Okay but Labyrinth!lock 

Like, John being sick and tired of Harry’s bullshit, so he’s wishing her away.

And Sherlock the Goblin King, with his little riding crop and flair for dramatics, let’s John have his wish because John Watson is oddly not boring to watch. And if you aren’t boring, you have Sherlock’s attention(and maybe love but shh)

Then when John regrets his wish, Sherlock tells him he can get Harry back as long as he solves his Labyrinth of mysteries. 

Featuring Greg Lestrade as Hoggle (the Goblin King never gets the name right anyway), some wonderful ballroom dancing, and an ending slightly different from the movie. 

This could be so good, you guys. So good.

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Mamihlapinatapei, Sarah and Jareth maybe?

Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move

"Explain why I’m here again" Sarah asked, squeezing Jareth’s arm.

"Oh Precious…" Jareth chuckled "You are here because you are the Champion, they need to see that the Goblin King and the Champion of the Labyrinth are in good terms"

"Are we?"

"I guess we will see"

Sarah was nervous, he could feel it. It had been years since the last time they saw, that day she decided to run the Labyrinth and won in his own game. In fact, Jareth was well aware that if Hoggle hadn’t asked her to come, she wouldn’t. She still thought Jareth was her enemy.

But even someone like Hoggle knew that if the fae nobility didn’t see Jareth and Sarah in good terms, the Labyrinth would suffer and Jareth could lose his place as ruler, and everyone there knew that even if Jareth was bad at times, another person would be away worse.

The faes were curious about Sarah, it didn’t took much time for one of them to ask her a dance, and then another, then another… Jareth didn’t mind, he had some politics to do.

He couldn’t stop himself from staring at Sarah. She was beautiful, he had only eyes for her. Sometimes, their eyes would match, and when Sarah realized it, she would look the other way, making Jareth grim. 

He wanted to ask for a dance, he wanted to invite her to do something after, but he felt butterflies on his stomach. Was he… Afraid?

Non sense. There was no reason for him to be afraid, he was never afraid of making any move towards anyone, and yet…

Jareth could read it in her eyes, she would accept, maybe she felt the same way, but the slightly possibility of her saying “no” terrified him. He, a fae king, was fraid of flirting with a human.

She wasn’t any human though, she defeated him, her was as powerful as he was, in her own words. 

Jareth picked up a cup of some drink he didn’t care to know and finished it at once. Then he walked over her, just after she had finished another dance.

"Having fun?" he asked.

"More like wanting to run away"

"Let’s fix that them" he reached out his hand for her "Would you dance with me, Miss Williams?"

For his relief, she smiled and took his hand. 


“I remember writing this one when there was a storm going on. They get like mad storms over there [in New York], like, apocalyptic. I’m always trying to think of different interesting ways to like describe somebody but compliment them too. So in that one, I like the idea that she’s not even a thunderstorm, she’s more than one. I quite like the fact she’s plural. ‘Thunderstorms’ meaning just, y’know, awesome!” — Alex Turner