Getting over art block? :D

You know what? This Holding out for a Hero project came at a REALLY good time for me, cause it’s just after a really depressing period of not being able to draw for most of this year, and it’s a project with a bunch of really fun characters to draw, and cause I’m drawing for someone else, I know atleast one person really appreciates my efforts. I actually feel like I’m getting back onto my feet with art and enjoying it again :) I must’ve been through a LOT of stress this year with moving and 2 back to back conventions. Not saying the creative dam has broken, but this comic is really helping me let it go and have fun TuT And it’s for a great cause :) Perhaps after this month I can start hitting the backlog of requests I have lined up and finally catch back up in life? <3

Also- it’s becoming more important to me than Tumblr which is a really healthy thing cause I’ve been panicking about Tumblr opinions WAY too much for my likeing. I’ve considered leaving here many times cause of it. ?I guess I just needed to not have stressful stuff in my life :)

Holding Out for a Hero!

As of today, Holding Out for a Hero has been sent to everyone who participated and everyone who contributed to the fundraiser. You should be able to download it from Hightail, and the link will be active until a couple of days past New Year’s.

If any of you contributed and didn’t receive the file delivery email, please contact me at hushicho@gmail.com with your email address and contribution amount. Check your spam folders just in case before writing though!

Those of you who chose the doodle perk, those should be sent out tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Thank you so much, all of you, for making this a reality!

The Anthology!

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working on the layout for all of the fantastic content in the anthology. The fundraiser was a great success and I’m so glad for all of you who supported it!

If you contributed to the anthology, I have your Paypal address, and unless you tell me otherwise, that’s where I’ll send the digital copy…so let me know if you need me to use another address.

Thanks so much again for all of the support! It shouldn’t be too terribly long before I have all this figured out. :)


a shout-out to the project title. :D