hoes back off

Fuck ya’ll that’s an amazing concept let me get at this *cracks knuckles*

Joseph: He would be extremely protective over them, and he would announce the stalker situation to his church so people know to keep an eye out and stay safe. If he encountered the stalker, well… you know the rest.

Craig: Would text them often to see how they’re doing. Invites them to stay with him until the situation is settled, and is prepared to call 911 at all times. Takes them to all of his softball practices and games.

Mat: Invites them over more often, and tells them to visit the coffee shop daily if they can. Installs security cameras at the coffee shop just in case the stalker decides to follow them there. Offers to walk them home every night, and stays the night at their house sometimes.

Hugo: He’ll inform the authorities right away that there’s a stalker by the cul de sac. He will read up on how to ensure safety and make sure that precautions are taken. Might even take them to his classes so he knows that they’re safe. Takes them out to dinner nearly every night, and has them stay over late and walks them back home afterwards.

Brian: Practically grows eyes in the back of his head. Will have his s/o take Maxwell out wherever they go. He would check up on them frequently, and also give them one of his knives and his bear mace from camping to keep in their pockets. Starts to do yard work every day to make sure Daisy is safe too.

Damien: He will walk his s/o everywhere, and even stay the night with them and let them stay the night at his place sometimes. If things get too serious, he’ll bring it up to the police right away. If anyone looks suspicious he’ll probably shoot them a “back off hoe” look and when they look away he’ll go back to normal. He would look after Lucien often as well to be safe.

Robert: Will protect them at all costs. Takes them to the bar whenever he goes and hangs out with them way more often. Considers giving them one (or more) of his knives to carry around until he catches the stalker and takes care of it himself.

~Mod Hugo, Robert, and Damien

Am I the only who misses Jo, Ellen, and Ash? Don't get me wrong, I really really want to see Charlie and Kevin, but I also want to see the Harvelles! And Bobby!

Well now that we are bring back those character might as well bring back all of the characters the writers have killed off!!

Desperate Times-Lip Gallagher Imagine

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Warnings: mentions of drug use, alcohol abuse, angst, swearing, and some fluff

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   So far, Y/N had had a pretty decent day: her boss at her internship for Chicago Times complimented her proof reading for an article, she got free coffee from the Starbucks near work, and her mom made Y/N’s favorite dish y/f/d for dinner that night. Even her dream was unbelievably amazing since it involved a certain, hot male celebrity and rolling around on a Caribbean beach. However, Y/N was forced to come back to reality when the sound of crashing glass alerted her. Immediately, she jerked up in her bed, feeling pretty disoriented. Then, there were footsteps and Y/N got extremely nervous.

    Y/N didn’t live in the best neighborhood so she was pretty sure that the intruder was holding some sort of weapon and was dangerous. Unfortunately, her parents were the heaviest sleepers known to man so they wouldn’t be any help. So, Y/N grabbed the bat that she kept underneath her bed for emergencies and tried not to shake too much as she climbed out of bed and slipped out the door. Her footsteps were quiet as she listened for anymore noise. The only sound that came from downstairs was broken glass crunching as the intruder stumbled around.

     “Y/N…Y/N!” Lip yelled.

     “Lip?” Y/N whispered.

     She lowered her bat to her side and frowned. She hadn’t seen Lip since high school and she thought he had been doing well. However, Y/N couldn’t have been more wrong. Y/N stood on top of the staircase and what she saw made her heartbreak: there, stumbling towards the staircase was Lip Gallagher, an extremely intoxicated Lip Gallagher. His eyes were blood shot and he had no sort of balance. When he saw her, he smiled a little and leaned against the staircase.

        “There you are,” he said.

        “What are you doing here? Why did you break into my house?” Y/N hissed. 

        “I wanted to see you,” Lip said, his eyes roaming over her body. “You look good.”

         Y/N folded her arms across her chest, feeling her y/s/c cheeks warming up at his words. She had known the Gallaghers since she was eight years-old, but was closest to Lip. His quick wit and genius made him interesting to talk to and the fact that he was good with words added to his attraction. Also, he was extremely good to look at. However, it wasn’t his sharp intellect that had Y/N crushing on him for so long but rather the darker side of him, the side that made him steal money and do many illegal odd jobs. It was with darker side of him that drew her in and took her to a very scary place in her life—-a place that she never wanted to go to again.

         Lip began trying to walk towards her but tripped over one of the stairs and fell pretty hard. He muttered curses under his tongue, but Y/N moved to immediately help him up. She wrapped her arms around his waist and helped him to his feet. Lazily, he leaned his head back to look up at her and smirk.

         “You’re so lucky my family’s too broke to have a security system or you’d be in jail by now,” Y/N whispered.

        “You’d never snitch on me,” he said with a laugh.

        “Be quiet. I’m gonna be nice and let you stay over but you have to go by morning.”

       “Bout time we spent the night together anyway.”

       Y/N rolled her eyes, trying to ignore the butterflies fluttering around in the pit of her stomach as she helped Lip walk up the stairs. She thought that she was over her crush on Lip that she never admitted to him, but old habits were supposed to die hard. 

        She managed to sit him down on her bed before she started making a pallet of blankets for him on the floor next to her bed. 

        “I have no idea how I’m going to explain the broken window to my parents but I guess I’ll think of something,” Y/N said as she stood.

        “Why can’t I sleep in the bed with you?” he whined.

        “Because you’ve been bad.”

        “So are you punishing me?” A sly grin worked its way onto Lip’s face and Y/N shook her head.

       “Just lay down on the pallet and go to sleep while I clean up.” She started to walk past him but Lip grabbed her wrist and pulled her close so that she was standing between his legs.

        “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

       “It’s a window, Lip, my family and I will figure out a way to pay for it.”

       “No, not that, I’m sorry that I got you in a load of sh-t. I…I shouldn’t have let you have that coke,” Lip slurred. “It’s my fault, all of this is my fault.”
        “Go lay down, Lip,” Y/N whispered back.

        Even though every fiber of her being was asking Y/N to stay exactly where she was, she pulled away and went downstairs to start cleaning up the glass. As she swept, her mind drifted back to that particularly low point of her life that Lip had just apologized for. In spite of all the therapy Y/N had gone through, she had a bad habit of repressing memories that she didn’t enjoy and avoiding people that she thought triggered her. Lip managed to fall into both of those categories. Sure, he had offered her coke during a party in their freshman year of high school and she had taken it, but neither of them could’ve guessed that she would get hooked the way she did. Y/N could still feel the gravel digging into her knees when Tyler forced her down to them when she was short on money and she could feel her veins in her arms begin to itch with withdrawal.

       “Stop it, that was the past and this is the present,” Y/N whispered to herself. “You have changed, you don’t need anything to take the edge off, you’re healthy and you are doing well.”

     After fifteen minutes, Y/N managed to clean up all the glass that Lip broke when he broke into her house and prayed that a real intruder wouldn’t take advantage of the broken window. When she got back to her room, Lip was passed out on the floor. He looked so sad and troubled that Y/N could’ve cried. She knelt down and draped a blanket over him before crawling back into her own bed. Unfortunately, her dream did not pick up where it left off since all she dreamt of that night was a dark void.

      The next morning, Lip stumbled down the staircase and froze when he saw Y/N eating dinner in her kitchen. She was dressed for an office and seemed fairly perky.

      “Good morning, Lip,” Y/N said.

       “Morning.” Lip glanced at the broken window. “Sh-t, I’m guessing I did that.”

      “No, the intruder I scared off last night did. My dad’s filing an insurance claim so we don’t have to pay for it.”

      “Huh.” Lip scratched the back of his head and walked over to her. “I’m sorry if I said anything stupid but I had a pretty f-cking bad day yesterday and I had a few too many drinks.”

      “That’s pretty normal except most people refrain themselves from breaking into old friends’ houses and scaring them half to death.”

       “I said I was sorry.”

      “Yeah, I know.” Y/N ran a hand through her hair. “Do you remember anything from last night?”

       “Not after I left the bar.”

       “Well, after I found you stumbling around in my living room, you told me that you were sorry for…for what happened back in high school.”

        Lip hesitated and looked at his hands. “Yeah?”

        “I know that we’ve drifted apart over the last couple of years, but I never got to tell you that I forgive you for what happened. We were good friends at one time and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it.” Y/N tightened her grip around her cup of coffee. “I was in rehab for two years and I had to do therapy as well. They helped me come to terms with my addiction and the underlying causes of it. Basically, it was a coping mechanism but while most people learn to cope with stress via religion, exercise, or a sport, drugs were my way of coping. Whenever I was upset or under distress, I’d do a line and it made things seem less bad, but then I…I almost got hit by a bus because I was too high to notice that the walking light hadn’t gone on.”

       “Why are you telling me all of this?”

       “Because I want you to know that I forgive you and I’m doing okay now. I got my GED and got into Northwestern on a scholarship. Not everything is your fault, Lip, I had an idea of what I was getting into when I accepted your offer. My addiction was my problem and I caused it, but I’m doing better now.” Y/N glanced at her watch. “I have to head to my internship soon, but if you ever want to talk about anything going on with you, my number hasn’t changed.”


         Y/N washed her dishes and grabbed her purse before walking out of her house with Lip. She felt a bit of a weight being lifted off her shoulders as she locked the door behind the two of them. Closure certainly was a beautiful thing.

        “Besides that whole apology thing, did I do anything else last night?” Lip asked.

         “Um, you were a bit of a flirt but that’s normal with most drunk guys, right?”

         “Yeah, I guess.”

          They started down the front steps and Lip insisted on walking Y/N to the nearby L. It was a pretty warm day since it was summer in Chicago, but Y/N still had to wear a stupid long-sleeve button down and a pencil skirt to work.

         “Wanna hear something funny?”

         “I’d kill for funny right now.” 

         Lip chuckled a little bit. “Ian thought you had a thing for me.”


        “Middle school and high school and I told him that guys don’t have to be gay to have straight girl friends.”

         “Course not. You didn’t have to walk me to the L, you know, I can take care of myself.”

          “C’mon, Y/N, you used to make me walk you all the way home from school because you thought you’d get jumped if you walked alone.”

         “I’m older now, I’ve changed and so have you.”

         “I highly doubt that.”

         “Fine, I’ll remember that for the next time you ask me to be your fake girlfriend to get some hoe off your back,” Y/N teased.

         “That’s not fair.”

         Y/N laughed at Lip’s whining and shook her head. It felt like old times except there wasn’t a Karen or Mandy hanging around as well. Mandy and Y/N got along just fine, but it was Karen who almost fought Y/N because she knew how Y/N felt about Lip. She would flaunt the fact that Lip was really into her in front of Y/N that would have the young girl crying herself to sleep sometimes. Y/N was sure Mandy knew too but she was nice enough not to say anything. In fact, Y/N was surprised that Lip didn’t know that she had had a crush on him for most of their friendship.

         Finally, they got to the L and Y/N paused. “Well, this is me.”

        “Yeah, have fun interning.”

        “Wait, I never asked you what you were doing.”

         “I’m working for my sister over at Patsy’s Pies. You should stop by sometime, I might slip you a free slice.”

         “Will Fiona like that?”

         “She won’t know about it.”

          Y/N shook her head and started walking up the stairs for the L. “See you around, Gallagher!”

        “Not so loud, I’m hung over,” Lip joked back.

         When Y/N got to the platform for the L she knew one thing was for certain: she was not over Lip Gallagher, not one little bit. 

Logan Paul imagine

Logan paul imagine with prompts 2, 3, 52 and 53
53.“why did you choose me?”
52. “Please look at me”
3. “I love you”
2. “Can i hold your hand?”
It was currently 1:00am on a Thursday  night and you were sat up in logans apartment on his couch waiting for him to come home

You were the only one there at that moment because they had gone to get food and logan was on his way back from the airport

You decided that tv wasn’t working for you anymre so you turned it off and opned your phone

You sat there scrolling through instagram when you got a notification

“Amanda cerry has tagged you in a post”

You frowned and opened up the post

There was a pic of you and logan smiling and pulling faces in a collage you laughed and scrolled down

“I mean….i love these guy’s, they are a really adorable couple and all but, don’t spam my phone ever again you two 😂❤
@yourusername @loganpaul”

You laughed and opened up the comment section going to post a sorry when something caught your eye

There was a comment on there saying something horrible about you

You frowned and scrolled through the comments

‘Why is logan with her? He deserves better than that hoe’

‘Logans mine bitch. Back off.’

'Logan can do so much better!

'She looks ugly as hell!’

You frowned as a tear slipped from your face

For the past 2 years and 8 month’s you and logan had been together you never thought to read through the comment’s

Seeing them hate you, you wondered how logan never noticed seeing as he always goes through his comment’s

You sat there looking at your phone going through the comments that you didn’t hear the door open

You felt a hand on your leg and jumped hearing the familiar laugh of logan

You sat away from him and looked at the floor making your hair cover your face

“Y/n?…what’s wrong?” His voice came out soft as you felt him get up

You soon saw his shoes in your view with your head still down

You saw him bend down into a kneeing position

“Please look at me” his voice said softly

You slowly looked up at him and he frowned seeing the tears

His hand reached up and cupped one of your cheeks rubbing soothing cirles on it

You sighed and closed your eyes leaning into his touch

You stayed like this for about 2 minutes, him just rubbing your cheek as you closed your eye’s, he knew it was soothing for you

He soon god up and sat down next to you

“Can I hold your hand?” He asked quietly

You looked up at him already looking down at you giving you a small smile

You nodded

He took your faily small hand in his large one and intertwined them together

Sitting your hands on his lap he started rubbing cirles on your hand with his thumb

“What happened?” He asked quietly

You sighed looking down again

“You fan’s hate me….” you whispered

His thumb stopped rubbing cirles and you felt his other hand lift your chin up

“They don’t hate you, my real fans don’t hate you.  The one’s who are being mean are fake people y/n. You shouldn’t listen to them because they aren’t true” he said giving a little smile

You frowned and looked down again

“Why did you choose me?” You whispered

You felt his hand give yours a little squeeze

“Well because….”

“I love you.” He said

You looked up at him in shock and felt him untwine your hand’s

Neither of you had said the three words to each other before

You watched him as he got up and went to his bag pulling out a little box

He came and sat back down and looked at you

“Don’t worry im not proposing, but this…” he opened the box and in it was a rose gold ring with a medium sized diamond in the middle and small diamons around it so it looked like a rose

“This is a promise ring. It’s so i can let you know that i will promise to love you, to protect you, to be your best fried and lover, to be here for you when you need to me and to be your anchor. Its also a promise that one day i will marry you.” He finished slipping the ring on your ring finger

“I know we said that we would wait untill we were ready and at least 3 years into our relationship but….i know now. I know That i am so madly and truly deeply in love with you y/n.” He said holing your hands in his rubbing the knuckles

His head was down so he couldn’t see the tears fall from your eyes at his word’s

“I understand if you don’t love me or if your not ready to say it yet but…i truly am ready to be with you. Your the one i want to be with for the rest of my life” he said still with his head down

You put your hand up to his face and lifted it gently so he was looking at you

You could see tears starting to form in his eyes also

Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him into a passionate kiss

“I love you too logan” you whispered as you pulled away smiling at him

For the rest of the night you stayed up talking about everything and anything wrapped up in each other’s arm’s