hogs head i think

A little heads up about mains/exclusives before I go to bed, since I’m seeing it a lot and wanted to make my own thing! I am not a fan of exclusives and I probably won’t ever have any, so regarding mains!! MAINS aren’t based on the character but the muse and their mun for me! So I don’t mind how many of the same character I have up there, because each MUSE is different and unique, and so is the mun ofc! It’s more of a relationship/bonds page honestly, and I hope you all treat it as such! So, if we get close or if you’d LIKE to get closer, then I am happy to throw you on my mains! I might change that name to BONDS though. But I am also really awkward and don’t want people to feel like they aren’t special to me just because I have a lot of the same characters up there. Does that make sense? It’s so late I feel like I’m babbling on ^^’ Basically, its my love for the MUN that fuels my love for their muse, and that’s why I want to keep my BONDS open to anyone. Cause I love developing stuff, so so much, and I wish I could jump on board with mains when I see stuff posted, but I am a scared bean. 

Rose's dream
  • Rose: Hey Scorpius, since you are so good at Divination. Tell me what my dreams mean.
  • Scorpius: Okay, I'm listening.
  • Rose: Okay, so in my dream I think I was at the Hogs Head and i'm pretty sure I was on a date.
  • Scorpius: Cool you were having a dream about going on a date with your crush. Good for you, I hope it comes true.
  • Rose: Aren't you going to ask who it is?
  • Scorpius: Who who is?
  • Rose: My crush.
  • Scorpius: Why do you want me to know Rose?
  • Rose: Because I want my dream to come true.