Spoonie Hogwartians

A Hufflepuff with Crohns disease who becomes close friends with house elves as they try to find the best diet to ease their symptoms. The Hufflepuff dormitories are also specially warded to prevent kitchen smells from coming in, so that students are more comfortable during bad nausea days. 

A Slytherin with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who’s Slytherin friends are handy to jinx anyone who says they should just ‘suck it up’ and 'stop being so tired’. Madame Hooch, who also suffers from the disorder has found that Invigorating Draughts work wonders for flare days.

A Gryffindor with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome who is constantly being checked into the hospital wing because they dislocated something /again/ on some dare or adventure. They also constantly get told off by Madam Pomfrey for showing off their 'party tricks’ during post-quidditch match parties, (but come on, it’s pretty cool to bend your thumb backwards 180 degrees even if it does come out of socket a /little/ bit)

A Ravenclaw with Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis who’s friends are always there to help them study through brain fog. They manage to still ace their tranfiguration exam despite flaring during the test thanks to custom wand-grips created by Olivander.

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