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Repost from @hoganbrand! The electric street moves of @officiallestwins set the scene for #HOGAN #SS15 Collection.
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so back to where we left off

we find out hulk hogan has been collecting animals to create her own puppy shelter.We see her doing her Classic-Evil-Villain-Speech  and Stovon,Guacamole Doritos and Indiana Jones watching while coming up with a plan but then Indiana Jones disappears to ambush hulk hogan while she is still doing her speech but thanks to hulk hogan’s spidersense she suprises Indiana Jones with spotting her without even turning around and Indiana Jones wnats to fight hulk hogan for taking her last pizza slice or something and Stovon comes too because why not and Guacamole Doritos was there too i guess and Indiana Jones wants to 1v1 hulk hogan to join FaZe and kicks stovon from the server but she can’t defeat hulk hogan because she isnt even on hulk hogan’s level then indiana jones gets support by Stovon and they hug but they explode and die. 

but then out from the smoke

is it a bird?

is it a plane?

no its something even more special!

It’s the Yo master!

hulk hogan got amazed by Yo-yo master’s tricks and wanted to learn too but the Yo-yo master did not answer,they just kept on Yo-ing. this made hulk hogan very mad and she fused into Bowser with one of the yeti-dogs or whatever it is but yo-yo master was still cooler then her and hulk hogan defused and got rabies and started to transforming into a dog too. stovon and Indiana Jones was back and Stovon wanted to help hulk hogan because stovon has a veterinarian license but hulk hogan refused and Guacamole Doritos appears and makes a inspiring speech but hulk hogan finds it bullshit and then he tells Stovon that he ruined hulkamania and what he did to Pink Panther but it was too late and hulk hogan became a dog and Guacamole Doritos stabbed her and Indiana Jones got hulk hogan’s nose 

then they returned to farmville and we can see Two lesbians in a trench coat™,salt and pizza lazuli with matsu brothers in the gay baby jail

and thats it