hogs head i think

Rose's dream
  • Rose: Hey Scorpius, since you are so good at Divination. Tell me what my dreams mean.
  • Scorpius: Okay, I'm listening.
  • Rose: Okay, so in my dream I think I was at the Hogs Head and i'm pretty sure I was on a date.
  • Scorpius: Cool you were having a dream about going on a date with your crush. Good for you, I hope it comes true.
  • Rose: Aren't you going to ask who it is?
  • Scorpius: Who who is?
  • Rose: My crush.
  • Scorpius: Why do you want me to know Rose?
  • Rose: Because I want my dream to come true.

Although I don’t have an opinion on Harry’s race, Ginny does seem to be attracted to darker people. I’m rereading OoTP and Michael Corner (Ginny’s first bf) is described by Hermione as “the dark one” (pg 348 in my copy) when Hermione is telling Ron which one Michael was at the meeting at the Hog’s Head and Dean Thomas is black, too, so I think that’s pretty good evidence that Harry could be half-black.