hog tooth

anonymous asked:

As usual, I'm sure at least some of us would like to know the story behind that bullet.

Snipers sometimes wear a hog’s tooth which is a bullet that either hit them but failed to kill them or missed them within an inch or so. But the majority of them I’ve seen are pretty clearly pristine and not the bullet itself so they’re the same caliber and a representative of the one that was meant for them but failed.

Mine is the one that was supposedly meant to kill me. 

It’s a Yugoslavian surplus 7.62x39mm round and if you put a full cartridge on a stripper clip and hold it like brass knuckles with the bullet out between your fingers you can punch things with it. Well people were saying that the force of punching would blow up the bullet. It won’t, there’s nothing hitting the primer but people being people were literally telling me you’d die if you did it. 

So, I fucking did it. 

Over and over again. 

The only thing that happened is it went sideways and popped out of the casing. I decided to drill into it, JB weld an eye screw in there and seal up the back with enough weld to get the lead covered then string it on paracord and I’ve been wearing it ever since. Nice thing is I can shower with it so o worries. 

But yeah, It was the bullet that was supposed to kill me according to the internet.