Magic, Myth and Mayhem

“Did you cast a spell?”

“What does this potion do?”

“Do you have any idea how a cell phone works?”

“Is that a dragon?”

“No, no, no, no, no…”

“I need a wand!”

“This gun doesn’t shoot bullets.”

“Oh, that’s just my familiar.”

“Maybe wearing a cape isn’t the greatest idea if you want to blend in.”

“Can we not talk about magic and powers?”

“I love you even more after that fire trick.”

“How did you piss off that wizard? Did you kill his familiar?”

“Wow that’s so… sparkly.”

“I need some water…”

“Don’t suppose you could conjure some wind…”

“Is abracadabra really a magic word?”

“Did you see on the news? Someone animated all the dead cows in a slaughterhouse in Houston.”

“You don’t need any spells for that, just some ginger will do.”

“I’m tired of hiding.”

“Can you turn coal into a diamond?”

“Alchemy isn’t all that difficult. All you need to do is follow a recipe.”

“Do you really need all these books?”

“I - I can’t tell you how I did that.”

“I’m a pretty good spell slinger.”

“I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Sorry. SORRY!”

“I have a little bit of everything. What are you looking for?”


Rare Pair Weekly is a weekly paragraph prompt where we will be pairing two or three characters together initiate for them to write a paragraph/thread on. This ensures that everyone can interact with all the other characters. It is also called rare pair because we will be pairing characters that don’t often interact together – mostly due to the fact that they might not be connected in terms of connections, or they merely haven’t spoken yet.

This is will be a fantastic way to develop your characters into interacting with those they don’t usually interact with. It opens up new plots, and new friendships along the way. And it’ll also be a perfect opportunity to speak with the muns you’ve never spoken to before.

Listed below is the list of rare pairs for the week. We have not written any prompts, but in the case that you’d wish to have a prompt written–feel free to let us know!

Anyone on hiatus or has not shown very recent activity will not be put on this list. If, in any case, that your pair is not around for this week – please let us know and we will assign a new partner for you or someone who’s willing to take up another rare pair. If also, in the case, that your character’s name is not listed on here and you will be, in fact, active for the week, let us know as well and we will do just the same.

Please tag your STARTERS with #PBELLUMWEEKLY

  • Seamus Finnigan and Emma Lowell
  • Stewart Ackerley and Laura Madley 
  • Daphne Greengrass and Isobel MacDougal
  • Alice Tolipan and Leanne Fa
  • Theodore Nott and Astoria Greengrass
  • Hestia Carrow and Romilda Vane
  • Sue Li and Sally Smith
  • Ella Abernathy and Hannah Abbott
  • Eleanor Branstone and Edric Castus
  • Kevin Entwhistle and Luna Lovegood
  • Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy
  • Pansy Parkinson and Ruslan Fletcher
  • Demelza Robins and Anthony Goldstein
  • Zacharias Smith and Lily Moon
  • Taylor Fawley and Ron Weasley
  • Morag MacDougal and Harry Potter
  • Orla Quirke and Wayne Hopkins
  • Ernie Macmillan and Megan Jones
  • Rolf Scamander and Hermione Granger
  • Blaise Zabini and Dean Thomas
  • Terry Boot and Gregory Goyle
  • Tracey Davis and Kendra Cresswell
  • Nysa Smethwyck and Sophie Roper


If you have any questions, our ASK BOX is always open!

Happy writing!
Admins Maedelle & Bella


Come play one of our awesome open characters at Hogwarts is Home. We’ve got a great group with a lot of dedicated people who are very welcoming, love to plot, and will happily give you TV recommendations, etc. Check out a few of characters we’d love to see around.

  • Leo Spinnet: The daughter of pro-quidditch player Alicia Spinnet, Leo often worries about living up to his mother’s legacy - they were even sorted into the same house. He’s also got a rad bromance going on with his roommate who would love to have him.
  • Logan Summerby: This adorable Ryan Potter faceclaims is a baby Metamorphmagus who isn’t quite in control of his changing appearance yet. He’s got a lot of brains but no polish. He’s also got a great tenuous relationship with his cousin and a cool mentor-student relationship with our resident Dungeons and Dragons nerd.
  • Mei Burke: Mei is a classic case of appearances being deceiving. The daughter of Borgin and Burke’s heir, Caractacus Burke, she’s spent her whole life learning to look meek and unsuspecting while slowly edging out her competition. She’s also got a great rivalry with her roommate, who unexpectedly beat her out for Prefect status this year.
  • Sofia Ramos: More than anything else, Sofia Ramos wants to see the world and explore every crevice of it. To aid her passion, Sofia has founded an Ancient Runes club with the intent of using it to take a summer trip to Mexico. Her equally badass and beautiful Krum child bff would also love to have her, as well as her Ancient Runes mentee.

Open faceclaims include: Booboo Stewart, Brandon SooHoo, Carlos Valdes, Cody Christian, Colton Haynes, Cierra Ramirez, Diego Boneta, Douglas Booth, Dylan O’Brien, Emeraude Toubia, John Boyega, Jordan Fisher, Jordan Rodrigues, Kelsey Chow, Kylie Bunbury, Lili Reinhart, Maia Mitchell, Matthew Daddario, Nick Robinson, Ryan Potter, Santiago Segura, Sofia Carson, Tom Holland, Tom Maden, Tyler Posey, Tyler Young, & Willa Holland.

However, we’re very flexible with faceclaims so you should go check out our masterlist or our open character tag.


There are a few things I’d love to address <3

First, I’ve got an exciting announcement for you all!

As I had originally been Cassie’s helper, assisting her where she needed, I decided I need someone to help me admin as well. It is a lot of work to maintain an active group in addition to my own character activity. As I started working around the same time as becoming admin to this RP, I’ve not had as much time as I would have liked to maintain my character activity and work on the main and daily activities. I am also going away in a week and again in May, so I definitely need the help! I thank everyone who has come forward and offered help and those who did some advertising because you are all the best <3 If you would also like to know how you can help, send me a message!

In any event, I’m excited to say that Shan is going to become a co-admin! What does this mean? She is going to be considered a full admin! So she will help with all the upkeep of the RP and is here to answer questions for current and future players! Given that she has much more HTML and graphic experience than yours truly, she has already been a massive help and I know she is going to do great! She’s truly wonderful and I hope you will all join me in welcoming her on board as admin #2 for this RP!

Feel free to send her questions or concerns if you have any <3

Now, for some of the more difficult stuff!!

We’ve had some hard hits over the past month with losing a number of players, including our dear creator and admin, Cassie. I know that a number of you have come forward and said it has been a difficult transition having lost such a key player to the group and a number of others who you have had plots with. I totally get it and I feel the same exact way, which is a big reason that I haven’t been as present as I would have liked to be. I needed some time to regroup my thoughts. I have been doing my best to reach out to those that felt sad about the departure of some of our members and have spoken to some that have left to get their insight. I want to make this place the best it can be and I never want anyone to feel left out, sad, or unmotivated to write here because this is supposed to be a fun, creative, and supportive writing environment that is built for us all to grow as writers. I mean it when I ask for suggestions, so please never hesitate to come to myself or Shan if there is anything you’d like to discuss! We’re here to listen and be receptive and make changes if necessary.

You are all so wonderful and creative and I am so glad that you are sticking around and helping to revive new life to this RP. We’ll be seeking out new players and coming up with interesting RP-wide plots that will hopefully tie everyone together in ways that are inspiring.

I have noticed a drop in activity over the past couple weeks that has been partially due to the changes, partially due to a number of players being on hiatus, and partially due to an upswing in school requirements for many members. I totally understand all of the aforementioned, so please do not hesitate to ask for a hiatus if necessary. I realize many of you (including myself) have lost a number of threads and are in the process of rebuilding them, so please let me know if you need help. I know it’s hard to lose plots, but if we can all do our best to take this opportunity to seek out new and exciting plots that you might not have before, it would be hugely helpful!

SOOOOOoooooo, with that said, I’ve compiled a brief list of expectations including some of the feedback received from members past and present.

What we do expect from you:

  1. Long threads twice a week or five shorter threads within a week.
  2. Hiatus messages if you can’t post AT ALL in a week. Don’t worry about letting us know you will be quieter, we expect that on occasion.
  3. Understanding and compassion for each other. We’re all going through things, whether in real life or just simply being overwhelmed by something in the RP or online. Be patient and supportive if you can.
  4. Please don’t bubble RP. I get it. We sometimes just click with someone because oh my god this thread is the most amazing thing I’ve ever written and I can’t stop writing with this person. However, this is a group RP, so we do expect you to write with multiple people.
  5. Related, make sure you aren’t making too big of a deal about your ship. Ships are great and I’ve captained a few and I love writing them and reading them and they’re exciting as hell, I know. It’s hard not to fangirl/boy over them, but I’ve been told that some have gotten frustrated with the shipping and don’t always want to hear about it constantly, especially those who might feel left out for not having one themselves. If you are in a ship, please make sure it’s not your entire focus. You’re all doing a spectacular job and this isn’t towards anyone in particular, just make sure you’re aware of it!

What we DON’T expect:

  1. Daily activity. No one has to be on every single day! If you are, that’s great, but don’t stress, please.
  2. People going mad trying to finish essays, study, and write paras for the RPG. Chill. Real life comes first. We know this. Again, let us know if you need a hiatus. If you need another day or two to write your replies, that’s fine.
  3. Perfection. None of us are perfect. If you wind up on the activity check, that’s fine. We all have those weeks. If you’re having a week where all you want to do is respond to memes and gif chats, that’s fine. Just have fun and don’t stress.
  4. Change. Just because we’re new admins doesn’t mean the RP will drastically change. Of course we have a different style in some things, but the overall feel of the RP and what you can expect from us will remain the same as it was from the beginning.

I hope that helps pep you guys up and clarifies some concerns some of you may have had.

God, this is long. Congrats on you if you read it all! Please message if you need anything at all. You’re all fantastic and wonderful and we love you!

Thank you!

Before we begin, we wanted to take a moment to go over some friendly brit-pick slang reminders from our cultural expert, Admin E.!

I get really tired of seeing the same issues come up over and over again with Americans writing British speak, and while not everyone is going to be coming at this from an American perspective, most of us aren’t actually English or British either, so I wanted to remind everyone of a few simple things. After all, for those who know, the wrong Britphrase at the wrong time can throw people completely out of their suspension of disbelief during a game!

1. “I fancy it” - This expression can be used in three ways:

            a. “I fancy potatoes for lunch.” (I’m in the mood for…)

            b. “I fancy him/her/them.” (I have lustful feelings/attraction for…)

            c. “He fancies himself quite a talented wizard.” (But he probably isn’t!)

You cannot say things like “I’ve always fancied elephants.” This would mean that you’ve always had a romantic attraction to elephants and would sound mega-weird. (Unless of course you do have certain feelings for pachyderms…) Now, that being said, you can say, “I’ve always fancied girls with short hair.” That would be normal. If you’re not sure of how to use this word, please ask!

2. Draught - This is one of my big ones. The word is spelled like drawt, but pronounced draft. Please take that into consideration. I only say this because I’ve seen it used in situations where pronouncing it as drawt is key to the text, and that ’s not the way to say it. If you’re going to make jokes or rhymes that depend on pronunciation, please make sure that the pronunciation of a word is what you think it is!

3. Chips = Fries | Crisps = Potato Chips Please use these correctly. It sounds like a minor thing, but it can really throw people out of world if used improperly. “Fish and chips” is actually “fish and french fries” in American lingo!

4. Mum - You have a MUM and a DAD. Not a Mom. Mom is American. If you’re Irish, you can have a Ma or a Mam and a Da. If you’re from Northern England, you can even have a Mam. But never a Mom.

5. Grandmothers - along those same lines they can be Gran, Grandmother, Nan, etc. Not Grandmom, the way we occasionally do because of course, they don’t use the word “mom” so they wouldn’t use it for their Granny either!

We have other resources for Britspeak on our Tips & Resources Page but these are some big ones that I see around a lot and they’re all easy fixes, so please especially try and keep these in mind! Also remember that when you’re writing in an unfamiliar dialect a little can go a long way. Rather than dropping all your “H’s” and mangling your vowels, you can often get the right “tone” of an accent across just by using the right words. Cheers, mates!

Announcement #6:

We are happy to say, that finally, Here Today Gone Tomorrow roleplay is officially open!

What do you have to do? You roleplayers must be asking yourselves. Really simple. To get things going, post in your roleplay blog a starter.

Now, I know that for some of you this is your first time as a roleplayer, so I’m going to clarify what a starter is. If you don’t know what a starter is or how to write it, go here, that perfectly explains what is a starter, what to do and what not to do.

For all of you who know what a starter is and how to write it, I would still advice you read info in the link, as it explains the difference between a passive and an active starter. Basically, the difference is that passive starters are those which require more thought on the receiving party’s end than the giving party’s. Examples of this include:

  • Simple greetings
  • Having your character be meandering about, expecting the other character to approach them. No, you’re starting it; you’re supposed to lead.
  • Approaching and not saying anything.

What should you do instead? An active starter. Something interesting to lure other roleplayers into answering. If you are still unsure of how to do so, check Luna’s or my character’s blogs to see our starters.

It’s important you post at least one starter before replying to someone else’s.

With that, we finish today’s annoucement!

Please be sure to like this post to let us know you read it.

Announcement #6:

Happy roleplaying, students! Admin Luna and I are glad to have the roleplay finally open. Knowing most of you are only getting started on your roleplay experience, we are going to put some tips to make the roleplay experience better for everyone! First, some rules mentioned before, but that it’s good to repeat:

It’s mandatory you use a gif of your face claim on each thread you post or answer to let other roleplayers see how your character is feeling.

Please just use one gif of your character and not any other gif on the thread. That means that, if for example, you are talking about cars, don’t put a gif of the car in the thread. Instead, if you want to show another roleplayer a gif or image, link it to the thread. This will keep the threads nice and tidy.

Please be sure to cut your post so they aren’t longer than two replies!

And now, a few tips that are not mandatory, but recommended:

Try using only small and medium gifs, to keep the dash clean. If you don’t know how to make gifs, try looking for a gif hunt of your Face Claim.

For the thread to look more aesthetic, shrink the size of your writting. How? Select the text, and then press ctrl + shift + -. The text will look like this.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to ask. 

Please like this post so we know you have read the announcement.


                                      -        THE PPPEAC     -

I know that it sounds stupid, but actually not many people in the Harry Potter fandom seem to appreciate the existence of Padma and Parvati Patil (I have actually used mine and thelogicaltwin‘s faceclaims for the graphic because of resources and I love them as the Patils).  And having played one Parvati Patil for over two years with no sense of recognition (as in shout outs or anons or regular character developing asks) and seeing the same issue with thelogicaltwin, who has played Padma Patil for around the same amount of time, I feel that the two characters are severely overlooked in the fandom and in the numerous edits, fanart and aesthetic posts (etc) that most people make.

I’m not saying that everyone has to LIKE Parvati OR Padma, but just to be aware that they are not one-dimensional as they seem in the books or films, and there is nothing wrong with being ‘girly’ as Parvati is depicted as being. In fact, the two of them are brave, intelligent, loyal characters. 

And I may be a little biased, but I have been developing Parvati for a long time, as thelogicaltwin as with Padma, and we both feel as if a lot of the fandom don’t give them a chance, and simply gloss over the twins. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s even harsher for those whose favourite characters are the two and who are attached to them in the way one might be attached to their muse or most relatable character from Harry Potter. 

This is why we’ve decided to lead this campaign - not a big campaign. Just a little one, involving this post and maybe a few others we might make in the future. To be part of it, all you have to do is reblog or like this, just to spread the word. Thank you so much to all of you who do! We will appreciate every note!

These two amazing female POC characters deserve more acceptance and love than they have been getting. Please help us achieve it!

Thank you!

    - pxsterity and thelogicaltwin 

                                                                          Hogwarts walls were no longer safe. No where was.
                                                                          Death Eaters were everywhere and no one knew who
                                                                          they were. They were like ghosts creeping into your
                                                                          very veins to create hell. Everyone was paranoid. No
                                                                          one could escape the war anymore. Everyone was
                                                                          being effected in some way. There were so many
                                                                          sleepless nights and worried glances and paranoid
                                                                          thoughts. No one knew who to trust anymore. But little
                                                                          did they all know that that was exactly what Voldemort
                                                                          wanted. Because while everyone were looking towards
                                                                          each other no one was looking at him. And if they were
                                                                          they would see him rejoicing as his plan to get into
                                                                          everyone’s heads were working. His forced were
                                                                          growing stronger. His numbers rising. And not even the
                                                                          Order could keep everyone safe anymore.

               ❝ The war was no longer kept outside. It has became a part of everyone’s
                                lives no matter how small. And no one was safe…
                And yet, hope still lingered in some dark secluded corners of Hogwarts
                                with few of the brave, hopeful ones still trying to keep the spirits alive. ❞

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