hogarth pennywhistle gilligan jr


Abigail Lincoln is the second-in-command of the Kids Next Door. Intelligent and witty, Abby is the only character who speaks in third person. Her codename is Numbuh 5 due to her last name being a president on the five-dollar bill. Wallabee Beatles is the team’s bravest, fiercest, and possibly best fighter, though the Australian is also arrogant and ignorant. Wally has a strong dislike for everything girly, especially Rainbow Monkeys that make his teammate/crush giddy. Numbuh 4 gets his alias from his last name, which references the four members of the band. Kuki Sanban has a short attention span, and mostly speaks in an Asian accent, alluding to her Japanese heritage. The youngest member of the group fantasizes about Rainbow Monkeys, which she has extensive knowledge about. Due to her great love for the stuffed animals, she will often irrationally defend them, occasionally allowing her insanely aggressive side to show. Despite being good-natured, she will occasionally have explosive tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. “Sanban” is literally “number three.” Hogarth Pennywhistle Gilligan, Jr. is obsessed with crackin’ puns at every chance he sees. Being a mechanical genius, Hoagie is described as smart, though is jokingly called a nerd. In addition to his tech-affinity, the American has a great interest in food, specifically chili dogs, and is the sole character on the show who enjoys spinach, which everybody else despises. “Gilligan” is a reference to the sitcom Gilligan’s Island, in which Gilligan is a sidekick, or “guy #2.” His full name has the suffix “Jr.” That makes him the second person to have the same name in his house. Nigel Montgomery Uno is the British head operative. Referred to as a tactical expert by some, and a paranoid workaholic by others, Nigie takes his responsibilities very seriously. “Numbuh 1” derives from “Uno.” WELL, who is your favorite KND operative?