hofner guitars


My Guitars - as requested! 

These aren’t all of them, but they’re the ones I play most often!
Clockwise: Vintage V300, Fender American Special Stratocaster, ESP LTD MH 330 FM FR, 2015 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, and a 1958 Hofner Committee 


Back to bass-ics.

Various basses I have seen in my travels lately.

  • Brand new Rickenbacker at Long & McQuade, Burlington, Canada
  • New Gibson Es semi hollow bass, also at Long & McQuade in Burlington.
  • 1973(?) Fender Mustang Bass, at The Twelfth Fret Guitarists Pro Shop, Toronto Canada
  • Hofner Union Jack Violin Bass, also at The Twelfth Fret, Toronto