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WOAH thats a little insulting holy hell. She does sound very lovely hahaha, well family can be horrible. My aunty is a bit like that, after a while you just learn to laugh at her. Woah you should bring up glee and see what she says hahaha

Six months left in this hell hole!! I drop it into casual conversation every now and then to see what she says. I don’t think she quite realises what goes on in glee or else BAM! She would probably take me to the hospital to get a quote for eye removal and then she would make me go through with it and then she would take it out of my wages.

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hahaha woah thats a little insane. What do they do all day? pray and read the bible. Are they allowed anyfun? I hate people like that too, they’re so stuck and shes ruining the lives of her kids. Imagine not being able to read harry potter -.-

That’s what she thinks. In actual fact her kids are raging lunatics that say the most disgusting horrible things to each other and guess who she blames… I wouldn’t even dream of saying those kinds of things out loud. 

Here’s another story for the hell of it: My cousin was going through her wardrobe with my aunty when she came across a piece of clothing that was deemed inappropriate. My aunty said no you cannot wear that - it’s the kind of thing Amelia would wear while she does disgusting dirty things to her boyfriend… she then proceeded to throw it out. I have never had a boyfriend… I don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon and if I did I wouldn’t do half the things she accused me of…

I’m sorry. I’m just really angry right now.

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✔ :)

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I do listen to wrock my favorite is oliver boyd and the rememberalls, end of an era favorite song, I have no idea who I would take probably a friend, I would love to be parselmouth, I can see 26 harry potter related things in my room :) ok all of those questions for you and, what is your blood status? favorite story in tales the beedle the bard? and what would your marauder nickname be?

That song, dear lord it causes me pain. I love the Moaning Myrtles, and I love so many of the songs, but I’ll go with my most played one, Gryffindor Rally Cry by the Ministry of Magic. I probably wouldn’t ask anyone, just go with a group of friends! Yes Parselmouth and hmmm *counts* I can see 30 right now if I don’t include posters/pictures on my wall (I’m counting the memorabilla on my walls though, like the Marauders Map I’ve got stuck on there), if they’re included then 77. Wow I need to stop. I should just be thankful that my cupboard doors are closed asikdgasdgiai I have a problem.

Half blood, Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump, goodness that’s a good question but I have no idea since I don’t know what my animagus form would be!

Same questions to you, and also did you cry/get very upset when reading the books? If so what caused it? Have you ever dressed up as one of the characters? If so, who and when? If you could save one character from death, who would it be?

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Everything is perfect and I mean it :)

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I love your url, who did you kill to get that. Your blog is amazing Im sitting here scrolling and its perfection just continues. I re read my message and now realise Im being insanly creepy and Im going to stop now :)

omg, you’re one of the few who like this url, I think, so thanks!!And thank you for your whole message, its really sweet ^_^

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♡ :)

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Your blog is flawless in every way :’) 

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yep butterbeer, order of the pheonix or prisoner of azkaban or the philosophers stone, same with charms, Ummm...I rekon their fireworks, those daydream lollies they talked about in the books and the skiving snackboxes, 'always' or 'dont let the muggles get you down' best movie moment was in the 5th one where harry saw his friends and remembered all the good times they had, and the princes tale. Ok favorite magical creature? favorite shop in hogsmede? favorite way to travel to hogwarts e.g boats

Billywigs/Nifflers, Honeydukes/Shrieking Shack (just sang the Hogsmeade Hop to myself to remember some of the shops) and I just love the Hogwarts Express!

If you listen to Wrock, who’s your favourite artist, and what’s your favourite song? Who would you ask to the Yule Ball? Would you want to be a Parselmouth? How many Harry Potter-related items can you see from where you’re sat right now?

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hahaha yep I rekon supernatural might just do the trick. My aunty is like that and supernatural was the thing that broke her hahaha. ‘satan is expressed in every minute of this show, YOUR MUM LETS YOU WATCH THIS!!!’ hhahaha I love to laugh at her now

Haha. She watches Big Bang Theory now - is that enough. She finds the title sequence pretty offensive…

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that sounds awesome :) WOAH YOU'RE UP EARLY its 10:31pm here :) yea time zones are heaps weird. My cats currently going mental. Ok my question to you is, what vault number would you want at gringotts?

NO WAIT NO, TIME ZONES ARE CONFUSED AGAIN. (so wibbly wobbly timey wimey) It’s actually about half 1 now. YOU HAVE A CAT, SAME. She enjoys sleeping in flower pots, curled around the flowers (there are cat-shaped dints everywhere) and being a troll, making you get up to let her in/out all the time.

Hmmm, 727. It’s a palindrome, 27 is the day in January that I was born, and how many minutes past the hour I was born on, and 7 is my lucky number for a billion reasons (including… it’s the most magically powerful number, I was 7 pounds 7 ½ ounces when I was born, born at 7:27 in the morning, my dad had 7 fingers all together… and they say not to share information on the internet, screw that).

If you were in the triwizard tournament, which task would you be best at, and who would be at the bottom of the lake (the one who you would sorely miss)?