hog sweat

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you and luccio 💛

I fucking hate you.

Send me a pairing and I’ll tell you:

Who makes the first  *Sweats Profusely*

Who surprises who more: *Sweats Profusely*

Who hates surprises more: *Sweats Profusely*

Who leaves more lights on in the house: *Sweats Profusely*

Who is the first to apologize in a fight: *Sweats Profusely*

Who is the easiest to please: *Sweats Profusely*

Who takes longer to fall in love:*Sweats Profusely*

Who uses more toilet paper: *Sweats Profusely*

Who works harder to get what they want: *Sweats Profusely*

Who spends more money: *Sweats Profusely*

Who is more of a bed hog: *Sweats Profusely*

Who proposes:*Sweats Profusely*

Tulsa Imperative
the Mountain Goats
Tulsa Imperative

Your mama’s failed wheat field 
Was a good place to lie down together
Three weeks deep into the guts of summer
We sweat like hogs and I felt light as a feather

I saw a disk-like object 
reflected in your eyes
And the noise grew louder
As we looked up to the skies

And the sleek silver body 
had lights along the side
And the sleek silver body 
had lights all underneath

I remember the warm air
Blowing our faces
Yeah, I remember the heat
Running through me

There was no one worth telling
There was nothing we could do
Yeah, and I was real quiet as I lifted the keys from the kitchen table
I was looking right at you

And your hand brushed against mine
Yeah, and it shook me inside 
As all along the night sky
I watched our futures collide

And the car’s new headlights
Cut through the darkness
As the oil dripped silently to the pavement underneath

I remember the warm air
Burning our faces
Yeah I remember the heat
Running through me

Rattle and Roll(greaser/soc au)


The hustle and bustle outside of the high school resembled an ant farm in the mornings, and it would take a second look to be able to see where the lines were drawn for all the little groups. The nerds around a bench or table, gushing over comics and movie serials, or trading notes over science texts. The jocks were coming around the corner from morning practice, despite having just been sweating like hogs, they all looked trimmed and proper. Arriving almost at the same time were the clean and popular socs and Jason Todd and his Outlaws. A loud roar broke the humdrum as Jason pulled in with the chopped up rat rod he called Dead Bird.

As he parked as his crew climbed out Jason set his sights on a certain girl with big blue eyes and long black curls.

He walked up behind Donna and have a whistle. “Hey there baby… You given any second thought to my invitation? Bet you’d just love going cruising with me…”

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But what if after the finale, Will was anxious about Hannibal getting bored of him one day. He knows it's ridiculous because he sees the way Hannibal looks at him, like the sun shines out of his ass, he knows that he'd never let anyone KNOW HIM, SEE HIM before. He knows Hannibal gave up his freedom for him. But still, he gets scared at times bc he realises that he loves Hannibal with the same intensity. (i need to know how u feel about this cause i haven't cried enough over it tbh haha)

Both Hannibal and Will have abandonment issues when it comes to each other.

Will knows Hannibal will never abandon him from past experience. Hannibal leaves Will only when Will rejects him (see Mizumono and Digestivo), not once did he leave voluntarily. But as Will said, ‘abandonment requires expectation’ and the finale of season one shows Hannibal abandoning who Will thought he was. (Someone Will thought was his friend and his savior ended up being the guy who framed him for murder, that’s gonna leave one big emotional scar)

Other elements to keep in mind along with abandonment issues are how both are possessive, selfish, obsessive, needy, ruthless, and very much in love. Knowing this, it’s an easy assumption to make for season four that it’s come to the point of ’I’ll kill you if you try to leave’ between them.

While they both do have issues stemming from past betrayals and a few trust issues that need to be ironed out, I don’t think Will is the one who will be worrying about Hannibal being bored with him. After all, Hannibal turned himself in and spent three years in prison with two people who wouldn’t mind making his life as miserable as possible and was still waiting for Will, filled with possessive rage at the fact Will cobbled together a family that doesn’t include him and still very much in love.

Hannibal won’t leave Will. Will knows that the obsession Hannibal has for him won’t end even in death because he’ll live on in Hannibal’s mind palace. There’s certainty in this.

But Will, well, he’s shown he can walk away from Hannibal multiple times. Hannibal is the one who will be reaching out at night to make sure Will is still beside him hogging the covers and sweating through the mattress.