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*the houses about to leave for mini golf*

Hufflepuff: Okay guys time to go! *shuts the door to their room*

Hufflepuff: *goes into kitchen to grab Gryffindor and shuts that door*

Hufflepuff: *Grabs book from Ravenclaw and shoos them out before shutting he door*

Hufflepuff: *shuts tv off and gets Slytherin off the couch*

*all the houses standing in the doorway*

Ravenclaw: I think… I think we just got herded like cats…

Hufflepuff: Nope! Better to coral the sheep than herd the cats!

Hogwarts houses as a weird friend group

Slytherin: is closest to Ravenclaw but sometimes feels looked down upon by them, is Gryffindor’s bit on the side but would prefer if they gave them more respect, desperately longs to be with Hufflepuff but feels like they’re too unworthy for someone so kind and they’re too broken to be truly happy.

Gryffindor: is friends with Ravenclaw when they need something but doesn’t feel a very strong connection, has a thing going with Hufflepuff and stands up for them when they’re too scared, has Slytherin as their bit on the side because they think they’re too similar to be together for real.

Hufflepuff: is good pals with Ravenclaw and takes care of them when they forget to take care of themselves, is in a relationship with Gryffindor but worries that they put more effort into the relationship, acts like Slytherin’s counsellor and stays up with them all night sorting out life issues because they know Slytherin doesn’t feel understood by anyone else.

Ravenclaw: is friends with Gryffindor and would like them to invite them to things more so they can get to know each other better, is really thankful of Hufflepuff’s kindness and tries to show how much they appreciate it by giving them new recipes to try, has a secret crush on Slytherin but would never tell a soul, but doesn’t think it would work out because Slytherin surprises them with emotions they can’t handle.

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“She was a popular student at Hogwarts, with a large group of friends and many boys who admired her for her extreme beauty. She was also loyal and brave…”

There is a club for trans and gender fluid students at Hogwarts. As well as being a social gathering for people to share their experiences, the club offers support for all trans students and members of staff. 

The organizers (mostly older students) do everything from helping members decide if they want to transition, to teaching charms to help combat dysphoria.

The club runs annual events to raise awareness and provides amulets that make people perceive and call the wearer by their chosen gender.

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Do you have a vox machina/Hogwarts au?

oh buddy. my pal. friendo. of course I have a Hogwarts au. well, a VM house sorting at least it is like the first VM headcanoning I ever did I am Standard Millennial Nerd Trash

Grog - hufflepuff. Loyal, well-meaning, hardworking, “my strength comes from my friends” and all that jazz. Would 110% play beater on the house Quidditch team and be the scariest mofo

Keyleth - gryffindor. the whole striving to be a good person and do the Right ThingTM even when everyone else is telling you to sit down and shut up is the gryffindor-est. excels at transfiguration and herbology, thinks the Forbidden Forest is the coolest (kiki no)

Percy - slytherin. I kinda want to put him in ravenclaw but that boy is all about ambition and acting for his own sake. plus there’s the cunning, resourcefulness, and a loyalty only to those very close to him. potions expert, also very good with charms. has a small collection of cursed artifacts “because they’re fun”

Pike - hufflepuff. a very gryffindor-y puff, but at the end of the day she’s all about kindness for kindness’ sake. also, she will kick your ass if you threaten her or her friends because good is not soft and because you can be the beating heart of the group without being weak. plays seeker beater; tried out with grog for shits n giggles and turns out she’s really good

Scanlan - slytherin. as an existentialist everything is inherently meaningless, so he cares very much about those close to him and everyone else can figure out their own shit. resourceful, clever, sly, cunning. great showman. wonderful with charms. definitely does the commentary for the quidditch games, to everyone’s dismay

Tiberius - ravenclaw. always with the questions, always with the suggestions, always with the trying new things. Tibs wants to know, wants to discover. Probably spends all his time in the library. what a nerd

Vax - gryffindor. brave, chivalrous, charges headfirst into battle and wears his heart on his sleeve. sure, he could argue his way into slytherin with Vex –– and make a good argument for it too; that boy definiely has some slytherin qualities –– but at the end of the day he desire to do the right thing, to be worthy and just. he’d definitely play quidditch, probably seeker

Vex - slytherin. ambitious, resourceful, clever, cunning. whip smart and determined to get what she wants so help her god. captain of the slytherin quidditch team, chaser seeker and amazing on a broom (she had percy make some mods that probably aren’t strictly legal but whatever, it’s fine)

bonus: Allura is a ravenclaw, Kima is a gryffindor, Gilmore is a slytherin, Kash is a puff and he doesn’t want to talk about it, Zahra is hard to get a bead on but probably a slytherin, Victor is a ravenclaw (learn from his mistakes!), and Kern is a squib


fraternal twins jisoo and taehyung unintentionally catch the attention of jimin and jeonghan and oh no

Hogwarts Houses: KPOP Girl Group/Solo Songs

Gryffindor: How’s This ? by Hyuna, Good Luck by AOA, Female President by Girls Day, Whatta Man by I.O.I, You think by Girl’s Generation

Hufflepuff: Cheer Up by Twice, Navillera by GFriend, So Crazy by T-ARA, Whatcha Doin’ Today by 4Minute, Heaven by Ailee

Ravenclaw: Excuse me by BESTie, L.I.E. by EXID, Full Moon by Sunmi, Four Walls by F(x), I by Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint

Slytherin:  Ssenunni by Jessi, Roll Deep by Hyuna ft. Ilhoon ,Whistle by Blackpink, Cider by Yezi, Bing Bing by AOA