Bands and Singers for Each House
  • Ravenclaw:Bad Wolf, Digital Daggers, Panic! At The Disco
  • Gryffindor:My Chemical Romance, Nine Lashes, Fit For Rivals
  • Slytherin:The Pretty Reckless, New Years Day, Motionless in White
  • Hufflepuff:Disney Soundtracks, Melanie Martinez, Adriana Figueroa
  • Thunderbird:Lindsey Stirling, Nano, 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Wampus:RED, The GazettE, Three Days Grace
  • Pukwudgie:SayWeCanFly, Pierce The Veil, Kanon Wakeshima
  • Horned Serpent:The Pierces, ON/OFF, Ali Project
A conversation between a pureblood Gryffindor boy and a muggleborn Slytherin girl (Funny)
  • Slytherin:*In front of the mirror, getting ready* Hey, I need your opinion on something.
  • Gryffindor:Yeah, what is it?
  • Slytherin:*Starts to spray dry shampoo on her hair* Well-
  • Gryffindor:*Panics and takes the aerosol dry shampoo out of the Slytherin's hand and throws it on the ground* WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!
  • Slytherin:*Confused and slightly peeved* It's dry shampoo, what did you think it was?
  • Gryffindor:*Still panicky and confused* What's that?
  • Slytherin:Dry shampoo.
  • Gryffindor:I heard you, but what does it /do/? *Nudges the can with his foot*
  • Slytherin:*Groans and rolls her eyes* It cleans your hair-
  • Gryffindor:*Sighs in relief* Okay.
  • Slytherin:- And takes someone from your memory.
  • Gryffindor:*Jumps back* Then why would you use it?
  • Slytherin:*Throws her arms in the air* Really?!
  • Gryffindor:Oh. So it won't-?
  • Slytherin:No.
PJo & Co. at Hogwarts according to me

Sixth Year

  • Leo makes it to the train first, hastily claiming the car before prowling the train in search of something
  • As everyone else slowly shows up the kids from wizarding families find out about pokemon go
  • “Leo stop pacing the train, the pokemon are on the other side of the platform”
  • This is how Leo meets the most gorgeous girl he’s ever laid eyes on. Shrieking. Tripping on his own feet. Flailing as he tips backwards. Phone (and pokemon) tumbling to the ground.
  • He (and his phone) are caught by a girl with long blond hair who stares at his shocked face for a minute before dropping him.
  • She kindly sets his phone on his stomach before dramatically flicking her cloak as she heads to her compartment
  • Jason bodily drags Leo into the car after twenty minutes have passed and Leo still hasn’t moved
  • “Has he even blinked yet?” Hazel whispers loudly.
  • They play human jenga in order to fit everyone, but eventually Piper, Annabeth, and Hazel are teaching Frank to play poker over Will’s head, Nico discusses the merits of different Knockturn shops with Percy and Reyna while Jason and Rachel attempt to wake Leo
  • Suddenly someone a few cars down bursts into song
  • “How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower-”
  • Leo wakes up then, just in time to run out of the car and pick up Lafayette’s rap with a really bad french accent
  • Hazel and the others back up the chorus, and when ‘Washington’ finishes Leo desperately asks the person who sang Burr to sing Dear Theodosia with him
  • It’s the girl that dropped him
  • Leo proposes on the spot
  • She smacks him on the head with a newspaper. The pictures laugh.
  • Jason, very unsubtly, says “Hey Leo this is Cali, that girl I was telling you about! You’ve been wanting to meet her for a while now.”
  • Leo’s soul just about steps out of his body in that moment.
  • “It’s Calypso, not Cali. And,” she gives Leo a once over. “No.”
  • Leo’s face is in his hands for the rest of the night. His hair is on fire and nothing can put it out.
  • Hazel starts cheering for random students as they get sorted, and then every first year is getting clapped for as they get placed with their house
  • A first year Gryffindor passes Leo in the hall and catches fire, Jason doesn’t even blink before using a charm to put out the fire
  • Hazel spends ten minutes arguing with the eagle about the answer to a riddle while the first years watch
  • The prefects just kind of nod, like ‘yeah, you can totally do that.’
  • Percy is telling stories to the first years when Nico shows up with a sucker in his mouth.
  • Where did he come from?
  • The first years get to see Will’s face completely light up
  • And then he lays a hand on Nico and his face immediately gets irritated “Why didn’t you tell me you were sick? I told you-”
  • Percy rolls his eyes. “Will is gonna cure cancer. And develop a long-lasting cure for infectious lycanthropy. Possibly create a new-and-improved philosopher’s stone.”
  • the first years are so in awe, and then Nico is sitting in Will’s lap in front of the fire, telling them about the squid in the lake, and randomly signing parts of the story as if he thinks he’s talking to the mermaids
  • By the next morning Leo’s dragged his hands from his face, but now his face is buried in a spellbook and his hands are stained with ink
  • He trips on the stairs, and Calypso catches him again
  • “For the love of god, stop this nonsense”
  • It keeps happening
  • Pokemon Go is so big
  • I mean it doesn’t necessarily detract from classes but yes I did see that kid sprinting down the hall I heard he saw an Arcanine and I almost went after him oh okay you’re running too
  • Frank is a casual player (unlike Percy) but he’s still better than everyone
  • I’m not saying hogwarts is a gym but it’s definitely a gym and the charms are barely enough to keep the kids away but also did you see the level of the gym leader im not brave enough to challenge that guy
  • Leo jumped staircases once because he had been finding pokemon when he realized he was late for class.
  • I mean he jumped staircases because he was late before but now its because of pokemon
  • Leo goddammit just stop jumping stair- okay i guess you’re two floors away now bye.
  • Calypso eventually turns up in Ravenclaw dorm to have a Serious Discussion with Leo in which she pins him to the wall and intimidates him until he can’t even look her in the eyes
  • he stares longingly as she leaves, the edge of his cloak catching fire
  • Frank and Hazel have thE CUTEST FIRST KISS on the astronomy tower at one in the morning under the new moon
  • Will actually swooned when he heard the story (nico you have to catch him if he falls god you’re a terrible boyfriend)
  • Nico showing Will his method of getting around and tugging him along by hand because he’s a fucking nerd
  • Piper just pulls Jason down by his tie one day, kisses him and then stalks out of the great hall with a hair flip she definitely learned by watching Calypso
  • Jason is so lovestruck oh my god
  • Piper is the reason he nearly falls off staircases and the reason it’s only nearly falls
  • Leo strikes a deal with the poptart dealer and makes a coffee machine and they run a business together that the profs just love
  • he still mopes after Calypso and watches her but he hasn’t tried to talk to her since she told him to fuck off
  • Annabeth studies with Percy but suddenly she realizes she’s going to be an architect. For sure. She can get a job as a muggle, or as a wizard and do what she loves
  • Percy couldn’t be more proud
  • As for his own future, he’d be interested in teaching if he can’t make wands. Transfiguration, surprisingly, because he’s gotten a lot better at it than he used to be.
  • Jason gets pretty beat up one day, in a succession of terrible accidents and suddenly he can’t play quidditch anymore
  • Piper doesn’t know what to tell him, how to help him find his dream
  • They spend long hours by the lake together, just watching
  • Grover constantly works with students, talking about his latest projects and how to get species to coexist and he’s really good at it too
  • Percy is concerned that Grover will just drop off the face of the planet one day
  • Hazel studies herbology and astronomy with a fiery passion, wanting nothing more than to just learn for the rest of her life
  • Leo starts improvising spells and his mind works faster than even some of the teachers can track, he combines different spellcasting techniques from around the world to tap into magic.
  • “Magic wasn’t always wands and words and delicate wrist motions, you know. Magic is an energy, and to be perfectly honest even a muggle can do magic. You can’t ignore those facts, and it would be stupid to pretend that magic can’t be done without a wand.”
  • Calypso does take notice of that, and of the small bouquets of fern leaves, gladiolus, and blue salvia left at the foot of her bed every night
  • Frank is sticking with his magizoology, but is going to direct it towards someday being the Care of Magical Creatures professor
  • Frazel is probably the school’s cutest couple (sorry solangelo)
  • Piper and Annabeth get into pokemon go at the same time and oh dear god help us
  • Annabeth quickly masters the art of playing it while doing any other task at the same time
  • Percy goes on long walks with her and they take advantage of the weekly forest campouts to catch pokemon
  • Piper is so busy all the time she’s been using her metamorphagi gift just to pretend she’s clean- also the appeal of using it to make people laugh is budding just a little. She only changes for her friends though, just exercising her gift like she hasn’t in years
  • Will and Hazel bond over herbology, much to the excitement of Nico
  • “I knew you liked him okay but I’m really glad you too are such good friends and-’
  • “Neeks, shut up I love Will”
  • Hazel and Nico still show up in other dormitories even though now they can go snuggle with their boyfriends, just because they love talking to new people and making acquaintances. Well, Hazel does. Nico just tells stories in an unholy mash of sign language, english, italian, and a yet unidentified language he learned somewhere…
  • Percy spends a lot of time stopping Annabeth from breaking rules. He’s not a trouble maker, or when he is it’s not on purpose.
  • He makes these dumb origami things all the time just to keep his hands busy and Annabeth has a small shelf holding all the origami stuff she’s received
  • Percy finds out and blushes so hard he’s just so pleased
  • “You really kept them?” “Of course I did, seaweed brain.”
  • Jason gets glasses this year
  • “Oh my god I didn’t even know I couldn’t see”
  • Piper: *looks into office camera*
  • Leo doesn’t even know how he’s still alive because let’s face it before this year he had a friend to pull him away from certain death but typically they’re traveling in gross couple packs now and he should definitely be dead without them
  • Calypso has taken pity on him and saves him from certain death at least seven times a day. He doesn’t even notice, but she definitely cares about him
  • She starts talking to him, getting to know the nerdy scrawny kid who’s always building things and doing strange magic and has three pencils tucked behind one ear and wears a toolbelt everywhere that is only seen because he doesn’t wear his robe right
  • Leo manages to hold mostly normal conversations but sometimes he just catches fire and then his friends take pity and lead him back to his lab before Calypso’s presence causes him to fully combust
  • Let’s face it Hazel took Alchemy this year too, with Leo and Annabeth
  • “It’s so cool!!”
  • All of them spend so much time studying though oh dear
  • Leo is lucky he’s a genius or he’d have no time to do everything, like making Reyna these sick silver and gold dogs (for free, because they’re friends now!!)
  • Rachel is in divination and oh my god a real seer you guys no like a legit seer
  • Her entire life plans change overnight after she figures that out. Divination prof at hogwarts, and all the time in the world to feel out the future and record prophecies, etc
  • She also becomes famous overnight, with everyone wanting to be around her and touch her and pester her about the future
  • She bonds with Piper because of it. They both know how hard it is for everyone to be watching you all the time, to have everyone begging you to do tricks for them like some sort of animal.
  • This means Reyna and Jason, while already good friends due to being prefects, are even closer. They work together like roman praetors taking command and keeping order.
  • Everyone knows they’ll be head boy and girl next year too.
  • Taking the apparition lessons is cool as hell, and Leo is one of the best students at it
  • They all learned to apparate, and everyone could at least manage it well by the time they finished the lessons
  • Leo and Reyna are pals and oh god Leo why did you give Reyna dogs she’s 6000000000000 times more intimidating oh god run the sound of her name summons her
  • Piper kicks ass at quidditch in her captain’s position and Ravenclaw wins both the quidditch and the house cup
  • Basically the whole year is the whole group being as tired as I am right now hella tired and they still manage to live and do stuff and hang out while still passing their classes but no one knows how Leo is managing to woo a girl (not in their group cough cough)
  • It’s because Calypso is wooing him. She is now reeling him in, because she is in total control and Leo lacks the coordination to work with people.
  • The year ends with them beginning a tentative relationship, saying they’ll see how summer goes
  • Everyone is so excited when the year ends because I Need Sleep
  • They play human jenga again, fitting everyone in even though it’s a really tight space now
  • They all take a long nap, stretched out in impossible ways and hoping to god that they don’t kill themselves in their sleep
  • It’s sweet, and pure
  • Parting ways isn’t sad anymore, they know they can all meet during the summer, and they will meet before the next school year

first year / second year / third year / fourth year / fifth year 

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Hey-o! Hope you're having/had a good day! I saw that you did a dating a Horned Serpent male answer and I was just wondering if you could do one for each house? Doesn't have to be gender specific either!

Well, absolutely! I’m so glad you asked (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(here’s the Horned Serpent post for those of you who are having major HS feels like yours truly)


  • constantly having to cope with their mess 
  • “what do you mean it’s messy? It’s perfectly neat” *trips over a pile of socks and leather bound books* “see?”
  • them talking you into pranking Horned Serpents
  • attending their quidditch tryouts and cheering them way too loudly
  • calling each other the weirdest names
  • them annoying the heck out of you when you’re studying 
  • “baBEEE COME ON”
  • whining 
  • heated makeout sessions in their common room
  • cheesy love notes in your books
  • having your own secret place in the woods
  • arguing about the smallest things and not talking to each other for days
  • everyone thinking you’re a power couple
  • “why are you bleeding??”
  • secretly going to Ilvermorny’s strictly forbidden areas to fornicate
  • “don’t do it, you might get killed”


  • them always being late because they got lost in the library trying to find the right book on how to heal birds
  • them dragging you to the quidditch field to enjoy the sunrise
  • “where’s my crystal???”
  • them analyzing herbs by the window while you’re trying to get them out of the room
  • convincing you to go to the forest nearby to find new plants and flowers to impress everyone during potions class
  • “babe, omg look at what I found!!”
  • them caring way too much about your health
  • occasional kisses on the forehead
  • them knowing more than what they’re taught
  • you having to calm them down after a heated argument with some wampuses
  • constantly locking eyes with each other when scamming through books 
  • “you look nice today, I mean, not that you don’t always look nice, like ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ugh”
  • getting drunk together and laughing for way too long
  • also drinking rain because “science”
  • them making infinte movie commentaries and not liking anything
  • “stop being so sarcastic, ᵍᵒᵈᵈᵃᵐᶰᶦᵗ”
  • stealing herbs to esperiment with new potions and you being a witness


  • “babe, I might have found a hippogriff in the woods and I might have ridden it bUT IT ALSO MIGHT NOT HAVE HAPPENED K, ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED HOW LOVELY YOU LOOK TODAY”
  • them taking you to a bonfire 
  • going on adventures when you’re not allowed to leave school grounds
  • polaroids scattered everywhere in their common room
  • “I’m not a wampus for crying out loud”
  • going on trips to Mount Grylock 
  • “what’s a car”
  • them giving you their beloved compass as a symbol of their love after fighting
  • “I read it on the book by the left side of my bed, second drawer, under some old maps”
  • “can you fix my wand pls”
  • constantly cuddling
  • planning your adventures for the summer during winter break
  • running down the hallways to make it to your room and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These awesome parents just gave their son the world’s most magical Hogwarts nursery

Casey and Kaycee Daniel started to plan the Harry Potter-themed nursery for their now 7-month-old son Finley months before he was born. Finley’s dad, Casey, is a massive Harry Potter fan, having read the books and listened to the audiobooks since he was a child. With help from designer Nate Baranowski, the room eventually came together.

Finley’s nursery is full of magic, even though he’s too young to know it just yet. It features a painted window to capture the view outside of Harry’s room to the four Hogwarts house crests, a watchful Hedwig to keep him company, and photos of characters and settings from the book.

Post 12 × 28/7/2016 ~ RotBTD in Hogwarts

Just did this for fun since I love these 4 so much and I am a bit crazy for the all Hogwarts categories.

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