hog sweat

Rattle and Roll(greaser/soc au)


The hustle and bustle outside of the high school resembled an ant farm in the mornings, and it would take a second look to be able to see where the lines were drawn for all the little groups. The nerds around a bench or table, gushing over comics and movie serials, or trading notes over science texts. The jocks were coming around the corner from morning practice, despite having just been sweating like hogs, they all looked trimmed and proper. Arriving almost at the same time were the clean and popular socs and Jason Todd and his Outlaws. A loud roar broke the humdrum as Jason pulled in with the chopped up rat rod he called Dead Bird.

As he parked as his crew climbed out Jason set his sights on a certain girl with big blue eyes and long black curls.

He walked up behind Donna and have a whistle. “Hey there baby… You given any second thought to my invitation? Bet you’d just love going cruising with me…”