Apparently my college has a course that requires Ouran Host School Host Club and the Walking Dead.

I love this school

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So, I’ve been pretty busy playing Yente in “Fiddler on the Roof,” and thats why I’ve been a little MIA, but I made a pretty sick music video! 

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To Hofstra University: We Want to Live in a College Town

Petition in Support of GUAAC’s “College Town” Proposal

Dear President Rabinowitz,

I, a student at Hofstra University, sign this petition in support of the Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition's (GUAAC) proposals to integrate Hofstra University with surrounding neighborhoods. Studying in an area I seldom explore leads me to feel disconnected and confined- the opposite of how college should make me feel. Therefore, I do not want Hofstra University to be further segregated from Hempstead or Uniondale, but rather work with GUAAC to develop a college town experience through campus-adjacent, community integrated development.

I support GUAAC’s proposals to work with Hofstra and other key stakeholder to:

• Develop existing and, when necessary, new businesses and other resources desired by students such as a food cooperative and a coffee house with live music.

• Create neighborhood watch groups consisting of students and other residents to promote everyone’s safety.

• Utilize an existing Hofstra shuttle during the day to take students to area bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping venues, including but not limited to La Antequena, Torres’ Supermarket, Walgreens, ShopRite, and Walmart.

These proposals will mutually benefit Hofstra, Hempstead, and Uniondale. In the short-term, developing campus adjacent areas will improve the quality of my experience and enhance my safety. In the long-term, it will serve as a marketing tool for Hofstra and generate the income required for more local families to attend our university.

As our President, I call upon you to accept GUAAC’s proposals and to work in partnership with them. In so doing, you will generate mutual benefits for our university, and our surrounding communities, that will continue for generations to come. 


Francesca Scaraggi, Sophomore