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Sandwitches (BBC Music Showcase Version) - Tyler the Creator featuring Hodgy Beats

The story behind this hilariously bad version of Sandwitches is the fact that UK television told Tyler to censor this basically uncensorable song and on the way it proved to be impossible producing probably the funniest and dumbest song OFWGKTA will ever make.

It’s so bad even Hogdy and Sidney were laughing.

Yup the LOLS were just uncountable.

“So I'mma spit like I ain’t never spit before
And I'mma walk through that.. door (Woo!)
And I'mma make all that.. dough
So is you messing with me? No”

And the irony is that it sounds like rhymes Weezy would use.


Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator- Rella

You Ain’t Got No Yeezy Nigga??