uhh i felt like making a follow friday, so yea, here is a FF for today featuring some really awesome people you should follow (and tsuna)

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here is a very quickly thrown together follow friday brought to you by me (enjoy the tsundere grimmjow)

the people on here are either people ive spoken to this week or tumblr crushes

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2406. Naruto: Suigetsu and Kiba - I want your bite.

Requested by hoezuki

“Hey, hey… I want to be the one…”

Groaning, Suigetsu’s eyes clenched shut as Kiba’s neck were on his neck, so sharp that he could feel the skin breaking. And yet he was smirking and half lidded eyes watched the way his fingers seemed so white when tangling in Kiba’s brown hair and how he urged him closer.

“Guess you can play for a bit, kid…”

“Kid?” Kiba echoed and glanced at him. “I’m not ‘kid,’ you know.”

And he was back at Suigetsu’s neck, kissing and biting and Suigetsu fell lax, let him do as he wished. He wondered how he could hide the obvious marks and how long it would take to heal.


Grasping Kiba’s hair and yanking him back, taking the moment of surprise to change their positions, Suigetsu’s smirk lasted only a moment before he bit at Kiba’s neck.

He remembered how the brunet had complained about everyone asking what happened and Suigetsu kissed him instead of agreeing, making him forget.

Doesn’t matter.

since its (finally) my last day of school, i decided to make a follow friday since i happened to have time for it. so yea, lets have an amazing friday by recognizing some awesome people (accompanied by eren)

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altonen-deactivated20150618  asked:

y do u tag sasusaku w/ #otp: waiting underneath the same sky o-o

because of chapter 269’s cover:

it’s obvious this is referring to sasuke and how willing sakura is waiting for the day sasuke returns (in what way is up to your interpretation). but yeah, that’s why you see so much sasusaku stuff with phrases like “under the same sky” or “silently and strongly”

altonen-deactivated20150618  asked:

There's like a NaruSasu and SasuNaru day and all. NaruSaku has a week thing and SasuSaku has a month. Isn't there like a NaruSasu/SasuNaru week/month/year/life time.


 This…displeases me.

 we only have 4 days. (because we have Japanese NaruSasu and SasuNaru days and then we celebrate 10/07 and 23/10 as well..)

 …We have those neoSN art exchanges a couple of times a year? ;u; If there’s one thing we have it’s beautiful artists. No one can convince me their ship has better artists than ours.

 We should do the same for writing. *A* I’d love to contribute to something like that.

 I’m all down for the whole lifetime thing. We’re in this till our next lives anyway dshjakfnhd

hoezuki said: He probably has since people have gathered proof that he has reposted other people’s things.

Yeah, I’ve noticed some of the confrontations between him and others on my dash about it so I guess I wouldn’t be surprised. >.>