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And not a single fuck was given that day as Joey posted an edit of her OTP 



Wohahoah I actually posted a follow friday on time!–Well anyway, I met a shitload of awesome and cool people these past weeks so I just really had to make this one for you guys. Love ya!~ and yes, Amanda, I misspelled your url on purpose. i also think i put chin’s url twice but i was too lazy to correct it kdfhdk

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here is a very quickly thrown together follow friday brought to you by me (enjoy the tsundere grimmjow)

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When I first started this little corner of the internet I like to call my personal, I also started something else– Naruto group roleplay, that is. It was Shinobi Way, and this group of gals were the ones that helped me out, made me laugh, and let me oogle their wonderful writing skills.

Hoezuki was a great Suigetsu that I got to see once or twice when I joined, but what really has her on this list of the best of the best are her edits– Goodness gracious great balls of fire, her edits are great. I love seeing them on my dash, and frankly– they brighten my day. She’s funny, has everything tagged on her blog (want some NaruSasu? She’s your gal.) and is a big fan of Suigetsu. Who wouldn’t be, though?

Next is Kabuhoe. Amber. Queen. I’m still the Maid of Honor at your and Orochi’s wedding, right? I hope so. Guys, she’s the Tsunade that I encountered at Shinobi Way, and my dears– she’s a good one. She has her down pact, and it is so interesting and fun and exciting to read her threads. But of course, this lovely lady is a triple threat– she’s not just a wonderful Tsunade, but a wonderful RtN!Ino and Karin as well! Go follow her guys. She’s great OOC and, as far as IC goes… she roleplays some lovely ladies as well.

And finally is Sasubun. She’s my senpai of senpais, she’s one of the very first people I met and talked to when I started at Shinobi Way. She’s funny, has an adorable laugh, and makes so, so much sense– seriously guys. She’s top notch, okay? I count her as a friend of mine that I can talk to if I need to talk to someone, because of all she’s helped me with. On top of that, she’s one of the best AU!Sasuke and Hinata roleplayers around. Follow her, guys. You will never regret it.

hoezuki replied to your postgaaaahahahahahahahahahhahaha alright alright, one…

You’re forgetting that No. 6 is a shounen manga/anime yet the two main males kiss like purposely on twice and yeah strong bond between them.


but we’re not talking about No.6 here..

we’re talking about naruto..

You can’t compare an 11-episode drama series that is based on a novel with an over 500-episode shounen series which has as a MAIN target group.. boys.

These are 2 completely different dimensions. Also, the fanbase of Naruto is way greater than the fanbase of No.6, which means the mangaka also has to respect the expectations of the majority of his fans. SUre there are millions of fujoshis out there who belong to the naruto fandom (like myself), but most of the naruto fans are boys. boys who have a huge complex with himosexuality. And as I said, he can’t make a SasuNaru ending ANYMORE because he already made serious progress with NaruHina and that changes everything!

If he wants to do smthg SasuNaru in the upcoming chapters he’ll make them accidentally kiss again (OH GOSH I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT OMGGG!!), but anything beyond that would be too…OOC i’d say..xD

Anyway, the fujoshis of the Naruto fandom are lucky, though. We have plenty of doujins and fanfiction to dream on with our OTP. xD

since its (finally) my last day of school, i decided to make a follow friday since i happened to have time for it. so yea, lets have an amazing friday by recognizing some awesome people (accompanied by eren)

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