“I remember writing this one when there was a storm going on. They get like mad storms over there [in New York], like, apocalyptic. I’m always trying to think of different interesting ways to like describe somebody but compliment them too. So in that one, I like the idea that she’s not even a thunderstorm, she’s more than one. I quite like the fact she’s plural. ‘Thunderstorms’ meaning just, y’know, awesome!” — Alex Turner

Labyrinth Asks

Jareth: If you had the option to enter your own personal fantasy world, but it meant forever leaving everyone and everything behind without a trace (and you absolutely couldn’t take anyone or anything with you), would you do it?

Sarah: What would be the hardest thing in your life to part with?

Toby: If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

Hoggle: What was the last thing that got you mad?

Ludo: Where would you love to be right now?

Sir Didymus: If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?

The Worm: If you were able to genuinely get into a relationship with your character/celebrity/whatever crush, do you think the two of you would actually get along well or do you think you’d clash in real life?

The Junk Lady: If someone gave you $500 and you had to spend it all today or lose it forever, what would you spend it on?

The Goblins: If any mythical creature could suddenly be discovered as being real (mermaids, unicorns, faeries, etc) which one would you want to be real?

The Fairy: Is your life much different now than it was 2 years ago? If so, how?

The Peach: Describe your idea of the perfect meal.

You Wished WHAT??

by Darkwood_Princess

Otherwise known as Operation: Rescue Julian. When Miles O'Brien wishes the Chief Medical Officer away, he’s given an ultimatum. He has 13 hours to solve the Labyrinth with whoever wants to tag along or Julian remains within the Underground forever.

Words: 592, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Ask ALL the Labyrinth character asks! :D

ah shit okay

Jareth: I would absolutely leave this world for my own inner fantasy world. Even if meant leaving everyone and everything behind. There wouldn’t be any racism or homophobia or taxes in my own fantasy world.

Sarah; Hardest thing in my life to part with…my laptop. I know it sounds shallow but it has all my writing on it so…

Toby: I would change probably everything about the way I was raised. Not the best childhood. (shit this is getting depressing)

Hoggle: Last thing that got me mad was my coworker yelling at me.

Ludo: I would love to be at the beach right now.

Sir Didymus: If I could have any pet, I would get a parrot and teach it to say creepy things to house guests to freak them out.

The Worm: Well, my celebrity crush atm is Emilia Clarke, and I doubt it would work out because I would be too embarrassed to talk to her.

The Junk Lady: If I got $500 I would blow it all on books and saved items in my etsy cart.

The Goblins: I would want sirens to be real. That shit would be so cool.

The Fairy: My life is not much different from 2 years ago. Still in school, but a lil smarter I guess.

The Peach: My idea of a perfect meal would be something fancy cooked by Hannibal Lector that didn’t contain human bits.

Sometimes I’m the most narcissistic person in the world, I will spend ages looking at myself and thinking ‘damn I’m so fucking attractive’ yet I also have days when I look in the mirror and see a pathetic, tired and fat waste of human flesh that looks more troll than person.
That always amazes me.
'I was beautiful yesterday, who the fuck gave you permission to turn into Hoggle, huh?’