting graphics, I could start posting some of my resources. I came up with these for my stories, but anyone is free to use them if they’d like. If you do, I only ask that you mention you got it from Beeezie (tumblr, HPFT, HPFF, ffnet, AO3, whatever - I’m the same everywhere) somewhere and like or reblog this post if you have tumblr. (If you don’t, no worries.)

JKR is never super specific about Harry’s class schedule, so this is very loosely based on what I was able to glean from the books. I didn’t really make much effort to fit it to Harry’s schedule throughout the series - it took long enough as it is, and I don’t write much Hogswarts-era stuff anyway.

I decided to divided classes between multiple professors: one for first and second years, one for third, fourth, and fifth years, and one for sixth and seventh years. All core classes through the fifth year are shared by two houses, all third-, fourth-, and fifth-year electives are shared by the entire year, as are all N.E.W.T. classes.

I’ve also added a fair number of N.E.W.T. classes. Descriptions below the cut!

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Hogwarts Class Scheduling

Back when I was young and had more time on my hands, I sat down and figured out the Hogwarts class schedule.

(And by young I really do mean young–check out the last modified date on this!)

Here was the information I had to work with:

  • There is, apparently, only one teacher per subject.
  • A class can be comprised of students from two houses. (But from what we see in the books, no more than two.)
  • After 5th year OWLs, all classes become much more advanced, and students only take the ones that pertain to their career path and NEWTs.

I took that info and ran with it, as well as throwing in some headcanons of my own. For example, I gave Hogwarts a block schedule. (There’s really no way to get by with only one teacher per subject if each class is held every day.) I also made upper-level elective classes inter-house. (Again, the teacher shortage is difficult to work with.) The only class not on this schedule is Astronomy. I figured that since that class could only be held at night, each house/year group would only have it once a week at most.

I wish I’d had tumblr back in 2012, because no doubt I had a lot more thoughts on this than what I’ve remembered and written down above, but hopefully this can help any fic authors trying to keep track of who’s where and when. :)