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Hogwarts houses as a weird friend group

Slytherin: is closest to Ravenclaw but sometimes feels looked down upon by them, is Gryffindor’s bit on the side but would prefer if they gave them more respect, desperately longs to be with Hufflepuff but feels like they’re too unworthy for someone so kind and they’re too broken to be truly happy.

Gryffindor: is friends with Ravenclaw when they need something but doesn’t feel a very strong connection, has a thing going with Hufflepuff and stands up for them when they’re too scared, has Slytherin as their bit on the side because they think they’re too similar to be together for real.

Hufflepuff: is good pals with Ravenclaw and takes care of them when they forget to take care of themselves, is in a relationship with Gryffindor but worries that they put more effort into the relationship, acts like Slytherin’s counsellor and stays up with them all night sorting out life issues because they know Slytherin doesn’t feel understood by anyone else.

Ravenclaw: is friends with Gryffindor and would like them to invite them to things more so they can get to know each other better, is really thankful of Hufflepuff’s kindness and tries to show how much they appreciate it by giving them new recipes to try, has a secret crush on Slytherin but would never tell a soul, but doesn’t think it would work out because Slytherin surprises them with emotions they can’t handle.

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@hpminorcharnet get to know the members challenge gaby : favorite minor characters - cho chang

“She was a popular student at Hogwarts, with a large group of friends and many boys who admired her for her extreme beauty. She was also loyal and brave…”

There is a club for trans and gender fluid students at Hogwarts. As well as being a social gathering for people to share their experiences, the club offers support for all trans students and members of staff. 

The organizers (mostly older students) do everything from helping members decide if they want to transition, to teaching charms to help combat dysphoria.

The club runs annual events to raise awareness and provides amulets that make people perceive and call the wearer by their chosen gender.

do you ever think about Professor Malkin, Head of Slytherin, standing up and screaming his lungs out while furiously clapping when the sorting hat yells out “Hufflepuff” for his youngest daughter, while said daughter turns red and hisses back, “PA you’re embarrassing me sit down!!!!!” but she’s pretty stoked that she’s in the same house as her Dad and that Pa is so on board with this.

Hogwarts Houses: KPOP Girl Group/Solo Songs

Gryffindor: How’s This ? by Hyuna, Good Luck by AOA, Female President by Girls Day, Whatta Man by I.O.I, You think by Girl’s Generation

Hufflepuff: Cheer Up by Twice, Navillera by GFriend, So Crazy by T-ARA, Whatcha Doin’ Today by 4Minute, Heaven by Ailee

Ravenclaw: Excuse me by BESTie, L.I.E. by EXID, Full Moon by Sunmi, Four Walls by F(x), I by Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint

Slytherin:  Ssenunni by Jessi, Roll Deep by Hyuna ft. Ilhoon ,Whistle by Blackpink, Cider by Yezi, Bing Bing by AOA

The group as moms part 3 : when the kids have gfs/bfs
  • Ravenclaw : are they interesting ?
  • Kid : yes.
  • Ravenclaw : are they normal ?
  • Kid : ... define 'normal'.
  • Ravenclaw : that will do.
  • Gryffindor : are they hot ?
  • Kid : mom !
  • Gryffindor : well ?
  • Kid : yes. Yes they are.
  • Hufflepuff : I don't care who you date as long as they are nice and remember that if they hurt you, I will end them.
  • Slytherin : are they pretty ?
  • Kid : yes
  • Slytherin : are they nice ?
  • Kid : nice-ish
  • Slytherin : are they intelligent ?
  • Kid : Duh
  • Slytherin : are they stronger than you ?
  • Kid: ... no...
  • Slytherin : good.

Peter is muggleborn - at least, on his mother’s side… Although he comes from nothing, by the time he reaches his final year he has become Gryffindor’s star seeker, a proud womanizer, and the leader of the ‘Guardians of Hogwarts’ - a group of five students who work together to fend off threats to the wizarding world! Behind this badass persona though, there lurks a dork who loves his weird muggle music-box, and never misses an opportunity to dance. 

Gamora and Nebula are daughters of The Dark Lord Thanos, who have escaped and fled to Hogwarts. However, they are still untrusted, even feared, by most of the student population. Gamora’s friendship with Peter makes her more approachable. But Nebula remains a wild card, trusting no one and preferring to work alone.

Rocket is a raccoon. He’s a victim of illegal experiments into creating artificial intelligence via magic. Groot, his best friend, is an enchanted twig from the Forbidden Forest.

Drax is the reason people don’t mess with Hufflepuffs.

The Ravagers are a delinquent gang led by Yondu Udonta, a very-senior student who keeps flunking his final exams, and may or may not be twenty years too old for high school. Peter used to be his bestie before he started his own ‘Guardians’ gang. Yondu may forgive him for that. One day.


He Hufflepuff

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Hi, can i have your attention for a bit -pls im lonely-
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I think everyone could use some dancing Hogwarts founders on their dash right now, so here you go :)

Donna as Godric Gryffindor

Misha as Helga Hufflepuff

Cissa as Rowena Ravenclaw

Johnny as Salazar Slytherin

gifs from this video filmed by @loubellecosplay

  • Hufflepuff: *walks up to Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor friends* What's the kindest word for stupidity?
  • Ravenclaw: *gets ready to use super intelligence* wELL-
  • Slyhterin: *answers before Ravenclaw does* Bravery.
  • Gryffindor: wHAT-
  • Ravenclaw: That's not an entire lie. . .
  • Gryffindor: . . . I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON MY SIDE.

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Omg can you guys do which idols would be sorted into hufflepuff?

Of course honeybun! I hope you enjoy ~ Admin Nan

Sana(Twice): Sana is just a bright ball of energy the sorting hat wouldn’t have a hard time immediately sorting her into hufflepuff. Sana didn’t care about any of the competition or drama she was just happy to be there cheering the loudest at all the quidditch games and having a good time.

LE(Exid): At first LE would be a hufflepuff in denial insisting it must have been a mistake to keep up her bad ass rapper image. She would eventually come to accept her hufflepuff ness finding her perfect balance between her soft leader side and her bad ass ness. Making a lot of close friends along the way and becoming the queen of herbology.

Dasom(Sistar):  Dasom would be the motherly hufflepuff in the dorm, always helping the underclassmen study, patching up everyone’s robes, and showing all the new first years around. Becoming the practically the den mother of the dorm who everybody loves and looks up to

Mina(Gugudan): Mina wasn’t surprised when she was sorted into hufflepuff, with her sparkling eyes and her cute smile almost nobody was surprised. Mina was excited about every single new thing she had to learn raising her hand for every question even if she doesn’t know the answers and, almost always staying out after curfew “by accident”.

Lisa(Blackpink): Lisa is a very bright hufflepuff, almost always screaming in the dorms about some new spell she learned. She is obsessed with hexes and jinxes making some people wonder why she wasn’t a slytherin to she was truly a hufflepuff at heart always staying up with the girls in her dorm when they couldn’t fall asleep, and always making sure everyone was okay.

Hyelim(Wonder Girls): Hyelim is like a hufflepuff in every way loyal, dedicated, and patient. Always valuing the hard work of everyone in and outside of the dorm, with a charming smile always dressed up in her robes wearing her house proudly like a badge and helping everybody keep their heads up.

Hyoeun(Stellar): Hyoeun was quiet about her house but that doesnt mean she wasnt proud always helping arguments get solved and never swaying from her values. If you couldn’t fine Hyoeun she was most likely in the kitchen talking to the house elfs or cleaning almost everything in the dorm.

Joy(Red Velvet): Joy was practically the poster child for hufflepuff with her positive attitude and her constant state of happiness, she was always bounding through the halls or dashing off to do this, that, or the other thing and she was constantly misplacing her wand it was almost always under her bed except for the select times that she accidentally stuck it up in her hair to keep her bun intact  

Vivi(Loona):Vivi was shy and quiet when she arrived at hogwarts never saying anything in class always practicing on her broom stick staying quiet and. It would only take her a few months to come out of her shell though she eventually would become such a bright girl even becoming the seeker on the hufflepuff quidditch team becoming a honest, bright and loyal girl .

Sunny(Snsd): Sunny would be the sweetest hufflepuff ever, always spending time with her cat (whom she adored) and still trying to master the art of finding her way around the humongous school, it wasn’t uncommon for her friends to find her wandering around the halls looking confused.

sirius black
  • is short. and not like, average short. sirius orion black is 5′1 on a good day and u are cordially invited to fight me on this
  • can’t fucking wink to save his life?? and he’s really adamant that he can, too, like no of course i can wink, look!!!!   but he’s just furiously blinking
  • queen released bohemian rhapsody in 1975. let that sink in
  • like i’m not saying half of his band t-shirts were of queen but half of his band t-shirts were of queen
    • (remus, of course, was the one who introduced him to them in the first place)
  • not cishet! picture him however u want but he ain’t cishet and i know this bc he told me personally. in a dream. he said, “eli there are some ppl out there who really think im cishet and i need u to set them straight.” and then he said, “haha, ‘straight’. no but really please correct them.”
  • has the most expressive facial muscles and eyebrows on god’s green earth but will deadass shut off his emotions like a light switch when approaching Specific Sensitive Topics. it’s a little heartbreaking 
  • keeps trying to grow his hair out so it reaches the bottom of his back but keeps having to cut it off bc various pranking materials are just constantly getting stuck in it. at least 80% of it is james’ fault
  • if hogwarts had a theater group he would ,absolutely be all over that oh my god look me in the eye and tell me sirius black wouldnt love musicals & shakespeare
  • promised myself i wasn’t gonna make this ab pairings but FUCK if he isn’t in love with remus lupin oh my GOD tone down the heart eyes u smitten fuck!!!! 
  • still sometimes flinches when someones raises their voice around him or he’s caught off guard by unexpected movements. honey
  • marlene & him are such an iconic queer punk duo tho like, bye
  • catch them leaning against the castle outside sharing a cigarette and exchanging tips over eyeliner techniques!!! binch
  • has such a big heart? im actually so fucking upset i lvoe him he deserved better !!!!hol yfucking shit 
  • he’s my son thanks for ur time