Hofheinz Pavilion Houston Texas 24 November 1974

“I have no idea who wants to see me, which cities to play or which not to play, I just have a lot of concepts, which I wanna get rid of, and which I’m getting rid of, like one, when I went to Dallas or Houston, Texas on the old Beatle tours, I remember both years, one year, first year, we went to Dallas and we almost got killed. Second year, we went to Houston, we almost got killed. So my concept of Texas has been ‘wherever, wherever I go, I’m not going to Texas, because they’re all mad, you know, but I just remembered what happened there, and so I played, where was it, Fort Worth? And Houston.

And it’s amazing the change, you know that’s what amazes me the change in the entire 6 years of people’s consciousness. It;s incredible, I mean it’s like, say four years ago, five years ago, in San Francisco and Los Angeles. it’s like that now in Texas. The feeling of the people and the way they look and the way they act. It’s great! You know, it was one of the really nicest shows. The shows at Fort Worth were really nice & Houston, I really (dug) just, I didn’t have any of that old fear I thought I may have.“ - George on conquering old fears from back when he and The Beatles toured Texas and replacing them with great memories, from a (presumably) 20 December 1974 interview while in his hotel room in NYC with  KHJ 930 AM Radio, Los Angeles