Days 10, 11, & 12 - Vienna, Wachau Valley, and Melk

With Erin gone, our trio became a duo. 

For the final new country, the Kaitli/yns we’re off to Austria, the origin of the Platzes. 

As we needed to contact our Vienna Airbnb host with no access to Internet or phone, our second experience with Airbnb was almost another disaster. Thank God for the McDonald’s around the corner for their delicious food and quality wifi. We would have been homeless and miserable in the rain without it. 

Our apartment was really cool but fairly far away from the city center. Being from Courtice where public transportation is basically nonexistent, it was a real accomplishment figuring out the system. Thanks again to that McDonald’s for being the landmark to let us know when we were home. 

We spent our first day exploring the city. We walked the streets, went to the market, and went to Hofsburg Palace. Vienna is a very rich looking city with palaces and classical music everywhere you go. The word “platz” was everywhere too, making Kaitlyn feel like she was superior to me. Can’t wait to get away from her (jk… kind of). 

The next day we went on a tour in the countryside. We went along the Danube River where we saw pretty hills, wineries, and castles all day long. The scenery made me sing songs from The Sound of Music (the 16 going on 17 song is actually really pathetic for the girl, and now that I’m older, I kind of hate it).

Now the Kaitli/yns are heading back to Dublin for our final days in Europe. :(

Me: “Where’s Karlsplatz?”

Lady: “You’re in it. Hahahaha.”

St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


Lil castle on the way to Melk.

Melk. I hate when people call milk melk. Talking about this town is the only acceptable time to say Melk.

God bless this McDonald’s. <3