Hoffman’s two toed sloth!

Very very excited to work with this animal!

These sloths can live up to 16 years in the wild and 30 years in captivity! They eat leaves flowers and fruits. They live in the tropical Rainforests of Central and South American from Nicaragua through Colombia and western Venezuela south to northeast Ecuador.

They do just about everything while hanging upside down, even mating! They have brown fur for camouflage and grow algae in their back during the rainy season. They move so slowly to conserve energy. The only time they come down to the ground is to go to the bathroom or relocate! They’re very good swimmers.

They are generally solitary. Females reach sexual maturity at around 3 years and males at 4-5. Mothers usually have one baby at a time and care for them for about a year.

Sloths, sloths, SLOTHS!

Okay so some people wanted the sloth videos so there you go! Also, update!!! Today when we left they were sleeping in the same hammock which is a big deal!!! Chalupa was unsure at first but she may have been too tired to care xD
This is a great sign though! I’ll try to keep you posted since sloths seem to be a favorite!